LETTER: ‘Burien is Legally Not Supposed to be Out Promoting Annexation’

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Burien held its first Outreach Meeting on Annexation at Glen Acres on Monday, May 14, 2012. Strangely, it was not open to the public to attend. City Council members were encouraged not to attend this event by Mr. Martin at the Council meeting of May 7th so it was peculiar to see Jerry Robison as one of the main speakers at the event. As Burien citizens have experienced for the last five years, the City Staff, City Manager and one Council person gave elusive answers to questions-answers that made no sense, were not based on factual data and didn’t financially add up.

At one point, Mr. Martin said something to the effect that he couldn’t even begin to tell them all the benefits of annexation such as having a solid and progressive city willing to work on Glen Acres and council who will listen to their concerns compared to King County. However, Mr. Marin was unable to correctly or consistently answer questions on these issues that the Glen Acres audience raised:

  1. Noise insulation from the airport noise generated by the Port – Mr. Martin said it was too late to help Glen Acres. Burien could have helped push for a noise wall, more buy outs of residents on 12th or nighttime curfews but neglected to do so during the last FAR 150 process recently completed. Mike did suggest talking to Rose Clark who he said has been doing a good job making sure the Port stick to their designated corridors which incidentally cross over Glen Acres.
  2. Animal control – Currently Area Y has King County Animal Control which is far superior to CARES-Burien’s animal control. However, Mr. Martin and Mr. Robison went on to claim that Burien’s model is the best. As usual, no comparative statistics, financial reports, spay/neuter programs or education programs could be shown for the Burien Mystery Animal Care Model known as CARES.
  3. A business model for Area Y – specifically the Top Hat Area. Once again Mr. Martin side-stepped the question and went on to talk about how great NERA was going to be when the car dealerships moved there. Burien does not have a business plan for Area Y, Area X or even the core City of Burien. The Berk Draft Report was never and still is not a business plan. The money Burien has received from the State for NERA are for a storm-water system management and not to move the auto dealerships. The Annexation of Area Y without a business plan for the area puts the City of Burien in violation of its own Comprehensive Plan.
  4. Infrastructure repairs – specifically the roads in Area Y-Mr. Martin went on to say the timing for annexation was now because of how bad the condition of the roads were in Area Y. However at the earlier Burien City Council meetings on annexation, Mr. Martin, Mr. Robison and Ms. Clark stated that the situation was not as bad up in Area Y as people were exaggerating it to be. According to the Berk Draft Report, Burien could inherit a $91+ million dollars debt from the infrastructure problems in Area Y with no way to pay for the repair of these problems. The Sales Tax Credits cannot be used to fund these repairs. So who is going to pay for these and where will the monies come from?
  5. Police Services – supposedly Area X got 12 new police officers. However, the budget displays the City of Burien showed at the last budget presentation on the costs of annexing Area X do not match the cost of the 12 new police officers. Someone’s math is definitely incorrect. And the cost of these police models does not add up for Area Y either. If it did, Burien would not have to be asking for an increase in utility taxes to add more new police. Mr. Martin managed to forget to include this tax increase number into his display when he talked about the new taxes that the residents of Area Y would be required to pay.

The fact that there is still no agreement between the Fire Stations to handle the mismanaged debt incurred by the North Highline Fire Station and the need for additional 911 services to service Area Y was not even mentioned by Mr.Martin or Mr. Robison. Someone will need to pay for these with increased taxes.

Burien is legally not supposed to be out promoting annexation to you at these outreach meetings. The City is supposed to only be providing you with the real facts. I strongly encourage the citizens of Area Y to ask for real facts, figures and answers to questions. Don’t accept wishy–washy off topic answers from Burien and its city officials. You could end up with something much worse and much more costly than King County. In fact, the handout at the meeting did admit the average homeowner will pay at least $180.00 more per year to be in Burien and the Berk Draft Report admitted that at the end of 11 years, Burien would be in serious financial problems if it annexed Area Y. That can only mean more taxes and/or less services for all of the area including Glen Acres.

