City of Burien Announces First Two Public Annexation Informational Sessions

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The City of Burien announced on its website the first two public Informational Sessions in White Center on the proposed Annexation of the rest of North Highline/White Center:

  • June 21, 6 p.m.: 3:14 Bakery, 9602 16th Ave. SW
  • July 12, 6 p.m.: DubSea Coffee, 9910 8th Ave. SW

The annexation of the rest of North Highline will be on the Nov. 6 ballot, in an election where only residents of the proposed area will be able to vote.

Annexation would increase the population of Burien by about 17,300 and add 3.2 square miles to the City. Burien’s total population would increase to approximately 65,000 residents, making it the 15th largest city in Washington.

If approved, the actual annexation would likely occur in 2013.

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33 Responses to “City of Burien Announces First Two Public Annexation Informational Sessions”
  1. JJ Greive says:

    Welcome to our city!!

  2. Milton says:

    I will attend this meetings. I don’t see any benefit in doing this. Burien is great as it is!

    • JJ Greive says:

      It is simple, they will aways be our neighbors, and Burien is much better off if we have a say in their zoning and policing. This is a vibrant hard working neighborhood and I welcome them to Burien. You should too.

      • mike says:


        After seeing and hearing what a nightmare its been with Capt. Morgan er I mean Mike Martin at the helm, why would Area Y want the mismanagement, lack of police, (oh wait they plan to raise taxes to get more officers) unwillingness to listen and answer questions presented by their constituents? Why is it such a great move for Area Y? Why would we want YOU saying what is best for OUR zoning? Our policing? Our Animal Control? Please be specific.

        Area Y Mike

        • Elizabeth2 says:

          Agreed, Area Y Mike. I have nor desire to tell anyone else how to do their business, their policing, animal control, anything. Too often in this world, people stick their noses into things that are not their business, locally and internationally.

      • John Poitras says:

        JJ that sounds exactly like what Mike Martin would say because it sounds good. The reality is much different.
        Area Y and Burien are infinitely better off by maintaining the status quo and rejecting a take over by Burien..
        You seem to imply unless area Y agrees to a Burien takeover they would not be good neighbors? I strongly disagree and if I had a concern I know for a fact I would get a response from the NHUAC instead of being stonewalled by the dysfunctional Burien city council.

      • Elizabeth2 says:

        JJ – I think your comment says it all..and I am quoting you…

        “It is simple, they will aways be our neighbors, and Burien is much better off if we have a say in their zoning and policing”

        Burien will be better off if we have say IN THEIR zoning and policy. It is NOT our business what these hard working folks want to do with their neighborhood! We tend to ours, they tend to theirs. No power grab, no butting in.

  3. Ghost of Maplewild says:

    Mike Martin’s dog and pony show part two. How many people does 3:14 Bakery hold? I hope we all are invited this time.

    • Eaton B. Verz says:

      Just wear a bullet proof vest. Oh wait, only one murder there…. It’s ok!

    • Shari says:

      I think you can estimate how many people the bakery will hold by taking the number of people who can line up side by side all the way around the walls of the room and dividing that by the number who can line up side by side across the center.

  4. Erik Robbins says:

    As Joey Martinez pointed out : The”Cops and Kids” initiative could potentially double the anticipated cost to new residents from $90 to $180. Also I hear that there are murmurs in city hall about a Liquor and tobacco tax from the city (possibly on restaurants) as well as adjusting the B & O taxes. How does this affect the Current city supplied Q&A sheet?

    • Joey Martinez says:

      I said that on another blog, one that shall not be mentioned here…

      I do hope we get a chance to vote on it, but in this tough economy I am not sure if it will come to the ballot.

      Joey Martinez

  5. TcB says:

    The heels get deeper and deeper with each new story.

  6. Joey Martinez says:

    The single biggest reason North Highline folk should consider annexing into EITHER city is because of the structural problems King County has in funding unincorporated urban areas. Counties are not setup to offer services needed by such concentrated populations.

    Cuts will include:
    Police – lower overtime goals mean lower service (would also affect Burien as a side note)
    Roads – plans are in the works to let North Highline roads turn to gravel
    Parks – and not just the open spaces.
    Planning and Land Use – the more the merrier.

    The reason’s I feel Burien is the better fit (great for Burien, really really good for North Highline) is:
    1) Police – The two forces currently augment each other and merging them will guarantee the benefit to all of Burien.
    2)Fire – merging the departments would be a formality for the most part – we already have the same chief and much of the subordinate command staff is or will be the same people. They already train together. North Highline Fire protects much of the northern half of Burien already.

    … and that’s just the begining! I could go on but maybe I’ll write a letter instead.

    Joey Martinez

    • Mike says:

      Turn the roads to gravel? Now there’s a stretch. I have yet to hear anything that says Burien is better than what Area Y has now. And the police? Come on man! Just more mismanagement Joey. Proposing to raise taxes under the guise of the kids to get more officers. Pleeez! This whole annexation thing is unraveling with each post. Thank goodness. I can’t wait till November to see this go down in flames. Just more money spent on something that makes zero sense.

