LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘So Where Have the Ambaum Trees Gone, Again?’

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Have you noticed that a number of the trees along Ambaum Blvd. have been taken down again?

For a city project that generated a great deal of citizen complaint and anxiety and in part resulted in the firing of the Director of Public Works/Larry Blanchard, the City Manger/Mike Martin and the new Director of Public Works/Maiya Andrews failed to notice what is happening on Ambaum. A number of the new trees that were supposed to replace the 96 trees that had been cut down in November, 2010 were vandalized and broken this last weekend. Additionally, several bus and traffic signs on Ambaum were also damaged and destroyed.  At the time the city intended to cut down the trees, a number of citizens commented this was not only the wrong thing to do, but even provided alternative solutions with new technology sidewalk replacement ideas.

When Mr, Martin was asked at this last Monday’s city Council meeting what happened to the trees on Ambaum, he and several of the council members claimed that they were unaware of anything happening on Ambaum. This speaks volumes to the lack of attention that council members and the city staff pay to what is actually happening in the city. It seems that they do not even drive through the city on a regular basis. Probably the three lots in Town Square and Area Y are consuming all of their attention but Ambaum is a main street in Burien. So when we hear that all is well in the city or that the city manager is simply reporting on what is going on in the community or reporting on what the community is really thinking, it raises some questions as to whether he or the council really knows what is going on in the community.

Ambaum from 148th north to the city boundary-by the way the city boundary line is marked incorrectly with the new White Center boundary sign and is riddled with gang graffiti. Also, city staff has made no active effort to see to the removal of that graffiti which is in violation of the city ordinance. Maybe they haven’t seen that either.

So what has happened to the trees that the residents were promised would replace the 96 trees that were cut down on Ambaum? Perhaps this is part of that special city police model where Burien doesn’t report and spend money and resources on non-necessary crime issues in the community. If a citizen or visitor to the city sees the broken trees and traffic signs then that is only their perception that crime exists in Burien because no one in the city has bothered to document or admit it happened.

The lack of attention to the missing Ambaum trees, the decline in services and the lack of attention to citizen concerns, suggests that all is not well in Burien. Perhaps the damage to these trees-senseless as it is-speaks volumes to citizens frustration with the city and its lack of attention and services for citizens?

P.S. The sign at Dottie Harper Park has been destroyed also. Has anyone on the city staff noticed?

– Debi Wagner

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33 Responses to “LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘So Where Have the Ambaum Trees Gone, Again?’”
  1. Chris says:

    Ok, so the trees were vandalized. You ask the City Manager and/or council what the deal is. They are unaware of the problem. Now I’m assuming that the city manager–motivated by the question about the trees–will fact-find and inquire about the problem with the public works director and ask her to look into it. That has probably happened by now, and a plan is in the works to replace them.

    So I’m trying to understand your point here. What I believe your suggesting, is that the city–specifically Mike Martin and the council–has fallen short of their duty because they didn’t didn’t see the damaged trees. So you’re blaming them because they perhaps haven’t driven north along Ambaum recently (or enough) and visualy inspect the corridor for themselves. Is this what you saying???

    So by not personally seeing (or noticing) the trees for themselves, this “…speaks volumes…” about their ability to manage and/or lead the city? What a wierd argument.

    First, how do you know that the public works department wasn’t aware of the problem? Maybe this problem is already known to the public works department (at a lower level than the director), however you don’t provide one shred of proof that the director is unaware. Maybe a citizen already reported the issue. Maybe a plan is already in place to resolve the situation.

    Sound to me that there are quite a few unknowns. But heck, why not air this out of the BTB and make unusual claims about the city managed and elected officials about them not PERSONALLY noticing the fallen trees for themselves. Becuase geez, they should be driving every city street daily to keep abreast of things like this! AND, why are they doing anything about all the bird poop at all the parks! They should be noticing these things! Dereliction of duty again folks!

    Give me a freakin’ break….

    Ok, we ALL get it. You hate the city manager and the council. They can do no right in your eyes. These red-herrings you throw out do nothing to give you any validity, they only reinforce what everyone already knows–that your arguments and points often amount to shallow, straw-man fallacies.

