LETTER: Visitor to Burien CARES Animal Shelter was ‘Pretty Much Appalled’

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following Letter is taken from page 9 of this week’s Burien City Council packet, which is part of the public record:]

I recently visited with the Burien CARES Animal Shelter at 909 SW 151st Street and was pretty much appalled. On May 19, 2012 around 1200 hrs, myself and another family member went to check out the newest animal shelter in the area since we would be dealing with them in the near future once the North Annexation goes through or sooner since I live only 2 blocks from the current city limits. Although the sign on the door read “out catching animals, be back shortly” the door was unlocked so we entered to find 2 staff members sitting at the reception desk.

What was most upsetting were the conditions. There were feces on the floor about 10 feet from where we were standing. The smell of urine was pretty strong. When asked what animals they had for adoption in house, they showed me a cat confined to a small crate, stashed away in a corner next to two other cats in crates on hold. I thought that those animals should probably be separated if they were quarantined to ensure they didn’t have disease. This area is under construction and filled with debris. Although no one was working on the area at the time, I didn’t know where they would move them to if they were. The construction area appeared to be cases built to display animals. But I don’t think it would be safe for ANY animal to go into one of those cases. They consisted of PVC piping, plexi-glass, press board, and what I guess was plastic netting. I only wish I would have taken a photo to submit with this complain, it was disturbing and I couldn’t tell how that would safely confine an animal, nor be able to be properly cleaned since it was absorbent press board in the base of the case.

When asked to see if they had any dogs, the staff pulled out a poster board with some dog photos on them for adoption. None were currently being housed at that location. There were, however, 3 dogs on site confined to another area made of half-walls of drywall about 3-1/2 feet high and generic doors used in homes cut in half. Again I was concerned how they could possibly maintain a clean environment for their animals since drywall is also absorbent and the doors were a simple door knob. Had they an aggressive animal in there, they could not safely house them in anything other than a confined crate.

I cut my visit short and left. Contemplating the fate of my own animals were they ever to end up on an unfortunate visit there, I felt I had no choice but to notify the Burien City Council of my findings. I do hope this is temporary, but the unfinished display cases and dog runs appear to be a permanent solution that I could not understand. I have year of experience caring for large amounts of animals at licensed facilities and I have never seen one in such poor shape. I hope that you can take this complaint seriously and re-evaluate your program before forcing people to use it.

Thank you,
Jennifer C. Clayton
White Center, WA

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61 Responses to “LETTER: Visitor to Burien CARES Animal Shelter was ‘Pretty Much Appalled’”
  1. wheels says:

    This was supposed to be done in January, and it’s not finished in June. The City would not allow a private business to be run like this, I hope.

    But just remember, this is not the fault of Debra George. It is your fault because you didn’t volunteer to build the new shelter for them.

    Or maybe it’s your fault because you elected council members that chose not to fire Mike Martin.

    • rhyes1678 says:

      I agree with “wheels”.
      It is so easy to sit behind a computer and complain and point blame but it takes a real person to step up and try to do something about it. At least Debra George and her volunteers are trying to make a differents and if everyone that has posted a negative comments on this blog would take a few hours out their blogging time to go over and volunteer maybe the shelter would get completed. Before passing judgement on the place maybe you should volunteer so you can see what is really happening behind the scene.

      • john poitras says:


        It is the CITY OF BURIENS job to provide adequate animal control.. NOT a small number of volunteers that are so unqualified and understaffed they cannot do the job.
        CARES cannot support Buriens animal control needs now what will happen when Area Y is annexed? Maybe you could ask your cousins to see if their friends and in-laws would be willing to volunteer?
        That is not to say I don’t applaud anyone’s efforts to help, its just that all this would already be taken care of at a professional level if King County was still contracted to do it and we would not be getting report after report from residents about the state of affairs at CARES. This whole issue I blame on Mike Martin’s inadequate oversight of a service that he could obviously give a hill of beans about. NOT a real priority for him.. If area Y residents want a taste of what its like to live in Burien under Mike Martins incompetency this is a perfect example.