      Area Y Mike

      • Joey Martinez says:

        From the link (and be sure the check the map too)
        Tier 5
        Service: Will receive virtually no storm and snow response. Maintenance will be limited and based on factors such as life safety and risk, resulting in a growing number of deteriorating roads. Users can expect to see some closures, which may result in longer detours and difficulty accessing property. These roads may also be downgraded to a gravel surface, restricted to one lane, and have load limits and lower speed limits

        About the “Cops and Kids” – Don’t believe the hype good sir. Read the plan. Attend a meeting of the Burien Economic Development Program (BEDP) where this has been gone over in detail. Look at the stats.

        The truth on crime in Burien is vastly different from our image. That perception is an economic hinderance and this is what it’s meant to go after. It doesn’t matter what the facts are in a case like that so much as what is believed.

        Joey Martinez

        • mike says:

          “Good Sir”,

          As Joey Martinez pointed out : The”Cops and Kids” initiative could potentially double the anticipated cost to new residents from $90 to $180. I’ve read the plan. Why didn’t they plan this out before having to raise taxes to fund police? Mismanagement. And why weren’t they upfront and forthright about it at the Glen Acres meeting? Just more “shuckin and jivin” aye Good Sir?

          Plans are in the works to let roads turn to gravel? Remote very lightly used roads maybe. there are roads that have load limits now and especially during winter. Its you and the sky is falling scare tactics.

          Crime in Burien is virtually the same as Area Y. Having Burien run to Roxbury isn’t going to help any crime stats. Vastly different? I think not. It is what it is.

          I can here the flames starting to crackle.

          Area Y Mike

          • Joey Martinez says:

            I find too funny that you’ve siezed upon one portion of what I’ve said that fits your narrative and yet are so easily dismissive of everything else that doesn’t fit the narrative. The roads portion is not me “chicken littling” the situation. I already provided the link to the King County website for proof. “Area Y Mike”, you will still pay your King County Road taxes and in return… well click the link and read up.

            Regardless, I understand that change is scary. There are risks to annexation for both Burien and North Highline. At the same time, I believe that the risks of not annexing or Seattle annexing are higher to North Highline and especially to Burien.

            Joey Martinez

          • Ruthie says:

            Area Y Mike

            it is too bad, but not TOO late, that you have not attended any NHUAC meetings to
            hear the King County presentations about Roads, Parks, Safety – the list goes on.
            There were numerous opportunities to bring your questions to the many speakers
            featured over the past year alone.
            You can find lots of video footage of those meetings on White Center Now, IF you
            choose to research.

    • William Forest says:

      Go ahead and write another letter and I will be happy to critique it like I did the last one. Make sure this time you mention your sources rather than “I talked to people in the know”

      • William Forest says:

        In case it wasn’t obvious Joey I was referring to you. How about explaining how CARES provides services that are vastly superior to King Counties at a much lower cost like Mr Martin claimed at the Glen Acres informational session.

        Kind of the same fuzzy math and misinformation that he uses when he calls the Berk report a business plan for the take over of the unincorporated area of King County.

        If Martin has bamboozled the residents of area Y in believing giving up their unincorporated status and handing their fates over to Mike Martin they are going to be suffering a massive case of buyers remorse when they find out how much better off they were with King County.

    • john poitras says:

      Joey you claim that PLANS are in place to let North Highline roads turn into gravel.
      I think that is total fear mongering and propaganda by you Joey.

      I dare you to quote a source for these so called PLANS to let North Highline roads turn into gravel. Also please don’t just say you talked to city officials.. I would like names departments and or links that confirm this. Why am I skeptical you won’t even respond to this request to pony up? Maybe its because its not true except in the misinformation booth that mike martin conjures up and his surrogates like you disseminate?

        • Joey Martinez says:

          Mr Poitras in case you didn’t get a chance to read this – and please check the map too. Most of the roads in North Highline are level 5.

          Tier 5
          Service: Will receive virtually no storm and snow response. Maintenance will be limited and based on factors such as life safety and risk, resulting in a growing number of deteriorating roads. Users can expect to see some closures, which may result in longer detours and difficulty accessing property. These roads may also be downgraded to a gravel surface, restricted to one lane, and have load limits and lower speed limits

          Joey Martinez

  7. mike says:


    I read the link you posted. I understand what KC is or will do.

    All we will get from Burien as far as better roads is higher taxes and mismanagement. They were sued by the Phase 1 contractors and lost to a tune of $2.75 Mil. Not to mention almost a year behind schedule.( How many businesses were hit hard or went under because of this?) Burien had to borrow $1.75M to cover the lawsuit. Now I hear city light is putting a surcharge on customers bills for the 1st ave project. Wow it just keeps getting better doesn’t it Joey.

    Go ahead and raise your taxes over there for more police. We already share police resources and the fire dept. No change just higher taxes for you.

    I pretty much hit on all your points.

    So what is your point? Higher taxes? Mismanagement? No thank you.

