City of Burien Cancels Monday Night’s Council Meeting; Next One is June 4

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The City of Burien on Friday (May 18) announced that its next City Council meeting, set for Monday, May 21, has been cancelled.

No reason was given for the cancellation.

“The next scheduled meeting will be on Monday, June 4, 2012, at 7:00 p.m. at Burien City Hall, 400 SW 152nd Street,” the announcement said.


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20 Responses to “City of Burien Cancels Monday Night’s Council Meeting; Next One is June 4”
  1. William Forest says:

    I would like to know the reason? Word on the street is that Mike Martin cancelled the meeting on his own authority without even asking the city council.

    Can anyone shed light on this?

  2. Ghost Of Maplewild says:

    I am sure Martin and Robison are worried about the feedback from the First “Public” meeting held at Glen Acres. Or the NHUAC has need for him that day.

  3. john poitras says:

    One has to ask the question.. Who is in charge of the city of Burien, Mike Martin, the city manager or our elected representatives on the city council?

  4. Chris says:

    Listen folks, I’m pretty-much indifferent on most issues that Mike Martin has handled–except for the animal control issue. That one stinks big time. Also, one could argue that he’s biased FOR annexation. Most anti-annexation people think this. Not a surprise.

    That being said, I don’t think there’s some sort of conspiracy simply because a meeting was cancelled.

    The amount of vitriol and conjecture regarding Mike Martin, the City of Burien, et al. seems to be reaching epidemic proportions.

    Give it a rest people. Take a pill. Call your therapist. Get a hug from your mommy. But all this hating is really getting old.

    • john poitras says:

      Chris.. Keep in mind that there are city by laws that make it not only wrong but a violation of those by laws that the city manager does not have the authority to decide if a city meeting is to be cancelled.

      The majority of the council members were not even asked and it requires a majority vote to cancel a council meeting that it just so happens Mr Martin would not be attending because he is going to be on vacation. I happen to know that a majority of the council members may very well not have been in favor of canceling this meeting.

      I intended to speak at that meeting so my rights as a tax paying resident are being infringed on so please don’t expect me or anyone else to not criticize Mike Martin for either not doing his job competently or as in this case violating the city by laws which he is supposed to be subordinate to.

  5. J. Lutz says:

    John, Mike was probably doing you a favor. If you were going to bring up the dog issue again comparing Burien to King County, you may want to check your figures. Burien decided to start their own program when King County was rasing their rates to about $250,000.00 per year for 8 hours of service per week. Burien’s program is about $120,000.00. Last I checked, the two programs do not cost the same. If you doubt my figures, do the research and you will find that your “factoid” you have used several times on this blog and elsewhere is flawed.

    • john poitras says:

      Check again Mr Factoid if you even checked at all because you are full of it.
      I personally spoke with King County animal control office and $120,000 was Buriens annual cost. I did MY research YOU apparently did NOT which does not surprise me since you full of factoids.
      The new contract offers 24 HOUR COVERAGE. King County also can be depended on the fulfill their contractual obligations unlike CARES which in fact is in contractual violation. IF you had read the contract with CARES like I did you would know this.

      • J. Lutz says:

        John Perhaps you should find a copy of the proposal that King County brought to Burien. The new coverage was almost 250,000.00 and it was for 8 hours per week.
        Check it out. I already did.

