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Please Welcome Our Latest Advertiser, Puget Sound Consumers’ CHECKBOOK

[1]Please welcome our latest Advertiser – Puget Sound Consumers’ CHECKBOOK [2] magazine!

As we do with all our Advertisers, we’re giving them a forum to share more info about what they do:

Leaky faucet? Car overheating? Need a tree removed from the yard, or an annual physical for yourself or your pet? Just like Ghostbusters famously asked: “Who you gonna call?” For years, thousands of Puget Sound-area residents have answered that question by checking with Puget Sound Consumers’ CHECKBOOK magazine and www.checkbook.org [2] for comprehensive, nonprofit advice and ratings of local service providers, as well as price information. CHECKBOOK will put muscle behind your search for a new gym membership and give you confidence that Fido or Fifi will be well taken care of when you travel. And that’s just the beginning.

CHECKBOOK subscribers will tell you that CHECKBOOK’s ratings, reliable consumer advice and apples-to-apples price comparisons routinely save them time, money and headaches. And they also know they can trust information from CHECKBOOK, which doesn’t accept any outside advertising in order to preserve the integrity of its ratings. All surveyed consumers are CHECKBOOK or Consumer Reports subscribers and must be contacted by CHECKBOOK, to prevent people from “stuffing the ballot box” as they can with other ratings services. CHECKBOOK, which was started after founder Robert Krughoff left the same auto repair shop for the third time for the same problem and didn’t want anyone else to make the same mistake, has won the National Press Club’s prestigious First Place Award for Excellence in Consumer Journalism.

Initially established with the help of funding from the U.S. Office of Consumer Affairs and Consumers Union (publisher of Consumer Reports), Consumers’ CHECKBOOK is now funded entirely through subscriptions and publication sales, donations from individual consumers, and fees for survey and information services. CHECKBOOK publishes in seven major metropolitan markets. No smart consumer’s toolbox is complete without a subscription to Washington Consumers’ CHECKBOOK.

Puget Sound Consumers’ CHECKBOOK Subscriber Testimonials:

Phyllis K.
: “I wish every locale had a CHECKBOOK. I am so glad we do here in NW Washington. Checkbook covers it ALL! Friends who have never heard it get really excited when I show it to them. My dentist and doctor were both really pleased when I showed them their high marks.”

Philip S.
: “I’ve used [Puget Sound Consumers’ CHECKBOOK’s] excellent information to find the best window installers, tree and fence services.”

Hal M.: 
“I always check out CHECKBOOK for advice on services in the greater Seattle area. It has been very reliable.”

Eileen H.: “We signed up shortly after moving to a new city and have been very impressed with the amount of truly helpful information.”

Ernest L.:
 “I recently had my car in the shop for an oil change at [a local dealership] and they told me I needed about $600 worth of suspension work. I took the car to a CHECKBOOK highly rated shop much closer to my home for a second opinion and estimate. Their estimate was about 65% of the dealer’s and I was very pleased in all respects with their work.”

Subscriptions to Puget Sound Consumers’ CHECKBOOK include printed magazines and newsletters and also access to extensive ratings and reports, regularly updated online, at www.checkbook.org [2].

Subscriptions can be ordered for $34 for a full two years from www.checkbook.org [2] or by calling 206-332-9696.

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