    • William Forest says:

      Chris do you know what a straw man is? Just curious.. Also how do you know that Debbie HATES the city manager and the Burien city council? Are we not allowed to criticize inaction or on the other hand foolish action on their part without being called haters? I fail to see how this is a red herring? There is a DEFINITE pattern of behavior on the part of the city manager and city council that is very disturbing to a great many of the residents of Burien. I applaud Debbie for putting her name out there and drawing attention to this problem .. If Martin and the Public Works director are aware of this problem AND are planning on taking action to do it.. GREAT fine and good but if they are not as in the case of CARES the only thing that seems to motivate Martin is if there is enough criticism in the community to get his attention. Debbie is using her freedom of speech to express that there is a problem out there that needs to be fixed. She notes there is an ongoing problem with this tree situation on Ambaum that has yet to be fixed.. I think it only prudent to bring this to everyone’s attention. Frankly I liked the trees on Ambaum that they cut down, it took away a lot of charm from that section of Ambaum and now even the inadequate fix that was put in place is in jeopardy.. So it just makes sense to bring it to the fore. I really don’t understand why you feel so strongly that the city staff is being criticized unfairly when its just another brick in the wall of complacence that we have become accustomed to when dealing with city hall.

      • Chris says:

        Hi there William,

        You know, you’re right. I don’t know whether or not Ms. Wagner ACTUALLY hates the city manager and/or council. Perahps hate is too strong of a word. Additionally, I fell in to the same trap that she (and you) fall into. That being phrases and statements made by the both of you that are seemingly thrown out as truisms. I could spend the time and list them all, but you know what you have said. And yeah, I know what a straw man is. As far as Red herrings go, quite a bit that is posted on the blog ends-up being exactly that. Throwing out one or multiple issues that have not much to do with what we’re actually talking about. All it does is muddy the waters.

        As far as the Ambaum trees go, they were cut down and replaced with trees that hopefully will NOT wreck the sidewalks 10, 20, 30 years down the road. Yes, it was pretty extreme when they were cut down, and I maintain that the city could’ve done a better job communicating the project with citizens, however the plan to cut and replant was reasonable. The cost overruns on the project were not. The PW was let go and life goes on. Regarding the damaged trees, they will likely be taken care of as soon as reasonably possible. Like I eluded to, let the city do their job (replacing the trees), and if nothing seems to be happening, well then I suppose it’s time to build some torches and break out the pitch forks.

        Of course citizens are entitled to speak their minds. That’s how things get doen and how the voices of the citizens are heard. But, there seems to be this constant nagging and bitching and complaining by a handful of these blogs. It really gets old.

        I do think that Debi jumps to many conclusions (errantly) on some issues (the Ambaum trees being one of them), and they do in fact end up being unsubstatiated.

        In the end it just seems like a bunch of complaining and no real solutions.

        • William Forest says:

          Thanks Chris for your thoughts and reasons.. I am happy to agree with you on some points and agree to disagree on others… I tend to take an eye for an eye approach if I see one of my friends being attacked unfairly which is not always the best approach. Civility breeds thoughtfulness and I found your response quite civil. Thank you

  2. Bob Price says:

    MS Wagner is back at her job of supervising the work to her time frame and standards.
    The above problem that she is stating does take a little time and planning to fix. But very few of the problems or their fixes suit her time frames. Most of the city council has done and is doing a great job with the city problems. Also most of the council including her pets seemed to have not been able to drive around and find the problems either, but she chooses to fault only council members on her list of baddies and not the council as a whole.. i am sure Mr Martin and the city employees that are responsible to repair or find answers to these will do so as soon as their time permits. After all most of the city people have some thing to do besides looking for stuff to bitch about. If MS Wagner would use some of her energy in helping in the repair and work involved to make the things right again it would help. The NHUAC has a program that takes care of the graffiti ASAP after it appears, but its the community that does it not the complainers. I don’t think GOD could please her with any of his time frames either so good luck in your future with the Burien city council. You make a great Sunday morning quarterback but then again most complainers do so you fit right in. Thanks.

    • William Forest says:

      Bob are you a shill for Mike Martin and the Burien city council?

      On the one hand you don’t even live in Burien and are a johnny come lately to this game because of annexation debate. I think Debi and I who are both long time Burien residents have a much better understanding of the state of affairs in our city than you do.

      Case in point you note that NHUAC has a program that takes care of graffiti.. Well Bob>>> Obviously BURIEN does not!
      It will be interesting to see how your attitude changes if you get annexed by Burien. Then the NHUAC won’t be there for you anymore and you will have to rely on Mike Martin and the dysfunctional city council here in Burien to do their jobs.

