BREAKING: Burien City Council pulls back from ‘Kids & Cops’ plan

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Without a vote, Burien City Council members unanimously agreed Monday night (June 18) to indefinitely postpone moving forward with the proposed ‘Kids and Cops Initiative’ at this time.

The initiative would have added city police officers for two to three years, and then would have funded special targeted programs in elementary schools within Burien.

Council members did express general support for increasing the number of cops on the streets, and emphasized the long-term importance of education for local economic development.

But this plan would require funding from an existing or new revenue source – something council members were reluctant to pursue at this time.

In addition, negative reaction to the plan has come from the Highline School District over concerns that if Burien raises additional funds for schools just within its city limits, this could adversely impact public votes on district operating levies and bond issues.

Council members also preferred to wait to consider this issue until after the November vote on North Highline annexation to give residents there, should they decide to become part of Burien, a voice on the Kids and Cops initiative.

A full report will be posted on the blog soon.

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4 Responses to “BREAKING: Burien City Council pulls back from ‘Kids & Cops’ plan”
  1. Bonnie moormeier says:

    Good decision by the Burien City Council on an ill-advised proposal. Thank you for showing good judgement in this case.

  2. DiStrict Grad says:

    I guess thisd is good I liked the school district saying it did not need any more money

  3. William Forest says:

    I would be willing to support something like Cops and Pets.. We need more Police on the streets and I am willing to pay extra for that.. We also need more professional and comprehensive animal control services. I would also be willing to pay extra for that too.

  4. John says:

    Excellent move Burien Council. Considering the district’s concerns and future residents for such a move is important. I support the Kids & Cops initiative as I think it would be a good thing.

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