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WATERLAND BLOG: ‘Notiluca Bloom’ Spotted Off Des Moines Marina

Our sister site The Waterland Blog [1] has posted some photos of what appears to be an active algal bloom off the Des Moines Marina, apparently caused by Noctiluca, a non-toxic form of zooplankton, which feed on phytoplankton.

So if you see what appears to be red tide, or rusty, tomato soup-like ‘stuff’ floating about off the shores of Burien, it’s most likely Notiluca.

Here’s a photo taken by Steve Hughes off Three Tree Point Sunday morning:

According to the State Department of Ecology:

“Noctiluca visibly aggregate at the sea surface as part of their life cycle and feeding strategy. The nontoxic Noctiluca blooms usually appear as a rusty reddish color like tomato soup and are common in Puget Sound.”

See the pics here [2].

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