– Debi Wagner

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44 Responses to “LETTER: ‘Burien is Legally Not Supposed to be Out Promoting Annexation’”
  1. Gill says:

    “Strangely, it was not open to the public to attend.” What an interesting statement Debi Wagner makes. This statement is patently not true. We attended as members of the “public”. The event was easily accessible to the public as all you had to do was drive in to the parking lot, park and be welcomed to the event. Makes one wonder how much of Debi Wagner’s posts are accurate.

  2. Al says:

    Sounds to me like they were answering questions people were asking. At what point did you determine it was promoting. These people have a right to have their questions answered before voting. Did you attempt to go, or are you again assuming this was a closed meeting.

  3. Bob Price says:

    MS Wagner;s letter states that Mr Martin discouraged the council from coming to the meeting. I think what he said was and I quote “Call the home owners association and ask”. Which is the only answer he could give because he was not sure what the room would hold and how many of the home owners were expected? But as usual anything that don’t fit her thinking or pre planning is wrong. Also Mr Robinson attended because he was asked to attend by one of the home owners. I noticed that Mrs Wagner attended without an invitation but was not turned away nor anyone else? Whats her problem?

  4. J. Lutz says:

    Abraham Lincoln said “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.” Every time Debi writes on the blog, she removes all doubt.

  5. jimmy says:

    i have a question can we have a vote on this blog about how many people are fed up with seeing the same few people posting these long letters about annexation i mean we all should have all the info already we all know how these people few people feel about it seems like there just trying more or less to force there views on to the rest readers of this blog and then if you happen to post aginst there views some start to bicker with you or degrade you or make fun your typing little childish stuff like that i know it makes me not want read the post or even post a comment on a topic it even makes me not want even come check this blog somtimes

    • John Poitras says:

      Jimmy or whatever your real name is … Its obvious you are an NHUAC member as you are guilty of EXACTLY what you are complaining about. Theres a word for that and in case you don’t know that its called being HYPOCRITICAL. You contributed NOTHING to the conversation except the usual NHUAC whining and complaining about people speaking the truth about annexation because that does not fit into their agenda.

      The reality is that the same few pro annexation people from the NHUAC are always posting on this blog with nonsensical rantings whining and complaining about other people expressing the truth that you folks want to keep hidden from the general public.
      Obviously you folks have a pro-annexaion agenda where the truth takes the back seat anytime a Burien residents questions the wisdom of annexation.

      Lutz.. I think you should consider how Abe’s comment applies to your posts as they usually prove you not only a fool but in the case of your accusation of racism (how ironic) (which was removed from the blog) a rabble rouser and a disseminator of malicious innuendo.

      The reality of the Glen Acres meeting is that it WAS publicized as ONLY for the condo owners of the Glen Acres association. My mother attended as a guest of one of the residents of this community. Jerry Robison attended according the Mike Martin as a GUEST speaker but took over the event and spoke more than Martin.
      Mike Martin and Burien City Staff made that clear not once but two times at Council meetings and through phone calls that it was a closed meeting for condo owners of Glen Acres.

      Martin also lied when asked about CARES stating that it was a far better service than King County provides at half the cost. When the reality is the city contract with CARES is for $120,000 per year which is EXACTLY THE SAME as King County was charging.. As far as providing a better service.. well I dispute that claim and maybe we should have a poll on the blog to see who thinks that is true..
      Also I have read the contract and there are at least some obligations they are not in compliance with.
      Why would Mr Martin lie about this if he was not promoting annexation ?
      Also why did a lot of the members of the condo association come away with the notion that if they did not vote for annexation by Burien then they would be annexed by Seattle and their taxes would go up? The reality is that if they reject annexation it would just remain and unincorporated area of King County and King County would still be on the financial hook to support Area Y!

      Why was Jerry Robison there when it was not known by other city council members he was attending? We know Jerry is a founding member of your group and is rabidly pro annexation so stop with the attacks on Debbie who has done more for the community of Burien of which she is a resident than any of you nay sayers who are mostly residents of the unincorporated area have done. Its obvious you all have an agenda of attack and distract towards anyone who has the temerity to question annexation. I think thats obvious to anyone who follows this blog.


