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LETTER: Vandals Damage Three Cars Near Lake Burien School Park

I wanted to let you know about a string of vandalism from last week (photos below).

Sometime very early last Wednesday (June 27) there were a group of teens out skateboarding, being loud and disorderly and just causing problems at 3 – 4 a.m. This group was heard/seen at Lake Burien School Park and also at St. Francis.

Neighbors in both areas called the police to complain about the noise from this group. Unfortunately the police never did catch up to them.

But, my reason for this letter is that this group was also probably the ones who decided to take a knife and cut the top to my convertible BMW. Through strange coincidences I have found that there were two other cars in the area that were damaged that same night. All convertibles; a Mini Cooper and a Mercedes. Who knows how many other cars/boats may have been vandalized.

My top will have to be replaced along with the Mini Cooper. I’m not sure about the Mercedes. I’m hoping that if anybody saw or heard something or is able to identify those that were seen at the park or church, that they come forward. Just with these three cars the damage is close to $7,500.

I found out about the Mini Cooper when I took my car to Burien Upholstery for an estimate and they told me about it. They stated that the owner brought their car up to them and were told that it was a group of teens early Wednesday morning that had done it.

I’m so disgusted in the fact that whoever did this did it not to break in and steal anything, but just to do damage.

Cindy Pitz

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