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Seafair Pirates Need a Brake – Actually, their ‘Moby Duck’ Needs ‘Em!

Our friends at the Seafair Pirates [1] be sharing with us a sad, sad tale of woe – you know the “Moby Duck,” that cool old amphibious vehicle that’s been their trademark mode of transportation in parades?

The poor girl is having some serious brake problems, and they need to raise some money to fix ‘er.

“Fresh on the heels of rebuilding the Moby Duck after fire nearly destroyed her, we’ve got a problem with our brakes,” said a growling, pierced, scurvy dog of a source close to the repair effort. “The old girl (1940s era) has some old parts that are starting to fail, and we’re in the process of determining just what needs replacing, and how much it will set each of our members back. While the good folks of Burien Auto repair have stepped up to do the labor for us and get us some priority in line, we’re going to mount a fundraising effort to help offset what could run to $5,000 in cost.”

Our source adds:

“The Pirates just can’t stop being a part of the local charitable giving scene!

We can’t stop at Seattle Children’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, nursing homes, or charitable auctions that we support.

We can’t even stop by your local watering hole, because we just can’t stop!”

We’ll be posting an update when the Pirates (which BTW are a non-profit 501c3 charity) set up some kind of fundraiser, be it in the flesh or online, so stay tuned…

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