      • jimmy says:

        ok for my name is jimmy i live in the anexed area of burien i have lived in area for about 30 years iam not a part any group and iam not for or against the anexing of the rest of the area y x or what ever it is called i don’t realy care what happens with it i am just tire of seeing these letters every week on here ok like i said we have the info yes people know you can’t trust city govenment ok people see these leters and your attacks on people that post anything about them are making you look like morons like last time i posted a comment i got attack on here by mr forcest or what ever his name is now i have nothing aginst anyone on here or there views its just anoying seeing the same stuff over and over and over and by the other comments on here i think a few people are feeling the same way i feel

        • william forest says:

          Jimmy I find it very hard to believe you are an impartial party as you attempt to portray yourself.
          The reason I suspect you and your motives is that an impartial person would notice RIGHT AWAY that the subjects under discussion and intended to be the topic of the discussion are ignored by the NHUAC pro-annexation pack. All they do is snarl whine and complain and NEVER address the points or assertions being made.. Its easy to peg you as one of them because the problem here is not the posters its the responders and their snarling uneducated wanting to pick a fight type attitude and frankly your post reeks of the same kind of attitude. SO if you want to contribute comment on the issues being presented otherwise you are just part of the noise and should therefore be ignored.

          One thing I will say for Joey M is that even though I disagree with almost opinion he expresses he at least attempts to address the subjects in the original posting.

          • jimmy says:

            well that your own thought but go investigate it you can ask the editor of this blog if he wants to send me a email ill give him my full name i don’t want my info posted but he can go and look at any sign up sheets or any members list or type of info like that for the groups that you think iam part of and you will see iam not a part of any of them you can ask the other people on here most don’t even know me there might be 3 or 4 people out of the 50,000 hits a month this blog gets that actually know me

      • J. Lutz says:

        John, maybe it is time for a little fact check. You stated that Cares was charging Burien $120,000.00 per year and that was EXACTLY THE SAME (John used capital letters to emphasize his point) as what the county was charging. Perhaps you should look even on this blog and you will see that the county was $250,000.00 per year for ONE DAY a week. Now my degree is not in math but I think $120,000.00 and $250,000.00 are not the same. I am amazed that Debi or Cover of Night did not pick up on this very minor detail OR maybe they did and the old addage “You lie and I will swear to it” was in play.
        You accuse me of not stating facts so now that I have named one, I guess it’s your move, John. Please don’t say I am attacking by just pointing out another “factoid’

  6. J. Lutz says:

    I was hoping you would comment, John, because you are the one of the main persons that Jimmy is talking about. You, Cover of Night, Debi and a few others seem to think this is a bully pulpit. You are so afraid that annexation is going to pass that your group is willing to make up any “factoids” thinking that we are so stupid as to not check your facts. Then you write to the Highline Times and all of Burien gets to see your misinformation. You do more good for annexation than what you can imagine.
    As far as the racism, open your ears and listen to what a some Burien people are saying about the minorites and it is shocking. The person I named made his comments within ear shots of many people. Myself and others called him on it.
    No matter how you slice the truth, it will always remain the truth.

    • john poitras says:

      The “Truth” Lutz appears to be whatever you say it is.. You like to use “factoids” to describe anything that threatens to shatter the illusion your so called “truth” obscures.

      Why not act like an adult instead of a petulant child and address the points being made and refute them with your “truths” instead of acting like a school yard bully and calling them “factoids”.

      I am really embarrassed for you and your doppelgänger TCB for playing the race card ,because it really is a non-issue even though I am sure you think you can play it up to fan the flames and use that as a reason to dismiss our concerns about annexation.

      If you think you can win your arguments by using innuendo he said, she said and spreading malicious rumors ,then in the end Lutz you personally will have lost. We are not on this planet forever and eventually karma has a way of coming back to us for resolution.