  6. Fred says:

    I believe-In previous blogs you have indicated that you have a source in city hall who gives you information on what is happening. So you know the inside scoop on Mr. Martin and why many citizens do not like or trust him.He lasts about 5 years in most of his political positions before he wears out his welcome and is encouraged to move on-Fresno, CA.-San Francisco,CA.-Kent,WA. and now Burien. After he left Kent in 2005 for DUI, no one would hire him. Even a remote county in Montana turned him down because they felt he had too much baggage and did not properly disclose his work history. Then Gordon Shaw,through his friend the ex-mayor of Kent, brought Mr. Martin to Burien. The Burien hired Martin in 2007 even thought the staff did not endorse him. In 2009, Martin was again caught for DUI issues and many citizens wanted him terminated. In spite of the citizens, the Council retained him. Burien citizens have complained to the Council about his heavy handed management style, budget and cost management history and non-disclosure, lack of transparency when presenting on issues and mean spirited comments about Burien citizens. He just does not honestly and openly answer questions and has staff retention problems. He is not an active listener to citizens and council members on questions or concerns. So it is only logical that citizens will next take their displeasure and complaints about this city manager and the Council to the media. Free speech is a guaranteed right under the first amendment. The city manager and some of the Council members need to go for the health and survival of this City. I don’t see that as vitriol or hate ladened but just obvious fact.

  7. Debi Wagner says:

    I was talking to a King County Animal Control officer today who said fees for licenses bring down the cost with the county,money for violations get spread back to cities, more cities involved brings the price down, the programs are improving with new leadership etc. Face it, you get what you pay for and there are no good comments he could share with me about CARES. He said Cities who have left the county are about to return except Auburn who is using the humane society. Why are we trying to save money on animal care while agreeing to spend tens of millions on north Highline care and becoming the subject of disdain in other areas about our behavior?

  8. J. Lutz says:

    Debi You have skirted the issue. You said that the cost of Burien Cares and King County Animal Control was the same and that is not true. King County Animal Control’s last proposal to Burien was approx. $250,000.00 for one day a week. Please address this. Did you make a mistake? I believe you are making up facts that you can’t back up.
    Where are you getting this last statement “We are becoming the subject of disdain to other areas about our behavior”? I would like to see your proof of that statement. I think the statement should have been “We are becoming the subject of disdain to a few negative people on the blog who like to use “factoirds”.
    Debi, if you are as smart as you keep telling us, don’t misquote the facts and expect we are going to believe you.

    • william forest says:

      Mr White Center.. Lutz… Mr Factoid.. Mike Martins attack dog whatever role you happen to be playing today, it appears you are up to your old tired tricks again.

      ATTACK AND DISTRACT .. That’s your modus operandi!

      You are a classic TROLL!

      THIS THREAD IS ABOUT MIKE MARTIN cancelling a council meeting on his own authority without a council vote in violation of city by-laws.. I realize you don’t want a discussion of this because it makes your partner look bad!

      You know for someone that doesn’t live in Burien you sure claim to know a lot about it.
      It seems obvious you are willing to say anything to protect your buddy Martin and attempt to attack and discredit and Burien resident that stands up to you and your pro-annexation rhetoric!

      Btw Lutz where did YOU get your king county animal control propaganda? You attended the NHUAC meeting where Gweneth spoke about the great services given by King County animal control. I guess she is a liar too?

      Lutz if you were smart as you think you are you would you would not spew such nonsense that anyone can easily repudiate with a little time and effort. You have earned the disdain of every resident of Burien because every time you open you mouth and spew your propaganda you do them a disservice.

      Getting back on point..
      How about spinning your excuses and yarns about why Mike Martin found it necessary to violate city by-laws and cancel a city council meeting without following the required protocol??

    • Debi Wagner says:

      Lutz and et al, since you appear to use the same negative terms as other bloggers…I work outside of the area and am a volunteer in yet another city and every time I mention that my city of Burien is interested in annexing area Y people look confused and frankly disgusted. There is definetly a negative stigma attached to this endeavor in the minds of people living in cities surrounding us. Since I work in customer service and have opportunity to talk to a lot of people, not once have I heard anything close to “oh good for you guys.” In fact, most people think we are crazy. I don’t mention it too much since I would rather disassociate myself from admitting I am part of the lunacy. The same thing happened when I engaged a King County Animal control officer yesterday in a brief discussion about our CARES program. He has heard terrible reports and worries about the animals inside our borders. I ended with apologizing for our citizens not doing enough to end this experiment. But you have not mentioned an important part of this process which is we are required by law to provide the same level or greater in services to area Y should annexation be approved. They currently use King County Animal control and unless CARES is expanded, enhanced, more available and more accessible for their residents than what it appears to Burien which is closed, unavailble, and unresponsive, it will not meet the test of our legal obligation. Then what? And I have never said I am smart but if you have somehow gleaned that through my comments, thank you. But there is a difference between smart and wise which comes with age and surviving long enough to see mistakes repeat themselves.

