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Your Empress of Information Says ‘Reading Books is Better than Fireworks!’

by Marilee A. Cogswell [1]
Manager, Burien Library [2]

“I like stories well told.

That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself”

– Mark Twain

NOTE: All King County Libraries will be CLOSED Wednesday July 4th!

There are Over 1000 kids already signed up for our Summer Reading Program at the Burien, White Center, Boulevard Park, and Greenbridge Libraries! There’s still time to join the fun and win cool prizes! Sign up today online or in your neighborhood library. For elementary and preschool age children.


Visit http://www.kcls.org/srp/ [3] for a complete list of Summer Reading Program events.


Burien Library (download July schedule PDF here): [4]

Boulevard Park Library (July schedule PDF here [5]):

White Center Library (July schedule PDF here [6]):

Greenbridge Library

Check out http://www.kcls.org/programs/index.cfm [7] for a complete list of all programs in your neighborhood libraries!

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Dove Keepers’ by Alice Hoffman [8]

‘The Dove Keepers’ is another fabulous novel by the wonderfully creative author Alice Hoffman.

The setting is the desert fortress of Masada high on a mountain top in the Judean desert.

Over two thousand years ago Jewish people from all nations fled to Masada to escape from Roman persecution. The fortress was thought to be impossible to breach so Roman soldiers laid siege to the fortress and began erecting an assault ramp that would allow them to use a battering ram to enter the fortress. As their only means of escaping death or enslavement at the hands of the Romans history shows that the citizens of Masada participated in a mass suicide.

Only a handful survived.

The tragic story of what actually happened at Masada is only part of the drama of this story. Hoffman draws the reader into the lives and relationships of four women, Yael, whose mother died in childbirth; Revka a bakers wife; Aziza, raised as a boy; and Shirah, a mystic and wise woman who is involved with one of the leaders of Masada.

Through the stories of these women the reader is provided with a vivid, personal and very human account of the people’s lives and deaths at Masada.

Also available in large print and on CD.

Highly recommended!

Until next time…see you in the stacks!

– Marilee A. Cogswell

Marilee A. Cogswell [1] is the Manager of the Burien Library [2].

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