      Use this blog for the reason it was created which was for meaningful discussion instead of continually dragging it into the gutter with your nutty gung-ho for annexation dam the torpedo’s full speed ahead and anyone that gets in the way we will just run them over approach. Try acting like a reasonable sane adult and ADDRESS the points that the poster (in this case Debbie Wagner) of the thread made with reasoned arguments instead of your usual fanning of the flames and smoke in an attempt to distract from the points being made. Thats what CIVIL discourse is all about and what this blog was intended for. Give it a shot Lutz… because your current approach is just destructive and incites animosity.

    • mike says:


      It appears you call everything “factoids” Yet you post no “facts” to refute what others present. It makes me think you have nothing to rebut. Its just more of the same from the City of Burien, unpublished meetings, avoiding direct answers to questions, stating the CARES program is far better than KC Animal Control, and worse yet, proposing to raise taxes for more police but failing to bring it up at the Glen Acres meeting. Come On Man. Post up Lutz. Refute the “factoids.

      Area Y Mike

  7. Ed Dacy says:

    It was not open to the public, because it was NOT a city of Burien event. Glen Acres Homeowners Association asked the city to come and talk to them.

    This was pointed out at the City Council meeting.

    • Ghost of Maewild says:

      Sounded like one to me:

      Mr Martin’s opening line in the forum says it all,
      (from White Center Now – Blog)
      Mike Martin led the presentation – “You’re the very first public forum that we’ve having,” he told them, promising to offer “high-level remarks” but also focus on questions.

  8. William Forest says:


    YOU are one of the main NHUAC ATTACK DOGS that John was referring too.. In fact I surmise you are the Leader of the pack.

    Heres a shout out to you and the rest of the NHUAC gang… This is OUR city … You may want to join it but we have reservations.

    When someone like Debbie or John raises LEGITIMATE QUESTIONS>>>how about acting like HUMAN BEINGS and using what cognitive abilities , math skills and any functional analysis you can muster to counter the points being made with pertinent rebuttals of your own?

    The blog is not here for rabble- rousers like you and your pack of snarling dogs to try and take down anyone here on the B-Town blog who speaks against annexation or you hero’s Jerry Robison and Mike Martin. By the way the B stands for BURIEN not NHUAC!

    Whats OBVIOUS to everyone is that you have NOTHING to come back with to counter the observations that Debbie myself John and others have made.. Your tactics are to act like cowardly curs who only have courage when they are in a pack because they really don’t have a clue what is really going on.

    However I submit there is hope for a change in your destructive behavior.
    I challenge you Lutz and the rest of your pack to attempt to refute or dispute any of the observations made by Debbie ON THE MERITS instead of the usual howling, snarling and barking we get from your group.

  9. TcB says:

    Hey, did ya see the news that babies born in this country are now majority minority? There are lots of hispanic babies being born. The white people average age is 42 which is generally above child bearing age, while the hispanic people average is 28. I am totally convinced that the idea of adding more minorities (African American, Asian and Hispanic) to the city is ONE OF the DRIVING forces behind those opposed to annexation. I am also totally convinced that all the male blog posters who are anti annexation are white, and aged between 40-70. This group is angry about becoming diminished in importance and is lashing out to protect it’s interests. This is not a “Race Card” so don’t say “oh you’re just pulling out the race card and it’s irrelevant and it makes you look like an idiot”. I have repeatedly heard people talk about this and seen it in print, and many others have as well, and have already stated so.

  10. Bob Price says:

    I find the comments interesting that state that anyone who favors annexation is a member of the NHUAC. If that’s the case then there are about 10,000 members of the council? I find that strange. But anyone who is in favor of annexation is supposed to be a crook, or worse. But then the people who oppose annexation do walk on water don’t the?y. We some times seem to forget that. Thanks.

  11. Joey Martinez says:

    Firstly, before it even comes up I’ve been enjoying this MARVELOUS weather with the fam damily. I see that rain returns next week and so shall another letter (who wants to be indoors on a keyboard on days like we’ve been having!)