      • J. Lutz says:

        Debi, If you think I was referring to you as smart, I apologize. I have heard you speak too often about things you don’t about. When you were asked about the trees on Memorial Drive in a debate, instead of saying “I am not sure what you are talking about” you said “I like trees”. We all laughed at you on that one.
        You have misstated several facts about King County Animal Control and yet when I point them out to you, you suddenly have not comment. You were not picked for the Planning Commission and you came out and said you were the best candidate.
        It seems that you want to be in public office since you have applied for Planning Commission and ran for City Council. Maybe you should stop writing to the blog and people will not know how uninformed you are.
        I will ask you again about your statement that King County Animal Control is the same price as Cares. Please read the B-Town Blog on April 11. 2011 and then tell me they are the same.

        • Ghost Of Maplewild says:

          Why hijack a thread about why a city council meeting was cancelled? And then proceed to belittle and degrade hard working citizens of Burien.
          If you want to prove your point write a letter about the merits of CARES VS KCAC and get it posted here. I am sure the B-Town blog will post it for you.
          The threats and degrading statements by you and your friend Mr. Price towards Debi Wagner and the current citizens of Burien are just sad.

        • Debi Wagner says:

          Lutz, I have never applied for the planning commission. The things I wrote about CARES was what I learned from talking to a King County Animal control officer. Because of what the officer said, I visited the facility and now have a whole host of concerns beyond those I wrote about two days ago.
          And so you think it is silly for someone to say they like trees? Don’t you like trees? Trees are a natural environmental buffer against noise and emissions which we have more of in our area than anywhere else in the county. I believe the question which is not covered in the archives was about the trees along Ambaum not Des Moines Memorial and I suggested there are a number of ways to repair the sidewalks without removing them. If anything we should plant more with the hope they can survive in this environmental chemical zoo we live in. And who is the we who laughed? You and the other NHUAC supporters who don’t even vote in Burien who came to support who Mike Martin calles the “icon” of White Center Jerry Robison? Why don’t you stop spreading misinformation on the blog so people won’t know how mean you are.

    • Gabby says:

      Mr Lutz.. Your statements are catagorically false. I attended the King County animal control presentation at NHUAC’s last meeting and you should check with your friends on this council about the true facts in the case of the current contract which begins in July.

      King County is offering 7 animal control officers, an animal cruelty investigator and 7 days a week coverage. This is actual coverage rather than being referred elsewhere which from personal experience is what CARES provides. Their web site is terrible and does not even offer an emergency contact number last time I checked.

      As far as the cost goes I made a call to Gwenith who gave the presentation at NHUAC and the number she used was $120,000 but since Mr Martin did not even stay to hear what they had to offer or even contact them to see what the current contract details were I fail to understand where you are getting your information.. Please advise who told you this? Was it your friend Mike Martin. Please advise how this information can be viewed by the general public or are only you privy to it?

      • Gabby says:

        Btw Mr Lutz last I checked Mr Nichols does not work for the city and I don’t know where he got his information from either. I did not see the blog you quote “from over a year ago” but the information is without a doubt NOT current or applicable to the current contract being offered by King County.

  9. J. Lutz says:

    For those of you who keep misquoting the figures of what it would cost for Burien to have King County do animal control. Please go to the B-Town Blog on April 11, 2011 to the story written by Ralph Nichols and see what he has to say about the cost.
    It would be nice to have King County do animal control but I don’t want to pay more taxes for the $300,000.00 per year for one part time officer.
    John, let’s see what you have to say about me now that I have proven you wrong.

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