PHOTOS: Young Coyote Pup Pursues Rabbit Through Local Yard Saturday

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BTB Contributor Brett Fish sent us the following photos, showing a young Coyote pup as it attempted to chase a rabbit through his yard on Saturday, May 26.

“One of the young coyote pups recently posted on The B-Town Blog chased a rabbit through my yard Saturday,” Fish said. “The rabbit got away this time but its mate had several bit marks on its back. Rodents are their usual diet but rabbits apparently will do in a pinch.”

Click images to see larger versions and view slideshow:

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5 Responses to “PHOTOS: Young Coyote Pup Pursues Rabbit Through Local Yard Saturday”
  1. liljo says:

    Almost hit one on Monday. Was driving down 8th Ave near the Hospital, and it bounded right out in front of me. Quite startling. About 4pm.

  2. Brett Fish says:

    Pretty soon they’ll be pets at the rate they are adapting to their environment. This one knew no fear. BTW, the chased rabbit is back in my yard munching on dandelion leaves and grasses.

  3. In all of the years I have lived in Burien I hadn’t seen wild bunny rabbits. I grew up here. Last summer a wild rabbit came to live in our neighborhood and it or it’s baby is here again this Spring. Maybe there is more of a supply of rabbits attracting the coyotes. When I was a child people in the area raised chickens and the coyotes broke into the chicken coups and took them away. When the chickens were attacked there was a terrible commotion.
    I would like to know if anymore of you have seen wild rabbits running around in Burien.

    • Lynne says:

      Yes, I see wild bunnies all the time near my home where Sylvester road meets 172nd st (heading towards the point). I used to see them by the bridge off of Sylvester but the construction must have driven them elsewhere.

  4. ws says:

    Thanks, Brett. I always love seeing your photos.

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