    Of all the things I COULD touch on I first want to point out that Mrs Wagner is plainly twisting the facts. The BERK Final Report is lambasted for being inaccurate or incomplete on several occassions. Then BERK is sited for saying “at the end of 11 years, Burien would be in serious financial problems if it annexed Area Y.”

    The BERK report projects and states that WITH or WITHOUT annexation Burien will have a deficit of about 22%. Without annexation the cuts start in 2013. I could say more but I’ll put it in a letter 😉

    Another thing the BERK report cannot project is the economic development possible with a new Burien. The North Highline area will be developed. I’d rather Burien have control of the area than King County WHICH will use the revenue on places like Marymoor Park or Seattle using the revenue on South Lake Union.

    Lastly, I read the story on WhiteCenter Now and it seems to differ from Mrs Wagner’s recounting of the information.


    Joey Martinez

    • john poitras says:

      Joey I just have to say that if anyone is guilty of twisting the facts , misinterpreting the facts and ignoring the facts that person is you. For example your hype about the all the developers salivating to open new business’s in white center which will lessen the financially liability Burien is assuming by annexing an area that cannot support itself.

      People are not stupid Joey and those pie in the revenue generators are just not real.

      I also find it interesting on the one hand you accept the Berk report as being a business plan and gospel on annexation even though it does not address a myriad of issues which you choose to not address.

      Some one on the blog anointed you “More Taxes Joey” which apparently is a good moniker for you because of course you failed to address any of Debbies salient points among which is a $180.00 tax increase for the average home owner in the annexation area.

      • Joey Martinez says:

        Mr Poitras, you might be right on everything you say but I don’t think so.

        Regardless, i choose to believe the reporting of WhiteCenter Now over Debi’s reports of $180 a year increase. They report about $90 a year total increase. Lower property taxes and higher utility taxes.
        As for other issues, i will cover them as well in due time.

        As for the revenue difference of opinion i guess it just shows the different type of people we are – which is OK. I am more of a glass half full kind of guy.

        Joey Martinez

        • Debi Wagner says:

          Sorry Joey…I took the figures right off Burien’s handout while the Now blog used what Mike said at the meeting. This is where calculators come in handy. Mike forgot to add the utility tax increase to the property tax increase. He also forgot to include the proposed utility tax increase in the discussion. I brought it up but the Now blog didn’t cover that. Good try at ripping me up over a small detail. How about focusing on where Burien’s going to get 92 million for infrastructure repairs?

          • Joey Martinez says:

            Wasn’t trying to rip you. What should have been said is something along the lines of $90 increase with a potential of another $90 tax increase if approved by voters. While I like the Cops and Kids initiative and personally hope we do pass it I am not sure how the voters will vote in these tough times.

            It’s up to $92 million now? Last I’ve heard it was $43 million, or $77 million? Since March/April (for some reason) I’ve really been learning alot about how infrastructure works and how it’s funded. The overwhelming majority of that money does not need to be spent day one. The overwhelming majority of those projects truely are wishlist.

            The projects will be rolled into the current CIP, evaluated and gotten to when the money is there. Money comes in via MANY different sources. Burien, due to our already being labeled a “regional growth center” (meaning the next step down from a Seattle) is eligible for many grants at the federal, state, and county level. Don’t believe me on this? Look at how much money Burien projects have gotten this year. Federal and state projects have been funded to the tune of Millions already.

            Combining the North Highline area with Burien does put us at a larger total project cost than either Des Moines or SeaTac but then again we’d be a much larger city. The Per Capita costs are still about the same to the smaller cities.

            Joey Martinez

        • william forest says:

          Joey.. Thank you for engaging in the spirit for which the blog is intended.. I am a glass half full type of guy so we will inevitably disagree on many of the salient points.

          I don’t consider you one of the attack and distract pack from the subject under discussion .
          However I do consider you biased towards the pro-annexation point of view but being a glass half full type of guy it is probably inevitable.