      • wheels says:

        Um, I don’t agree with Wheels. The comment about everyone except Debra George being to blame for this mess was obviously meant facetiously. I made the comment in anticipation of the George supporters coming to her rescue, but it seems all of the George supporters have evaporated.

    • TryAgain says:

      The conditions of the so-called shelter are deplorable! How on earth did Debra get this by the Health Department – see below for what their website – http://www.kingcounty.gov/healthservices/health/ehs/petbusinesses.aspx – says about permits. We should all call the KC health department and file a complaint. Maybe one bureaucracy (KC health department) can bully another bureaucracy (City of Burien) to require some action! To file a complaint regarding a pet shop, pet daycare, commercial kennel, pet grooming service, animal shelter, satellite pet adoption facility or pet food retail establishment call 206-205-4394

      “In King County, Public Health – Seattle & King County (Public Health) permits and inspects animal shelters, commercial kennels, pet daycares, pet food retail businesses, pet grooming services, pet shops, satellite pet adoption facilities and poultry retailers. Below are descriptions of each type of business requiring a permit. See the link above for the complete Board of Health regulations, definitions, and schedule of permit fees.

      Animal Shelter is any facility used to house or contain and offer or distribute for adoption as pets any stray, homeless, abandoned or unwanted animals other than livestock that is owned, operated or maintained by a public body, an established humane society, animal welfare society, society for the prevention of cruelty to animals or other nonprofit organizations, or by a person or persons devoted to the welfare, protection and humane treatment of animals. Animal shelters include satellite pet adoption facilities but do not include pet adoption services performed at an animal shelter or satellite pet adoptions facility not more than a total of 21 days per year.

      Public Health inspectors will conduct inspections of new facilities before they open for business. Existing permitted facilities will be inspected annually by a Public Health inspector. Inspections may be unannounced but are always conducted during business hours.

      To file a complaint regarding a pet shop, pet daycare, commercial kennel, pet grooming service, animal shelter, satellite pet adoption facility or pet food retail establishment call 206-205-4394.”

  2. TcB says:

    It reminds me of those signs you’d see around back in the day.
    Pick any two: Fast, Cheap, Good.
    No one wants to pay. Everyone wants nice things.
    This will be the way until the end.

  3. Vicki Hurley says:

    A few weeks ago, I took my dog to the groomer where I heard an amazing (but true) story. A lady brought her new puppy to be groomed. She had just adopted the sweet little creature from Burien CARES. She was so happy with her cute little puppy girl. So what’s wrong with that? The puppy was a boy. The lady was dumbstruck. CARES told her the puppy was girl. The groomer patiently explained and showed the lady why he was certain the little dog was a boy. Now I ask you, if CARES cannot correctly determine the gender of a dog, what would cause us to believe that they could detect behavior problems, contagious disease, or determine whether the dog was a stray or a lost pet?
    To Wheels: Please remember that the reason we have a local restaurant owner attempting to run an animal control and sheltering agency was so the city could save money. If the city builds a safe, efficient shelter, it will cost far more money than simply contracting with the Regional Animal Services of King County which has long operated an excellent shelter that rescues, cares for, and re-homes thousands of animals each year. Now, before anybody starts in with the hogwash we keep reading about RASKC demanding several hundred thousand dollars for one animal control officer for one day a week — I don’t know who concocted such a story, but it is truly nonsense. Twenty seven local communities have contracted with RASKC. If RASKC really DID offer such a worthless plan, would all those communities have bought into it? Obviously not. RASKC offered Burien a very good, around the clock animal control and sheltering deal with several variables so that Burien could tailor the plan to fit our needs. The price was not a firm price because it depends on the variables just mentioned and the money brought in from pet licenses will lower the cost. Furthermore, RASKC officers know the difference between a male and a female animal AND RASKC runs a clean, safe shelter. You get what you pay for.

