VIDEO/PHOTOS: Coyote Pups Frolick in Burien Backyard Sunday Morning

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BTB Reader Steve Hughes sent us the following video and pics, showing a family of Coyotes frolicking in his backyard in Burien’s Three Tree Point neighborhood Sunday morning (June 10).

“Got up this morning and found these critters in our back yard,” Steve told us. “Also spotted a harbor seal on a raft below our house … and just missed a shot of an Osprey with a fish fly by the window. Busy morning at the Hughes Zoo!”

As we’ve reported before, it’s recommended that humans avoid trying to interact with Coyotes; also be sure to secure garbage cans as well as small pets.

For more information, check out the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife’s “Living with Coyotes” website here.

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13 Responses to “VIDEO/PHOTOS: Coyote Pups Frolick in Burien Backyard Sunday Morning”
  1. Brett Fish says:

    Fantastic shots of the whole family! We have them at Miller Creek but only see 1 or 2 at a time. This is great! Thinking the coyotes ran all the red tail foxes out.

  2. HairFarmer says:

    Kiss your cats goodbye.

    • Bev Mowrer says:

      They eat way more rats than they do cats. I spent a good part of a summer going through scat (poop) as part of a research project….nasty but true. But if owners de-claw their cats, then yes, say good-bye to your feline friends that can no longer climb out of danger.

  3. Feralcat says:

    That is beautiful. Nature, they belong here too.

    Then keep your cats inside that should solve the problem.

  4. Lynne says:

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. We used to have raccoon families play on our lawn…the kits were hilarious…usually 3-5 at a time were brought down to our lawn, mom dug in the garden while the kits tumbled and played with anything they could carry in their mouth.

  5. Bonnie says:

    Thanks for sharing great video of coyotes. I saw that pet safety came up in the comments, especially for cats. Please consider making the transition to keeping your cats inside. I made the transition and have 3 happy indoor cats. I’m glad to see coyotes early mornings in my ‘safe’ suburban neighborhood because they keep rodent populations down, but they can prey on cats. Frequently, I see other wildlife that could possibly injure or kill a cat like raccoons, possums, eagles, hawks. Then there are the wild drivers that exceed speed limits. Below are a couple of links that give suggestions on how to transition and keep your cat happy with an indoor life:

  6. Steve Hughes says:

    Q-13 News called after seeing the video on the B-Town Blog and will be airing a story about in tonight at 9:00 on channel ten and 10:00 on channel 13, if you’re interested. Glad to hear the positive comments about embracing a once-hated predator. They were pretty special this morning.

    • Louise says:

      Coyotes are part of the suburban life….. We fostered a pup that never bothered my chickens and geese but DID pester the cats by pulling their bedding out of their boxes…….Herbie was a wonderful addition to our family and stayed through a couple of heat cycles until she left for the wild and the REAL thing…..(apparently our neutered Pointer wasn’t her cup of tea)…..

  7. Marianne says:


  8. Chris says:

    Very cool! We see them running though our area of Seahurst also.

  9. RB says:

    Where is CARES when you need them?

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