LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Let’s Replace ‘Kids and Cops’ with ‘Pets and Cops’

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To all members of Burien’s governing body:

I wanted to speak to the cancellation or indefinite postponement of the Kids and Cops initiative.

I think this is an opportunity for the council to demonstrate that they are listening to the residents of Burien who have made it pretty clear, that we want more police presence on the streets and a more comprehensive, professional animal control service for our city.

I suggest REPLACING “Kids and Cops” with “PETS AND COPS”.

I am ready to pony up and pay a little extra for more police on the streets and a clear conscience the animals in our city that need caring for are getting that care.

Also, having real professional animal control officers on the streets, makes it an even more attractive proposal, to have RAS-KC service our town, rather than unsuccessfully trying to do it on the cheap, although I appreciate the budgetary prudence.

We can also put to bed any acrimony over jurisdictional conflicts with the mandate of the Highline School Administration.

I say it is an opportunity because the City has already had bad press over “Kids and Cops” and this way you can turn lemons into lemonade!

Best Regards,
John Poitras

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8 Responses to “LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Let’s Replace ‘Kids and Cops’ with ‘Pets and Cops’”
  1. Tired of it says:

    Lets just do what the state requires the City to do. That is to deal with vicious animals.

    That can be done by the police force

    • Vicki Hurley says:

      Actually, Tired of it, it cannot. Police officers have MUCH training in a long list of areas necessary to do their jobs. However, animal handling is not on the list. Recently, in cities all over the United States, there have been incidents of police officers shooting non-aggessive family dogs because the officer knew nothing about dogs and he was needlessly frightened. In all of these cases, heart-broken owners are endeavoring to make their dogs’ senseless deaths count for something by working to CHANGE the policy of allowing police officers to deal with animals in the community. The way they work to affect change is usually by suing the offending officer, the police department, and, often, the city. IF police officers were to play any role in animal control, they would first need to have extensive training. That puts us back at square one — money.

      • Tired of it says:

        Well Licensing could pay for it, but b=most pet owners do not pay. Burien collects $70,000 a year and spends 120,000 for CARES.

        King COunty is 341,000 a year.

        Since the City only is obigated to take care of vicous animals a bullet would work.

        • William Forest says:

          Actually KC is 320,000K per year and thats 20% more than we would be paying if Mike Martin had joined the other cities in District 500 in bundling their contracts.

  2. Vicki Hurley says:

    I think John Poitras has made a wonderful suggestion. I completely understand that the one and only obstacle to having RASKC once again giving Burien good animal control is MONEY. In the comments following my recent letter to the B-town Blog (“Why Animal Control Matters to Everybody”) on June 16, Teri Ensley wrote an explanation of how pet licensing fees could pay the entire cost of having animal control in Burien. Ms. Ensley works with a local animal rescue and she knows what she is talking about. Her numbers are based on the $30 King County pet license fee, but even if you use the $20 Burien license fee, if the majority of Burien pets were licensed, we could easily pay for real animal control. Even if the licensing money didn’t cover the whole cost, we could get the price down to the same price as the dysfunctional, do-it-yourself system we have now.

    • Mike says:

      Why isnt burien enforcing their licensing fee? They could easily pay for KCAC. Seems half a$$ed at best. Ms. George must be a friend of Mike Martin to be able to get him to go her way. Just another good reason NOT to annex N. Highline. We have KC now. Why would anyone want what burien has?

      Area Y Mike

  3. Joey Martinez says:

    Ms Hurley, I was wondering if you’ve seen the presentation at Monday’s City Council Meeting yet? http://www.burienmedia.org/default.aspx – the CARES presentaion starts at the 1:27:50 mark

    I would very much appreciate your comments on what was presented!

    Joey Martinez

    • Vicki Hurley says:

      Well, Joey, I attended the Monday night city council meeting and saw the CARES presentation in person. I was not planning to say anything, but since you asked me directly for my comments, I will. To be completely honest, I have strong doubts about some of the statistics in that presentation. I am researching the things I wondered about and, until I know whether or not they are true, I don’t think it’s appropriate to for me to make any further comment.

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