    • Dan Davis says:

      Vicki, I don’t know who told you the story about the proposal from King County was not true but many of us sat in the council meeting when they discussed the new proposal and unfortunately those figures are correct. Ralph Nichols did a story on the blog about the new proposal so I am sorry if you choose not to believe the truth but that is the truth. I believe in use taxes (those who have dogs should pay for the service) so I guess if we charge $500.00 a year and sell 600 of them that will pay for the service and then we can afford King County. I would be willing to pay that amount for first class care for my dog but most people won’t or can’t. The moment the council raises taxes to go with King County they are going to get fried by the citizens so it’s realy a no win situation for the council
      Please investigate and find out the facts and then come up with a solution to the problem. The problem with most people on the blog is they love to complain but will not work at solving the problem.

      • john poitras says:

        Dan you are living in the past. What you say is patently incorrect and very dated information.
        I did my own research and the current contract by King County offers 7 day a week coverage plus all the other PROFESSIONAL services a real animal control organization provides. They have 7 animal control officers an animal cruelty investigator and tone of the lowest euthanasia rates in the country. OBVIOUSLY you did not attend the NHUAC meeting where all this was explained by King County animal control. Oh and btw I did my OWN research on the cost and it works out to about the same amount of money we are paying for CARES.. So we won’t need a Dogs Cats Kids and Cops initiative to raise taxes to pay for it. I suggest you do your own research before parroting the same misinformation about the cost of King County animal control and the services they provide like I did.
        If you really are interested show up at a NHUAC meeting or email the NHUAC and I am sure they would be happy to provide the contact information

        • Dan Davis says:

          Actually, John I attend most of the NHUAC meetings and was there when the proposal was first brought to NHUAC . Please explain how you have it right and Ralph Nichols has it wrong when he did he story on the blog. Perhaps you should contact a city council person and ask them for a copy of the proposal. I have the proposal and I am sorry but you are wrong.

          • john poitras says:

            Dan apparently you were NOT there when King County presented last month and btw King County already covers the unincorporated area.. So I have no idea what you are talking about the “proposal” as you say was not a factor as far as the incorporated area is concerned as they are run by King County. Mike Martin walked out of the meeting before King County even had a chance to make their presentation. He also did not respond to King County when they sent out a request for interest on the part of the city. Obviously you don’t know how city gov’t in Burien works as the City Council does not get any such proposals they all go thru Mike Martin and he rarely involves the city council in what he considers city business which he is in charge of. You say you have the proposal? I doubt that very much but if you do what is the date on it, where did you get it from, whom was it sent to, what is the cost of the proposal, when would the contract start and what is the duration of the contract? Ralph Nichols looked at some figures in April 2011 and I would need to contact him to find out who provided them Mike Martin or King County Executive to determine their veracity.
            Regardless it has no relevance to the current proposed consortium contract that begins this July.
            If you are really interested in finding out the truth of the matter I suggest like me that you contact King County Executive and find out what the reality is instead of repeating things heard second hand that contradict what I have been told first hand by King County Executive.

      • mike says:

        Dan Davis,

        The council and Martin are getting fried by the citizens NOW for passing CARES off as viable animal control, for poor construction management and proposing to raise taxes for kids and cops just to name a few.

        Come on Burien manager and council, get your sh/# together before trying to hornswoggle us. Don’t need ya. Don’t want ya.

        Area frY Mike

  4. john poitras says:

    This is a perfect example of the LACK of CITY OVERSIGHT we have in Burien
    Mike Martin has totally failed to do this with CARES and is trying to pass it off through surrogates and city propaganda that CARES (not) is equivalent to the totally superior service that King County provides the incorporated area.
    However since Mr Martin rules Burien with almost zero accountability to our ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES is it any surprise he is getting away with another fiasco?

  5. john poitras says:

    Btw Jennifer this is an excellent letter and very good journalism

    Please forward this the the high line times for publication so it can be read more widely.

    [email protected]

  6. Ghost of Maplewild says:

    CARES/Mike Martin Deserve a Schramie. Anyone else want to contact KOMO/Ken Schram with me and explain the fiasco? I sure am.