          Being a glass half empty guy I am naturally a skeptic and unless all the numbers add up I am just not going to buy into it.. and they don’t in the case of annexation.

          I dislike Mike Martin.. I think he is incompetent and somewhat of a weasel with almost zero accountability.. You appear to either not have an opinion of his job performance or if you do you have chosen not to comment on it which is your privilege.. Bottom line what I am trying to say is at least you try and engage and I respect you for that.

        • john poitras says:

          Joey thanks for your response. However I disagree that their property taxes will go down so I think the $180.00 figure is actually understated.

          I think the premise of this post is correct and from what I could gather from my mother who has many friends at Glen Acres Mr. Martin was promoting annexation which is a violation of the statute. I would have gone and video taped it myself but I was told it was for Glen Acres condo residents and their guests only.

  12. Bob Price says:

    I keep hearing that the meeting was not open to the public. I don’t know where that came from but I live there and I helped put out the flyers to tell our people about the meeting and at no time was it said that it was a closed meeting. We did invite Burien to do it as we have a very large number of people that live in the area and are interested. We did not, how ever, post flyers out side the area because of a possible problem with space. My neighbor is on the board of trustees and she said anyone could attend but we had to be careful because of space. As it turned out space was not a problem. The problem was the guests that told lies about the meeting being closed and bitching about some of the invited people attending. But then this just shows their classic thinking. Thanks.

  13. J. Lutz says:

    I find the claim from William laughable that the Pro Annexation people are attack dogs when all you have to do is pull up William Forest on the search for the B-Town Blog and read the posts from William, John, Cover and Debi and they are constant attacks. The problem is, you guys all say the same factoids over and over. Repeating the same lies over and over does not make it the truth, it makes you look silly.

    Jimmy’s initial comment is correct. We all get tired of hearing from the same couple of Anti Annexation people who think they have all the facts and every body else is stupid.
    I enjoy pulling up the blog at work every time you guys write some negative piece and we all have a great laugh.
    Thanks for keeping us laughing with yoru factoids.

    • john poitras says:

      Lutz… I think people should do as you suggest because there is a big difference between defending oneself from the snarls of the pack whose goal seems to be to discredit the residents of Burien who are not gung ho for annexation like you and the rest of your pack.

      We like to look before we leap.. Your posts are irrelevant because they fail to address any of the issues presented and they are legitimate issues.. you have no rebuttal so you resort to attack.. and we are forced to defend.. Its called self defense Lutz and YOU are the aggressor..

      I don’t know if you are religious or spiritual or agnostic but I can assure you that sooner or later Karma is going to force you realize that in fact you have become a “factoid” of your self.

  14. Debi Wagner says:

    I reiterate, if you have a valid argument in opposition of anything I have said feel free to present it. Otherwise your criticism is pointless. To anyone who is tired of seeing these same long letters, I admonish you to simply stop reading them. I called Burien to get information about the meeting, was told it was not open to the public but the city called the organizers to obtain permission for me to attend. Please Joey, would you mind if I told you I think fam damily is offensive?

    • jimmy says:

      yea you could skip posting them to i mean i try to skip reading but when there every week come on now i mean iam interested in whats going on but when the almost same exact letter every week or very similar letter its just a little annoying

      • john poitras says:

        Jimmy if the same issues as you say are raised again and again and NEVER addressed and debated then the issues REMAIN unresolved. IF you are interested do some research come to your own conclusions and post them here. Thats called contributing to the discussion. It appears you visit this blog for your own entertainment and don’t find these subjects interesting and it annoys you they appear over and over again. Well we take these issues very seriously because it affects people in the real world and involves property values , taxes, services or lack of services and other important issues. I don’t come here to be entertained Jimmy so if thats your purpose here then I suggest if you have something to say RELATED TO THE SUBJECT then speak if not then limit your reading to the fluff pieces on here which are meant to be entertaining and leave the serious stuff to those of us that are seeking real answers to real problems.

