LETTER: Vandals Damage Three Cars Near Lake Burien School Park

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I wanted to let you know about a string of vandalism from last week (photos below).

Sometime very early last Wednesday (June 27) there were a group of teens out skateboarding, being loud and disorderly and just causing problems at 3 – 4 a.m. This group was heard/seen at Lake Burien School Park and also at St. Francis.

Neighbors in both areas called the police to complain about the noise from this group. Unfortunately the police never did catch up to them.

But, my reason for this letter is that this group was also probably the ones who decided to take a knife and cut the top to my convertible BMW. Through strange coincidences I have found that there were two other cars in the area that were damaged that same night. All convertibles; a Mini Cooper and a Mercedes. Who knows how many other cars/boats may have been vandalized.

My top will have to be replaced along with the Mini Cooper. I’m not sure about the Mercedes. I’m hoping that if anybody saw or heard something or is able to identify those that were seen at the park or church, that they come forward. Just with these three cars the damage is close to $7,500.

I found out about the Mini Cooper when I took my car to Burien Upholstery for an estimate and they told me about it. They stated that the owner brought their car up to them and were told that it was a group of teens early Wednesday morning that had done it.

I’m so disgusted in the fact that whoever did this did it not to break in and steal anything, but just to do damage.

Cindy Pitz

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12 Responses to “LETTER: Vandals Damage Three Cars Near Lake Burien School Park”
  1. William Forest says:

    I have a friend that lives near 14th Ave SW and 148th that had his tire slashed that same night and when he reported it to the police they confirmed that the incident report for this date showed that his was the 7th incident of vandalism of cars that had been filed and probably perpetrated by this gang of juvenile delinquents..

    I for one would like to know what kind of parents allow their teenagers to run wild at this time of the morning.. I think a month in juvenile detention and financial restitution by their parents to the victims is in order here.

    • Cindy Pitz says:

      I’m disappointed that there were more incidents than I knew about. These teens caused so much damage in such little time. I have to believe that somebody knows who these kids are. I just hope that they decide to to the right thing and contact the authorities.

      • William Forest says:

        I agree Cindy.. These parents need to nip these punks in the bud before they hurt somebody and end up in serious trouble. They are in need of some tough punitive love. Better now then ending up in prison later.

        • Heidi says:

          My tires were slashed that same night, my car was parked on the street on 16th near Lake Burien school Park.

      • Capt. Jesse Anderson says:


        Please call me so I can follow up with you about your vandalized car.

        Thank you!

        Captain Jesse Anderson
        Burien Police Department

  2. fred says:

    At times I wonder if Burein is using its very expensive police force for the best purposes.
    This weekend I saw the police chasing a dog on 146th and trying to get it in the police car.
    Also recently, I saw them chasing a dog on 132nd trying to collect a dog again. Now it was my understanding that this was the job of CARES. CARES is supposed to be available for 24/7 services for animal collection, according to their contract. Clearly our police are needed to more important services such as patroling and investigaing crime like this. So why did I see the police acting like dog catchers? I mentioned this to one of my friends and he said he has observed the police also doing the dog catcher thing. I wonder how much of our police and public works finances are supplementing CARES. Every time the Council asking to see the complete finances of CARES, they are put off by Mike Martin. Why can’t we see the clear finances on this group? And no I don’t think the police should be covering for CARES when we have other crime happening that is not being covered.

    • John Poitras says:

      The city of Seahurst just got a subsidy from King County ACS which put the cost of a PROFESSIONAL animal control officer and top of the line facilities for a net cost of $107,000 a year.. Why are we paying Mike Martin the hefty salary he gets if he is not doing the job.. HOW ABOUT A SUBSIDY FOR BURIEN MR MARTIN?? GET TO WORK and do something useful!

  3. Seahurst Resident says:

    How sad to hear how many people were vandalized by this group of teens. but even sadder to hear how many called the police, who apparently could not respond in time to catch teens on skateboards….makes you realize how alone we are when the need arises….The destruction must have occurred over a significant period of time…..

  4. Erik Robbins says:

    Does not surprise me at all. We had our car broken into last Monday along 16th by the park. Over the past few MONTHS numerous cars have been broken into/vandalized around here. The Burien police Dept knows all too well what is going on around here. But I think that they consider it low priority. My fear and hunch is that as these people get up the courage to break into cars with zero consequences our home are next. Our neighborhoods are becoming easy targets. I have a friend who lives in Skyway and always asks me why Burien police cars are always up there.That is quite a long haul back to B-Town.

  5. John Poitras says:

    It seems pretty certain that some or all of these miscreants hang out at the skateboard park at the corner of 4th ave and 146th. I think it would behoove the police to question some of these kids and see if they can get some names.

  6. Eaton B. Verz says:

    What I fear is that someone will become frustrated by the lack of action of the police and will take things into their own hands. Then we end up with a dead kid and a frustrated victim in jail. property crimes are a very low priority in Burien.I also see Burien police cars traveling in tukwila almost daily. Yesterday AM there were two cars at the Riverside Casino when I went to work.I know I would feel better if they were a little closer to home. Really makes me wonder how things will improve with annexation…..

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