  7. Eaton B. Verz says:

    Where is Joey Martinez when we need him??? What is the soulution to this Joey?

  8. Ed Dacy says:

    I have been intending to stop by and see the facility, but had not found the time. I hope the blog contacts CARES and asks for a comment on this letter.

    This also seems like a situration where the City needs to inspect the site.

    • Ghost of Maewild says:

      Who with the city would be qualified?

      • Burien Girl says:

        I know someone who lives in the area, has sat on the board of another animal rescue facility, has hands on animal care experience and has a non profit management certificate from the University of Washington.

      • Ed Dacy says:

        If the letter is accurate anyone with eyes is qualified

        • Jen C says:

          That’s about all you need…. one good eye and you can see for yourself how bad it is. Take the 2 minutes to pop in. There’s no way they’re cleaning up that mess any time soon.

          • Ghost of Maplewild says:

            I drove by CARES. There seemes to be a “flurry” of construction activity inside all of the sudden. I wonder why….

    • We have reached out to CARES and will post their comments about this letter soon. Thanks, Scott

      • It appears that CARES is choosing not to respond to this Letter/post.

        We gave them a deadline of 5 p.m. 6/4/12 – it’s now 5:18 p.m. and no reply.

        We’re still hoping they respond to the allegations in the Letter, and encourage them to try and be more open and transparent with all Burien residents.


  9. Mike says:

    It has been one bad thing after the other with CARES. One bad thing after the next with Burien in general. I don’t know how anyone could think annexing area y into burien will improve anything for area y. From mismanaging construction projects and passing the overruns onto the residents, to Proposing to raise taxes in the worst economy since the great depression for “kids and cops”, to saying that CARES is as good or better than KC animal control, to using the Berk report as a business plan, ignoring the fact it is not a business plan but continuing to move forward with annexation regardless, and where is the CIP plan? Don’t have one? Well isn’t that just great. What happens to area y if the tax credit is discontinued? Financial disaster. Annexation looks worse with each passing day.

    Area Y Mike

  10. Heartsick says:

    Thank you so much for writing this sad but so true letter regarding our very desperate and deplorable animal control facility and how little is being done to improve the situation. I live in fear that I will find an animal that needs help and have absolutely no safe environment to take it, much less hope for it’s future…..Please, let us rise up and force the City of Burien to make this situation right. Asking, pleading, praying, has all been for naught, and Mike Martin seems to be worst answer for us and the animals. Animal Control cannot and should not be a “volunteer” program. We need, and animals deserve, trained, staff, with a definite safe and caring program for the lost, stray, injured, or dangerous animals in our City. Cut the losses with Burien’s attempts at going on their own and get back with King County’s Program until a real plan is in place.

  11. Joe Wills says:

    I too went to the CARES shelter to check it out, it is a complete disaster!! It smelled like pee and was very hot inside the place. I could hear some fans running somewhere, but they sure were not running in the front area I saw. I asked the young gal behind the counter what all the pvc stuff was? She told me it was for the animals to be displayed in. This place was supposed to be state of the art, animal shelter. What a joke, plywood and PVC pipes. That cannot be sanitary? I pray my dogs NEVER get out and wind up there.
    Our city pays Debra George 10K a month for this? Another joke shoved down the throats of the Burien public by Make Martin. What’s it going to take for someone stand up and fire him! Debra George has NO business in animal control. We the city should ask for King County Animal Control to come back!!

    • Jen C says:

      Somehow I think the money probably goes to her own facility next door…. But what do I know. I’m just glad someone else took the time to see what I saw. Words really can’t describe those future animal display cases….I think I would cry if I saw an animal in there.

  12. Bryan says:

    I got my renewal notice in the mail for my pet licenses this weekend. I really feel like not renewing them.

  13. john poitras says:

    Breaking news I just spoke with the manager of Regional Animal Control for King County who I have been waiting for a call back from and he informed me that as of this moment King County executive and Burien City Officials are consulting on what the cost of a new contract with King County would be. It is a little complicated as additional coverage as noted in previous posts is being provided by King County than what had been offered before and costs are linked to usage so at this time I can report NO firm cost has been established for a new contract with King County Animal control since it is linked with the consortium of other cities which will all be under the same umbrella.