      You seem to make it your job to try and poach and interfere with the residents from our city who are just trying to get our elected officials to do their jobs and the city staff to do theirs. All you ever do is make excuses for OUR city council and OUR city staff. Are you on the city payroll or are you just an angry man that needs to take out your toxic grudges against any resident of Burien that opposes annexation? I think that is much closer to the truth.
      The only straw man in this debate is you Bob.. Your criticism is anything but constructive.. You are so out of touch with reality you probably think CARES is doing a great job because Mike Martin said it was… So chill axe dude and figure out how you are going to get that plank out of your eye and fix all those broken windows in that glass house you live in.

    • ws says:

      Did seem odd to me that none of them were aware of it.

  3. William Forest says:

    I frankly doubt that Martin or anyone on the council has noticed… The real question for me is do they really give a darn?

    Thanks for bringing this up Debbie… Its just another brick in the wall that Martin has built around the city council that apparently isolates many of them from even trying to look out because he forgot (or intentionally) didn’t provide any windows!

    I hope now you have brought this into the public view for comment, that the Public Works Director will do her job and get this taken care of.

  4. Ghost of Maplewild says:

    OK. So the clock is ticking (not like the Time Square clock on 1st ave :-)). Anyone want to take bets on how long this will take to be fixed?

  5. Bob Price says:

    Mr Forest:
    I may not live in the city of Burien but have done business and been interested in the area for over 30 years. Also I can think for myself and don’t need a batch of people to help me think like some people I could name. I think its great that MS Wagner does notice things and bring them up. However she also becomes Judge, Jury, and public GOD. It would be nice if she could point out problems without criticizing and constantly placing blame of the city people she happens to not like. There are 7 people on the council but she seems to only place blame for anything that happens ton the few that don’t think the way she dose. Also Mr Forest you don’t have to live in a city to care about how it is run and taken care of. Most anyone with any brains does care and has an interest in any city they live near. But you seem to think its your job to police any thinking about the city of Burien. Thanks.

    • William Forest says:

      Bob.. Now that you have calmed down a bit perhaps you can understand our viewpoint a little better.. Yes I do tend to police any unfair and off the wall criticism of my friends especially when they are making a valid point and go to the effort of putting themselves out there and writing a letter to the blog.
      I am quite capable of dissecting any caustic comments and turning them back on the offender if I think they are uncalled for and will do so if provoked. We all see through a glass darkly.. for some the glass is darker than for others… The big picture is Bob that you are fortunate in that you have a responsive group in the NHUAC that I think in many ways is quite a bit superior to what we have here in Burien. In fact if NHUAC was going to be co-council with the current Burien city council I would feel a lot better about annexation.. However that is not the way things work and when you are taken over by Burien, all that community responsiveness you got from NHUAC is going to be gone and you will be stuck with the same council we here in Burien are burdened with. Then and only then will you be able to see things from our prospective.

  6. Nathan says:

    I don’t see the appeal of saplings. Planting trees is important, and it’s nice that we can have this sort of thing happening in burien, but it does no good when the trees we plant now die off or get cut down.

    Trees planted along ambaum simply won’t last. That area is too paved over for rainwater to reach the roots of the trees as they grow bigger. They will eventually become stunted and die to disease.

    It also doesn’t help to plant trees underneath telephone lines, since they will inevitably be trimmed and even cut down to protect our utilities.

    Until we start addressing the needs of the trees they will be a luxury we cannot afford. We need more things like porous concrete in burien!


  7. Fred says:

    Thanks for bringing this to public attention. The city staff has a past history of ignoring the obvious in this city. See the blogs editorial by Jim Branson, http://b-townblog.com/2009/10/11/guest-editorial-city-of-burien-has-ordinance-on-graffiti-removal-yet-still-has-grafitti-on-its-own-sign/ and its own article on graffiti in the city, http://b-townblog.com/2009/10/12/if-you-want-something-done-in-burien-just-email-us-heres-proof/. Read the blog comments too. For those of us who have lived in the city for a while, we are well aware of how the city selectively ignores things that could and should be done or diverts it resources to other things. Right now we have at least 3 city staff members who have their work diverted to outreach on annexation of Area Y. Then there is the ongoing historical issue of selective ordinance enforcement in this city by city staff. Hopefully, the city will better care and protect the remaining trees on Ambaum and soon replace the missing ones. And yes. I do expect that the city staff keep track and inform the council of what is going on in the city.