  15. Joey Martinez says:

    To JP and WF, thanks! This is a democracy and for a democracy to work we need opposing views, otherwise we’d be a socialist or fascist country. An opposing voice makes sure that the majority voice thinks everything through and sees potential issues, whatever they may be.

    I do want to say two things. First, i feel like I am a bigger gov’t critic than most on here even Cover of Night (who told me he quit this blog on another blog for personal reasons).

    Having worked for gov’t for as long as I have (City of Auburn 2001-2005 and City of Seattle 2007-present) I have seen tax dollars go to waste SO MANY times. In 2009 I was working on a project that wanted to spend over a million dollars for a 5 star solution with annual costs of about $400k. I recommended a 4 and a half star solution for $300k with annual costs of about $50k. I fought tooth and nail but was rail-roaded. Suffice to say the city will be switiching to my solution in the 2013-2014 budget cycle (earliest we can jump ship).

    That left me defeated and from that decision until I filed for council I was just there for a check. On a personal level from my house fire in March 2011 until I filed I felt like a lost soul. Friends, family, co-workers, complete strangers offered so much to me and mine. It made me realize so much and you can actually thank Scott for my being involved in govt because 5 minutes after I read the story on council seats up for election I had my credit card out and filed. (And the rest is history).

    Since filing las year, on a professional level, I’ve saved City Light rate payers (some of you) about $100k and I even took on a Microsoft/City of Seattle on a decison for something that saved over $500k. IF I ever decide to run again (it’s a lot of work and at least 30% of the population thinks and treats you like an idiot) I would hope to offer the same guardianship to your and my tax dollars.

    Secondly, you might be right on my glass is half-full view on annexation. I do feel like I’ve done my homework and while there will be challenges, some of bigger than others, overall I feel it’s in the best intersts of Burien and North Highline.

    If I felt it wasn’t I WOULD be speaking against annexation both at Council and on the web blogs/ paper.

    Joey Martinez

    • Debi Wagner says:

      I hope all is well and Coverofnight will soon return to posting …you always make me laugh out loud. Come to the Eastside Symphony Saturday night at Redmond Performing Arts Center. It should be great, might cheer you up and make you feel better.

  16. jimmy says:

    wow its been awhile since my name posted this many times good or bad and just give anyone some info iam just a regular 31 almost 32 year old man that comes to this blog to check the news in this city i have live here most of my life i like it here it gets kinda fun sometimes rather boring other times but any ways i am not really trying to steps on anyone’s toes for there posts its just i see these letters almost weekly for awhile now and i remember when my area here was being annex and i herd good and bad about it well look here its been what 2 years 3 something like that since we been added to burien and things have gotten better are streets are getting clean up parks are getting clean up utility company’s are upgrade there stuff in the area and yea taxes went up but we are getting a little more services so i think we should leave this stuff on the next annexed area up to the people in that area because who knows maybe with all attacks and stuff on here maybe the people won’t wanna be part of burien or maybe they might want to be part of burien just to mess you whos knows

  17. Ghost Of Maplewild says:

    The way Mr. Martin “informed ” the city council of this meeting was downright disrespectful to say the least. He tried to avoid Lucy K’s questions on the meeting at the most recent Council meeting by acting as if it was the first he had heard of it and really didn’t even know what day or time the meeting was. (I encourage you all to view it for yourselves)Also, Jerry Robison could have chimed in at any time to let everyone know that he was invited and did know the time and day. The proper protocol for the city manager would have been to inform the WHOLE council to make sure we ALL attend this meeting/Q&A. This was just a NHUAC meeting under the disguise of an invite to the city of Burien. Mr Martin Said that there would not be council members there. BUT Mr. Robison was there. Even if he was there as a “guest” he did speak on the cities behalf.
    Mr Martin’s opening line in the forum says it all,
    (from White Center Now – Blog)
    Mike Martin led the presentation – “You’re the very first public forum that we’ve having,” he told them, promising to offer “high-level remarks” but also focus on questions.

    On a side note. The City of Burien needs to change the name of “CARES” after this remark from Mr. Martin,
    (from White Center Now – Blog)
    he said, animal control “is a discretionary function. He said the newest stats will be available next month in a report, though “if our euthanasia rates are higher than the county, I’m good with that.”