    • Vicki Hurley says:

      Thank you for the update, John. That’s exciting news. I hope that many, many people who are reading this comment thread and have strong feelings about this issue will immediately e-mail each member of the Burien city council and encourage them to act on these negotiations. A torrent of e-mail WILL make a difference.

    • Chris says:

      I generally disagree with most of what you say, but John–I’m excited about what you’re posting. I HOPE that the City of Burien comes to their senses and abandons this train wreck of a animal control system (and I use the word “system” very loosely).

      All of you who are angered by this ill-equipped and ill-conceived CARES program should really spend the time and READ the entire contract for services that was executed by Burien and CARES. Once you read that, you’ll then realize all the other things that are not happening with the CARES arrangement. The reporting is the main thing that really gets me, whereas CARES have provided minimal (if any real) reporting on its operations.

      This contract for services is clearly not working and the provisions in the contract are not being followed. City of Burien: Please put CARES on notice and inform them that you will be cancelling the contract due to failing to meet the terms.

  14. Lindsay says:

    Yes yes! Let’s go back to having King County take care of animal control. Obviously Burien doesn’t know what it’s doing.

  15. Joe Wills says:

    All those in favor of having KCAC back and get some REAL Animal Control in our city, not Debra George and her make believe Org, email each and ever city council member NOW! I promise I will, lets give the boot to ” No One CARES” once and for all !! our animals deserve better…

  16. Mel B says:

    I too am upset about the state of our Animal Control system in Burien.

    The few times that I had to deal with CARES were not positive at all, and based on what I have read over the past few months, that seems to be the norm.

    In late October, a neighbor who knew that I had fostered for the King County Animal Shelter, sent her son over with a 4-week old (15 oz) kitten who was sickly and flea infested. I first took her to the King County Animal Shelter, where they put flea medicine on her and gave me a small tin of powdered kitten formula, and then informed me that they could not take the kitten in because she was from Burien. I then took her to CARES, it was open. When I took her in, the people at the front desk informed me that they could take the kitten in, but did not know if they would be able to take the kitten to the vet clinic that weekend, and that if I was worried about her, that I should take her myself.

    I took her to the vet, and then just took her back home with me, with the intention of fostering her like I had done with well over thirty (30) kittens before her. After I ran out of the kitten formula given to me by the King County Animal Shelter, I went to the CARES Facility to get more (It is standard operating procedure at KCAS to provide food and litter for foster cats/kittens). When I got there, there was one young person there behind the counter talking on her cell phone, after about 5 minutes she hung up and asked me what I needed. When I asked if they provided the formula needed for such a small kitten, she replied that “Yeah, most of the fosters take care of that themselves and that they did not have food on-site.”

    I spent almost $100 in one month on special food for the kitten, which would have been provided by KCAS at no charge. I was quite curious, how a “shelter” could not be stocked with food for the animals.

    Finally, I felt I needed to check in on the status of CARES, which is why I attended yesterday’s council meeting. After my statement, the mayor stated that a state of the program letter is supposed to be presented at the June 18th meeting. I for one will be there, and hope that anyone showing concern on this website can be there as well.

    I also plan on e-mailing each of the council members before the meeting. I know I am late in the game, but something needs to be done. Burien residents should not be afraid to take stray animals to the shelter.

  17. Teri Ensley says:

    If Burien made a concerted effort to sell pet licenses to even 50% of the pet owners, they would have plenty of money to contract with Regional Animal Services of King County. If the citizens of Burien want to fully fund animal services, they will gladly purchase the license.

    Pet licenses could sold at the Farmers’ Market; local businesses; Veterinarian Offices; city parks; festivals and more. There are many creative ways to increase the number of pet licenses sold, including utilizing volunteers to staff tables at various city events.