    You should take a hard look at what you wrote and my responses. You sold your soul to the devil when you decided to back annexation. You should switch back Joey. Its pretty apparent whats going on over there. Annexation hasn’t work out for north burien as far as I can tell

  8. Joey Martinez says:

    Mike you certainly did make me think.

    On the $1.75 millon – I’m pretty sure they’re paying for that through Councilmatic bonds. No tax increases for those as they’re paid from general revenue. Remind me what was that lawsuit about? 😉 How would you separate which businesses went out because of the economic recession verus this project?

    Futhermore on City Light bills – that was in the plan this whole time. People are only now noticing because it’s hitting the bills. It could have been labeled misc gov’t charges but the city made sure the charge would be visible to all so they knew what they were paying for. I don’t know if the surcharge would apply to North Highline or not (is it in the numbers the city is giving?) Good question for the open houses.

    On the KCSO/ Burien Police – currently the arraingment is mutually beneficial. In the event of “Cops and Kids” passing and annexation not passing that arraingment would no longer be beneficial, especially when coupling that with the expected lower level of service from KCSO for North Highline. You see how some of us Burien-ites act now… do you think they wouldn’t lobby the city to end that arraingement?

    On Fire – You have a good chunk of your taxes paid to North Highline paying for LEOFF 1 retirement. That’s negatively impacting NH fire in a few ways. If absorbed by Burien/Normandy Park fire then that would be spread out over all tax payers (Burien and Normandy Park). That is one of the negatives of the deal to Burien but offset because we wouldn’t need to build a new fire house in North Burien (if Seattle annexes.)

    And lastly – I am proud to stand for annexation. After looking at all the data I firmly believe that it’s in the best interest of Burien and North Highline.

    Joey Martinez

    • Mike says:


      Thank you for the responses.

      Delays by the city caused the $2.75m overrun. No matter where or how they pay, the cost is paid for by citizens due to mismanagement. As far as the businesses that went under or were dramatically impacted, being impacted for an additional year did not help. Good reason to Annex? NO

      City light bills: I will check mine to see if I’m being charged.

      KCSO: I’m saying I don’t want to pay higher taxes. Who does in this economy. Seems to me like most proposed tax increases lately have been voted down by a resounding NO. Although burien will present it under the guise of the “kids”. Good reason to annex? NO

      Fire: You said it will negatively impact Burien. It’s another bad idea in a long list of reasons not to annex. As far as the Pension issue, I don’t mind paying for their pensions, they earned it. Unfortunately many cities and governments fail to pay pension contributions and then use it to tell everyone that they are so far behind and it is causing the budget issues so they can raise taxes. Pay as you go as you agreed to. More mismanagement. I believe Seattle didn’t see a benefit to annexing area y. Something about it not being fiscally viable? So I think the NH fire station along with the other station that serves us now are fine. Good reason to annex? NO

      So Joey, any change in your position? I believe I presented good reasons not to annex. Come on man! Get on the right side of this. You’ll feel better.

      Area Y Mike

    • Erik Robbins says:

      Joey – on the KCSO/BPD

      The April 6 edition of the Highline Times carried an article on “Kids and Cops” stating that City Manager Mike Martin plans to ask Burien residents to fund a tax increase of $1.8- $2.3 million for additional 8-10 police officers and another $500,000 for discretionary public safety funding, in hope of “changing the public’s perception of high crime rates in Burien.”
      Are you coupling Kids and Cops with annexation? It was my understanding that Kids and Cops was to change the perception of crime within the current boundaries of Burien and for the current citizens of Burien.
      I am 100% behind keeping the KCSO in Burien. There are numerous benefits to having their services.

    • William Forest says:

      Joey why don’t you run by us again exactly what you mean by those Councilmatic bonds you refer to.. Lol…

      Yes we know you are proud to stand for annexation Joey as it got you a seat on the planning commission. Political favors are handed out to those you don’t buck the Martin party line regardless if they don’t add up when you view it impartially and definitely not when you crunch the ALL the numbers not just the ones you select to crunch.

  9. Erik Robbins says:

    “How would you separate which businesses went out because of the economic recession verus this project?”
    Joey – The businesses that were affected during the LENGTHY project of Phase-1 went out of business well before the “economic recession”.
    Are you seriously making light of the lawsuit that ensued over the mismanagement of this project?
    Also please explain “councilmatic bonds” Ive never heard this before.

    • Elizabeth2 says:

      I believe, not sure, that the more common name is G.O. bonds, for general obligation. The overlay project, the payments to Coluccio to settle the lawsuit and such are bonds.

      The council decides to raise funds this way and the voters have no say.

  10. Joey Martinez says:

    John Poitras and William Forest: Once again you prove you only read what you want and ignore the rest. (LOL?)

    I will AGAIN provide the same information on the same article. This time please read. (LOL)

    There are several types of bonds: A tax increase supported bond is something we tax payers vote on. This would be similar to you or I taking a second job and dedicating that money to a second mortgage.

    A Council-matic bond is a bond taken out by the council that doesn’t require new taxes or a tax payer vote. Council policy sets aside money to pay this bond generally found under the name “debt service” or similar.

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