    • William Forest says:

      Mr Martin is out of control.. He has zero accountability, he should be reporting to the council but has the attitude that they report to him>>>Robison, Clark and McGilton are so lazy they let him get away with it. These council members are in it for their own personal agenda’s and as long as he does not interfere and supports their agenda’s they are content to let him run the show.

      He is obviously not an animal lover and just see’s animals as nuisance that have to be dealt with. His comments about killing dogs and cats because CARES is not big enough or capable enough to deal with keeping them for more than a few days is a sign that he could “CARE LESS”.

    • SD says:

      I too was taken aback by Mr. Martin’s comment that he’d be “good with it” if Burien’s euthanasia rate was higher than the County’s.

  18. Bob Price says:

    AS to Mr Forest’s comments that Robinson, Clark and McGilton are lazy! First of all the have all forgot more than MR Forest ever knew. Also they have done a great job working for Burien for a number of years. But they are thinking ahead not like the narrow minded complainers that think only of them selves and their wants.. You voted out one of your better council members in Mr Shaw and I’m sure you will discover that this was a mistake before to much longer. As for Mr Martin controlling the council that’s not possible. The problem with most of you complainers you cannot see but one side of a problem.. You all treat the North Hightline people like dirt and god help you if they ever organize and turn on you. They/ we have just as much interest in making Burien better than all of you that think you know it all. You are always quoting the figures and facts as you see them. You did the same thing when area X was up for annexation and you were proven wrong. What makes you think you are any better now? Thanks..

    • SD says:

      Bob, I’m sure it’s not your intent but your comment comes across as narrow-minded. The citizens who are open-minded appreciate evaluating both sides of the equation, in hopes the dialogue will provoke the City Council to make informed and intelligent decisions on behalf of the citizens they represent.

    • William Forest says:

      Bob it sounds like you forgot to take your meds again. Your post illustrates you are as toxic inside as you come across on the outside.
      Are you even a resident of Burien? Or are you a resident of area X? Apparently anyone that supports annexation is a wonderful person regardless of their job performance. Every post you make confirms the narrow minded one you accuse others of is you Bob.. Take a look in the mirror if you can stand to, because staring back at you will be the face of someone who is not only narrow minded but has no credulity. I have tried to ignore your nonsensical rants as they ignore the truth and you never back up your barking, snarling and whining with any real data. But when you attack me personally its necessary for me to respond because I refuse to be put down by bullies like you or what they stand for which is ignorance.
      Maybe you are intellectually incapable of understanding this Bob but the NHUAC is an organization of which you are a part of and I don’t think a lot of them would agree that we better watch out otherwise they will take out their wrath on the current residents of Burien.
      Apparently you don’t like hearing about those pesky facts figures and details which in reality are what makes something viable or not. You have not proven anyone wrong on anything except yourself every time you post another toxic rant and fail to back it up with any real data to support your position.. In fact it seems like the only position you have is to discredit, snarl and disrespect anyone who has the temerity to question the wisdom of annexation.
      That’s all I am going to say and going forward I am going to put you on “IGNORE” and not waste my time sweeping the sand off the beach which is what it is like trying to engage in dialogue with you.

  19. Kathy says:

    U obstructionists sound like a bunch of 2 year olds. Move away if u r not happy.

  20. Bob Price says:

    Mr Forest!
    Your lack of any thinking shows in your statement. As for facts it is useless to give you and facts as you change them to suit your needs and thinking as well as not even checking them out. And people should be able to express their opinion without a batch of name calling, I attend a great many of the Burien City Council meetings and have noticed how hard the people you called lazy, work. And they for years have done a great job of moving Buriern forward. So good luck.

  21. Feralcat says:

    I know this is about annexation but “cares” will NOT be able to support this area either.

    “care’s is doing a presentation June 18 at the council meeting.

    Please everyone show up to show some support as to how horrible wrong this situation is going


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