    Here are the estimated figures:

    Based on Burien’s human population(footnote 1), the estimated number of owned cats and dogs is 21,664 (footnote 2).

    For simplicity, assume all owned cats and dogs are altered, therefore the license fee is $30.00.
    • 21,664 x $30.00 = $649,920

    If Burien made a concerted effort to sell pet licenses to even 50% of the pet owners, they would have plenty of money to provide top notch animal services. The selling of pet licenses could sold at the Farmers’ Market, local businesses, Veterinarian Offices, at parks, festivals and more. Volunteers could staff the outreach events. There are many creative ways to increase the number of pet licenses sold.


    Burien 2011 Population Demographics
    2011 Estimate 46,579

    o Estimated Owned Cats and Dogs (Petsmart Charities formula)
    Pet cats: divide human pop by 3.3.
    46,579 / 3.3 = 14,114 owned cats

    o Pet dogs : http://www.guerrillaeconomics.biz/bestfriends/ReportViewer.aspx
    Estimated Number of Dogs 7,550

    o Total Cats and Dogs
    Estimated dogs: 7,550
    Estimated owned cats: 14,114
    Total Owned Pets: 21,664

    An additional long term benefit to Burien: RAS of KC has a Feral/Barn Cat Program.

    o Depending on the region, unaltered, free roaming cats provide 65% – 85% of the kittens that are brought into shelters each year.
    o 95% of free roaming cats are unaltered and able to produce kittens.
    o Trap-Neuter-Return is a preventive program.
    o Implementing Trap-Neuter-Return programs will reduce the number of kittens entering the shelter. This in turn will reduce Burien’s cost of providing care for stray/unwanted cats.

    Estimated free roaming cats in Burien (Petsmart Charities formula)
    Free roaming cats, divide human pop by 6
    46,579 / 6 = 7,763 free roaming cats live in Burien.

    • Teri Ensley says:

      OOPs! I apologize for some of the duplicate paragraphs/thoughts. I was cut ‘n’ pasting and mucked it up.

    • William Forest says:

      Hey Teri thanks for the input. Its more of a solution than I have heard from either Martin or Council since this whole controversy started. Have you considered running for council? We need to find more people that exercise cogent thought like you to represent us.

      • Teri Ensley says:

        Thank you for the compliment William.

        My philosophy is that if [ I ] complain about something/disagree with a program, then I should be able to present at least one viable, credible solution. ^..^

  18. Feralcat says:

    ALSO let me point out they do NOT take any friendly cats or kittens. Guess who they refer them too FCAT AND FAF. We are full and we aren’t getting $10,000.00 per month for doing NOTHING.

    I have said from day one this whole situation was just WRONG, if not cruel to the animals. I have gotten countless calls about the conditions of the “shelter” I tell everyone to go to the council meetings, well I never saw any one show up.

    No one on the ‘cares’ board has any true rescue knowledge. Hell I am more qualified.

    EVEN BETTER THEY ARE NOT A NON PROFIT. I just did a search and had my tax person do one too. They are NOT REGISTERED with the IRS.
    All LEGIT NON profits put their number on their webiste. They do not have one. For all that have donated, you can not write it off.

    They have LIED. Unless they can prove otherwise I will stand by my statements. If or when they do posted their number then I will resend the statement

    Also as for volunteering to help build the shelter are you kidding me. I am already doing their job on top of the other areas that I do rescue on top of a full time job. So one can assume that the rest of public who can not help are working too, much less qualified to do so,(no disrespect).

    I told you ALL SO. This is catastrophe and neglect to the animals period.

    Even sadder we can not renew the contract till 2013. Another whole year of this crap.

    Good luck trying to convincing the council otherwise. They only ones who support going back to King county animal control are Lucy and Bob.


    ps this is from my tax person, WHO has to know about this stuff. Cares of Washington helps people with disabilities and is located in Shoreline. Downtown Seattle Cares does the same.