    • elizabeth2 says:

      Fred – “Selective ordinance enforcement”? Is that like the meter man with the stick who can’t see well enough to mark a car that parks outside one restaurant all day, every day? Same car, same driver, same business? No tickets there….

      But watch out any legitimate shopperparked next to him or down the street who is supporting the economy who outstays shopping over the 2 hour limit!

      Is that the kind of selective enforcement we see in Burien? Hmmmmm…..

  8. Jennifer says:

    I drive Ambaum everday on my way to work in White Center and when I observe graffiti I call the business to remind them that they need to remove it imediatley, praticularly if it is gang graffiti. The business owners respond positivly and in my experince over the past few years it is removed in a timely fashon. However; guess what they get tagged again because it IS a main raodway from Burien to White Center. I really feel if you are so enragged about these issues do something about it…don’t just complain and write letters to the editor. I work in a high school and am a club advisor my students and I are always looking for ways to contribute to our community and if that means doing some neighborhood clean up then that is what we do.
    To be honest I feel Ms. Wagner that you are always looking for something to complain about.

    Ambaum from 148th north to the city boundary-by the way the city boundary line is marked incorrectly with the new White Center boundary sign and is riddled with gang graffiti. Also, city staff has made no active effort to see to the removal of that graffiti which is in violation of the city ordinance. Maybe they haven’t seen that either.

  9. Theresa says:

    I’m so glad Debi brought this up. As a lifelong Burien resident, (who resides just off Ambaum), I see the slow degradation of this neighborhood and it makes me sad. My view on this is very simplistic. Right now, I don’t care about trying to make Burien fancy, I care about trying make Burien better. I was born here, and have lived my entire life here. I know the good areas, and the not so good areas. I know the neighborhoods and what they used to be, and who used to live there. You can’t build a successful future unless you know the past. No one wants to admit it, but Burien is still seen as ‘the ghetto’ to most people who live outside of it. You can put up the fancy signs, spruce up some sidewalks, and build a shiny town square, (that no one wants to live or put up shop in), but that doesn’t change what’s really going on. You can’t put a fresh coat of expensive paint on a house that has layers of wear and unresolved issues underneath and expect it to look new. It’s a council member’s responsibility to know what’s going on in the community, (especially in the ‘bad’ parts). Walk the streets, talk to shop owners, work with the police. Focus the attention on the areas that need it. Don’t ignore it and hope it will go away. I have been looking at the same graffiti on the fence behind the old Burger Baron for two weeks. I would paint over it myself, but it neighbors an apartment building that has been turned into a halfway house where I hear mentally ill and drug addicted people yelling at all hours of the night. The police helicopter flies overhead, sometimes numerous times a week, and hovers over the Garden Pointe apartments and we never know why. It makes me wonder if anyone making these important decisions is even making their way anywhere north of 146th. Probably not…there are no Starbucks or trendy hangouts here.
    It seems the issue here isn’t really all about trees, but more about simple things that mean a lot to people. When little things like trees are ignored or disparaged, it makes them really pissed. It makes those who are responsible for making these decisions seem ignorant and uncaring, and this makes concerned citizens write their local blog in hopes of bringing these issues to others’ attention and getting them to think. Communication, what a novel concept 

    • TcB says:

      It’s funny but the thing about Burien being known as a “Ghetto” as you call it, has serious racial undertones to it. This problem comes about because.
      a)King County and Seattle have always concentrated poor and minority, and citizens that could be best described as “less than steady”
      fix: Annexation to control the future of the zoning and concentration of poor. This may be a generational time line.
      b)Locals who continue to educate their unknowing children that this area is in fact a “Ghetto”
      fix: Attract more out of towners who don’t know that this beautiful area is in fact a “Ghetto” and then get locals to STOP calling it a “Ghetto”
      c) other intangibles
      fix: Support our City Council with constructive criticism as opposed to outright hostility and sabotage.

      • William Forest says:


        Initially and for a long time I tried the constructive criticism approach and got nowhere.

        I have found that the city council rarely responds to any criticism constructive or otherwise. I hope that is reflected in the next election and maybe we can get some new blood.. Maybe term limits is the way to go?

        Were you aware that 40% of South King County have incomes below the poverty line? What would you suggest we do about that?

        • mike says:

          Your fix is to Annex N. highline to control the future of the zoning and concentration of poor. Wow.