    I have a feeling that the folks on the Burien city council didn’t vett Debra George’s business. It’s not even under WA businesses on the Dept of Revenue web site, unless she operates under a different name. Could the council be that clueless?? If she’s non-profit, who is on the board of directors for her organization? That should all be public information. If she’s pulling in at least $120K a year, the organization would have a Form 990, which has to be available to the public.

    IRS doesn’t let organizations put the periods in the name of the organization’s name in their records, and I don’t see anything under that name other than the other CARES

    The truth is out.

    • Cuppa Joe says:

      Very disturbing. Admittedly, I’m hypersensitive to fundraising issues. I believe in transparency and telling people the truth. For instance, if you’re a registered charity, great, say so, but don’t also throw around the term “non-profit” because while you might truly be an entity that doesn’t operate for a profit, the majority of the public takes “non-profit organization” to mean 501(c)3 tax-exempt, which requires a much different commitment and is entirely different. To me, it’s shady and dishonest (or at best, uninformed).

      THIS is astounding. C.A.R.E.S. says “CARES is a non-profit 501 c(3) Corporation” at least twice on their own website and I’m not finding their records either. If they truly are not being truthful, it should be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, tantamount to fraud. I will also recant if the 501(c)3 status is confirmed and a tax I.D. number provided. However, this issue, along with the poor standards of practice, lack of contract fulfillment, and seemingly questionable relationship with the city of Burien, needs to be looked at very closely.

  19. Feralcat says:

    correction it IS registered under Washington state charity. BUT NOT THE IRS

  20. Joe Wills says:

    I agree with Try again!! We should start calling the Health department on CARES.

    The conditions of the so-called shelter are deplorable! How on earth did Debra get this by the Health Department – see below for what their website – http://www.kingcounty.gov/healthservices/health/ehs/petbusinesses.aspx – says about permits. We should all call the KC health department and file a complaint. Maybe one bureaucracy (KC health department) can bully another bureaucracy (City of Burien) to require some action! To file a complaint regarding a pet shop, pet daycare, commercial kennel, pet grooming service, animal shelter, satellite pet adoption facility or pet food retail establishment call 206-205-4394

  21. Feralcat says:

    I will be calling the Federal Tax people to tell them what “cares” has been claiming. It is FRAUD.

    Agreed with the health department route too.

    Everybody step up and lets see if we can do something sooner than later for the health and well being of the animals.


    • huh? says:

      It is possible that CARES has applied for 501 (c) 3. The site will not be updated until their application is either accepted or denied.

      Feralcat: In previous postings you stated that you fly under the radar so Public Health has not inspected and licensed your facility and the only way Public Health would know about you is if someone reported you/complained. It’s possible CARES may call Public Health and mention your facility…this is the type of snowballing effect that happens when people go public and are arguing.

      • Feralcat says:


        It has been 2 years, since “cares” became the rescue/educational what ever it is they claim to do. It does not take that long to become a non profit., and if as the link above shows, there is no paperwork filed either.
        So unless they were denied and did not let the public know, then again that is fraud.

        My tax lady said they can not accept donations and tell people that they can write it off on their taxes. Some people may have assumed they could do this since is says on their website they are a 501 (c) 3. Also they still have to have board of directors

        If it has been denied then they CAN NOT call themselves a 501 3-C. that is what they are still doing.

        Listen quit worrying about my facility when it is very apparent the city of Burien is being hoodwinked by “cares” and money if being wasted. You are NOT paying for my facility.

        No one is arguing, facts were stated and some one saw first hand what the conditions were at the facility and wrote a letter of concern..

        • huh? says:


          FACT: There is a law place and it sounds like you aren’t following it. The law doesn’t care who is paying for your facility. Has your facility been inspected and licensed? If not, you are not following the law, yet you criticize another organization that ‘may be not following the law’. Why should you not have to follow the law–are you above it? That is my point.

          CARES, or a CARES supporter, could report you to Public Health just as easily as you could report them. And both parties would be correct in reporting each other. You could get in some trouble here too. Kind of like the pot calling the kettle black.

          • Feralcat says:

            go right on ahead i have nothing to hide. actually I have done SUCH of good job on TNR that I don’t have any kittens. as for the ferals. since I don’t have any money for going to get the feral cats, I am not even doing that. so call away HUH!!!!

            I am sure you know my address.


          • huh? says:

            Feralcat. I have no interest in reporting you or anyone else. I’m just making a point about the law.

  22. Feralcat says:

    oh also, i am talking about FRAUD they are calling themselves a 501 (c)3 that is my biggest issue they are lying about being a non profit.

  23. Cuppa Joe says:

    I’m not sure where the attempt to deflect is coming from, but can we get back on topic? Again, there are numerous problems, but bottom line is Burien residents are paying for a C.A.R.E.S. contract that is not being upheld by people who probably had no business getting it in the first place. If knowing that animals do, and will, suffer doesn’t concern you, then that should. Has anyone invited any of the broadcast news investigators to check out the B-Town Blog yet?

    • Ghost of Maplewild says:

      I have. The only way to get any news outlets attention is to mass E-Mail. We all need to do it.

  24. Feralcat says:

    So i have been reading the other letters written on “cares” and everyone’s concerns, from N Highline/white center being annexed, to the lack of ability that they can provide any care for any person or animal, much less adding on more area. URGH

    The common factor is MIKE MARTIN. Hmm and there is nothing we the people can do about it. He not elected in, he was hired. It is very apparent he really does NOT care about anything when it come so the welfare of the animals.

    The council won’t hear anything about it. Something really is NOT right here.

    I have no idea what can be done about it either, since we can not vote him out. I am not a very political person, so I don’t know what our rights are.

    Just some food for thought.

    Citizen of Burien

  25. Luckyboy says:

    We found a stray dog the other day in Burien. She had clearly been wondering around emaciated for a long time. After reading about all the problems with Burien Animal Control we looked into other options for her rescue and recovery. She is now safe and sound. Too bad we couldn’t call on our own community control center….

  26. Feralcat says:

    If ANYONE cares, “cares’ is doing a presentation at the council meeting JUNE 18. hope fully this time everyone will show and show some support.


  27. Vicki Hurley says:

    As Fcat said, the Burien city council meeting THIS Monday night is going to be very important. I hope everyone who has expressed concern on this thread will note that: on MONDAY, JUNE 18th at 7:00, the city council will meet in the BURIEN LIBRARY MEETING ROOM. One of the things they will be covering is the present non-animal control situation. EVERYONE who is upset about this sitution, please, please make time to be there! You do not need to speak or anything. Simply having the council chamber packed with people who want to once again have animal control in Burien will go a long way toward ending the “do-it-yourself” experiment.

  28. AnimalLover says:

    I’m confused by this. Tis true that they are under construction and perhaps a bit loosey goosey right now. However, I can say that these folks really care about the animals. And, they are learning! Monica and Ray have done a wonderful job! Why do think there were not any dogs on site? Because they are in foster care, where the the environment is such that they are not exposed to construction and health issues.

    I’ve been to Burien C.A.R.E.S. many times. I’ve never seen anything so terrible as described in this blog! What the heck? Everytime I come in, and trust me I don’t come announced, the cats have clean water, clean litter boxes, the kittens are in an area where they can run around (day time only), and the cages are cozy. I don’t know alot about the dogs, however they are kept in a separate area than the lobby. Most of them are in foster care. I’ve never seen an animal that was ill at this location, other than the need to eat specialized diets. I don’t think the CARES folks can take them in because they don’t currently have the facility to handle them. I suspect they have an agreement with the variety of Animal hospitals and Vets in the area.

    I’m sure who ever it is that started this is going to trash talk my entry here. Too bad. We had the chance of getting something good for the animals going here in Burien. Is this a ‘White Center’ approach to getting attention?

    Stop trying to cause problems for folks who are trying to put together Animal Control and a shelter on a low budget! If you’re so knowledgeable and such an animal lover then volunteer your expertise, construction skills and please foster if you can. All you’ve done with this immature approach is to put the Burien pets at risk of having no where way home if they get lost!

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