          With 40% below poverty, (probably more in White Center) how are you going to get anyone to build around here? Are you planning to put all the poor in another neighborhood? They’ve built housing (high point, greenbridge, park lake II) where there used to be low income housing for what you described as the “less than steady”only to displace most of them. Where did they go Tcb? Maybe they moved to burien or maybe they should since its so great. How about the Heights at Burien?

          I don’t want anyone with your thinking trying to control us “over here in the hood”. Get your act together in burien before you try telling everyone else what they should do. From the looks of it your manager and city council could use some tips from the NHUAC on how to respond to the needs of the citizens. Hows that for “constructive criticism”?

          Area Y Mike

          • TcB says:

            You would be the one doing the controlling, since you would be a large part of the city with a big voice. And most of the people there know it.

    • Joey Martinez says:

      Theresa, thanks for sharing your story. I understand the issues you speak of as I was born in a simliar situation. I am a first generation american on my mom’s side and my dad’s is just as interesting (he likes to say he was made in Mexico and born in the USA -gross).

      Growing up in East L.A. I defintely got a different perspective that a lot of people. I can understand the mindset of growing up in a barrio. I can also say that I am one that has become financially successful coming from that life. I understand that I was lucky to have come so far because I had people who believed in me and gave me that break.

      What the disadvantaged areas of our city need is a shot in the arm and someone who believes in them and knows what they’re capable of. It begins with attracting more family wage jobs to the area.
      That happens when we open up 1st ave by moving the car dealers to the NERA.
      It also begins when we continue building out the freeways in and around Burien as well as many federal and state projects recently started.
      It begins when we help our children become more sucessful with projects/initiatives like “Cops and Kids”.
      And yes it also begins when we unify our communities of North Highline and Burien. Our kids go to the same schools already, they’re separated by an imaginary line holding both communities back.

      Working together as a community we can achive great things. The projects, initiatives, and elections are there waiting for us to take them. If we work together and continue in the course we’re already on the North Highline and Burien areas will be successful.

      Bickering and complaining about our government is as American as baseball or Apple Pie, I get that. Maybe it’s me and the way I was raised but I was taught that if you’re going to complain about something you DARN well better have a solution or at least an idea contributing toward that solution.

      Joey Martinez

  10. Theresa says:


    I’m sorry you find my honesty to be racial and criticizing. When I think of the word ‘ghetto’, a particular race doesn’t enter my mind, but obviously it does yours. My family moved here in the 60’s, and were the one of the first Mexican families in the area, so there is no need to admonish me about racism. I do not personally refer to my hometown as ghetto, (nor did I in my previous post), but I do know that others see it this way. You can’t change the way people perceive things. There are beautiful neighborhoods in this area, and being so close to the airport and downtown make it an ideal place to live, BUT, some areas are disadvantaged, neglected, and have a large amount of crime. To some, this would be the description of a ghetto.
    As William pointed out, a good portion of our community is below the poverty line. What’s going on here? Some of these responses make it seem like so many people are out of touch with what’s going on in some parts of this town. If you don’t know what I mean, please drive into some of the apartments along north Ambaum. Don’t just drive by them, drive through them. There are times that I hear random gunshots and pray no one has been hurt. There are nights I’m woken by a police helicopter flying around the block, wondering who they’re looking for. Let’s not worry about why people call Burien ‘the ghetto’, and start worrying about how to fix it. When you fix the troubled areas, you’ll fix the troubled references.
    I would love to support the city council, but it seems we don’t want the same things for Burien. Like you TcB, they’re worried about improving the image of Burien, not actually improving the city itself. Does the city council even know what constructive criticism is? Constructive or not, they don’t like it, don’t want to hear it, and certainly don’t learn from it. It’s sad that people who express their honest opinions and frustrations are seen as being hostile. It is hilarious, however, that you see us as saboteurs to the city council’s attempt on improving Burien. If they would be so distracted by my little post to the town’s blog, then we’re all in trouble! Maybe if we all hold hands around the Town Square and sing kumbaya, things will get better on their own…

    • TcB says:

      They want to improve the image but not the city? Do you really think that? I don’t understand how you came to that position. Was there ever a council in the history of this city that did things right? Do you find that you take an adversarial position to most decisions that the council makes? What would you do?

  11. JJ Greive says:

    Are you kidding, how would anyone know of a tree is damaged? We have a few…. Please if you have nothing constructive to say, please do us a favor and keep those thoughts to yourself.

  12. Theresa says:

    Joey, you just said it all. This is why YOU should have been in this position of leadership instead of what we have now. People like you keep me optimistic for Burien’s future.

  13. Jean Summers says:

    I am very pleased that Theresa is a citizen of Burien. She deeply cares about it and so does Debi. Shame on you JJ for telling people that have different thoughts than yours, that they have nothing constructive to say.

  14. Theresa says:

    Thank you, Jean. I appreciate your sentiments,

    JJ, since we know and care about our community, we do notice these kinds of things. It doesn’t matter if you feel we have something constructive to say or not. It’s the job of our ‘leaders’ to listen to us no matter how insignificant they think our thoughts and ideas are. If nothing else, at least PRETEND to listen. Like I said before, this issue goes beyond damaged trees. The issue here has become that the voices of the real citizens of Burien are not being valued. If you don’t notice that trees lling a major street in your town are damaged, then it’s no wonder we have the level of ignorance that we do around here.

  15. TcB says:

    ghet·to (gt)
    n. pl. ghet·tos or ghet·toes
    1. A usually poor section of a city inhabited primarily by people of the same race, religion, or social background, often because of discrimination.
    2. An often walled quarter in a European city to which Jews were restricted beginning in the Middle Ages.
    3. Something that resembles the restriction or isolation of a city ghetto: “trapped in ethnic or pink-collar managerial job ghettoes” (Diane Weathers).

  16. Jean Summers says:

    Well said Theresa!

    Tcb you gave us a definition but I don’t understand where you are going with this.


    Thank you for reminding Businesses to remove graffiti. It is great you are doing something about this. You are a good citizen and it encourages me. But consider this.

    Dealing with business people is a lot different than dealing with the city and Burien City Counsel. When concerned citizens bring problems occurring in the city to the city, the city is becoming notorious about doing nothing about the complaint. Debi has tried to get the city to do things just like you have gotten businesses to do. However because Burien ignores most of its citizens Debi has not received the same results as you have.

    What you do not know about Debi is that she loves Burien and has dedicated herself to helping cancer victims of the Seatac Airport jet air pollution and wants to see the city thrive just like you do. She wouldn’t be bringing her concerns to the B-Town Blog if the city would do something about at least some of her concerns. Thanks again Jennifer and Best Wishes.

    • TcB says:

      It was in some way a response to Theresa, who said “When I think of the word ‘ghetto’, a particular race doesn’t enter my mind”
      And I thought “You’re kidding me”.

  17. fred says:

    Thank you for your comments on the state of affairs in Burien but don’t be taken in by Joey the perennial politician.
    You are one of the most disingenuous politicIans that I have ever read. You are nothing but a mouth piece for Mike Martin/Burien City Manager. At times it almost appears that you have been hired to write PR material to the media for Mike Martin and the council to urge citizens to pay more taxes with no real factual answers ever being provided to the citizens.You are a constant critic of Seattle and your employer-the source that made you wealthy. According to you, they have never done anything right while you appear to have done your research and blogging on their time and the citizens’ tax dollar. Reading your comments about them, they appear to be the devil reincarnated. According to your blog comments, they are to be avoided and feared like the plague and can only spell gloom and doom for the North Highline/Area Y. But you continue to work for Seattle and take their money. Then you say in this blog how important it is to be positive and to work together as part of your life philosophy. Humm….
    If you have a chicken coop filled to the top with poop, the first thing you need to do is to scoop out the poop before the chickens can find a place to lay eggs. The Burien City Hall is like that; it needs to be scooped out before this city can start to move forward. Some staff and council members need to go. It is not an imaginary line that is holding Burien back from being a quality city, it is the lack of staff and council that have leadership skills, vision, concern for what the citizens want and intergrity. Just throwing more tax dollars at these same people will not fix the problems. My suggestion to improve this city is to vote in the next election and change the council or to change the form of govt. in this city to an elected mayor. Maybe then we will get someone who really looks at what is going on in the city because keeping their position depends on the citizen vote.

    • DrMcDreamy says:

      Jeez Fred, you’ve made alot of suppositions when in reality it sounds like you need a suppository. Besides, don’t politicians need to win elections? This guy can’t even beat someone who didn’t run!

      And Debbie, OMG, please stop writing! You make it too easy to pick on you. I’m starting to feel sorry for you. I ALMOST want to stop pointing out your flaws.

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