REPORT: UFO Sighted Near Three Tree Point Fireworks Wednesday Night

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A UFO was allegedly spotted Wednesday night (July 4) near Burien’s Three Tree Point’s fireworks show around 10:30 p.m., according to a detailed report submitted to the local Mutual UFO Reporting Network, aka MUFON.

The witness, who chose to remain anonymous, made the observation from the edge of a bluff overlooking Puget Sound, where fireworks shows from all the different cities across the water were visible.

“The Three Tree Point show had just started and was very close to me,” the report says, “but somewhat obscured from the 150ft+ tall bluff that (I) was standing on.”

The entire event lasted around one minute, according to the report.

The witness continues (read the full report here):

“At some point, I see what appears to be just another firework that had just been launched, but this one was traveling at an extremely acute angle from the water and was passing behind the tree tops below me.

As I am watching that, the Gig Harbor show is hitting the crescendo and really popping, as well as about 15 more shows that I can see from there when I realize that this “firework” is still going. I mean, it hasn’t detonated yet.

Now, the thing is totally unobscured and ascending at a nice steady pace on the slightest ever, upward-curving arc of a trajectory, almost in a straight line.

About this time I am thinking “This is a UFO!” -When suddenly from behind me and elevated even more than I, was a large group of folks in a yard were asking “What is that?!” I turned and asked “You see that too?!” The entire group saw it and one guy kept repeating, “That ain’t right, that ain’t right” The children were asking if it was a helicopter or plane, and we all studied it as it left our atmosphere in a fading glint as it got so small we could no longer see it. At which point I said, That was not one of ours… I asked if they had seen where it came from and if had exited the water and they said they didnt witness that part, it was just there and started it ascent.

The group were all silent now and I see my family walking back down the hill right by their yard, and I could hardly contain myself and asked DID YOU SEE THE UFO?! To my dismay they started laughing at me and said no in an incredulous manner. As they were snickering I said all those people right there saw it, right? They all agreed and were astounded amazed and talking about it as we returned back home, up the hill.

I would estimate the object was roughly in between 1-2 miles away from me, leaving the surface or from under the surface of the Puget Sound between Three Tree Point and Vashon Island. The object itself was glowing an orange color and slightly pulsating at an irregular rate. It’s tought to estimate the size, as most of it appeared to be corona, so it could have been anywhere from 20ft across to 40ft. Its speed was slow and steady, no unusual changes in course or disappearances. We were looking SSW and it was on a trajectory that was leaving away from us at a SSE direction. It continued to climb slow and steady, on an almost arc-like line, but ever so slight, until it slowly faded out against the hazy sky.

The entire event taking place in about 1 minute.

It looked like a firework that was shot horizontally from a boat out in the middle of the bay, that slowly climbed into space, never detonating. I suppose it could have been a dud of a firework, but it was the best dud I’ve ever seen! And it actually was way cooler than the awesome shows that we got to see!! There literally had to be hundreds and hundreds of people that witnessed that from down below.

And I doubt there will be a whisper about it in the news.”

While Publisher/Editor Scott Schaefer, as well as Photographer Michael Brunk, were on the north beach also watching the fireworks, neither claimed to see anything unusual (okay, Scott says he saw what appeared to be a boat traveling at high speed, in the dark, almost directly towards the fireworks barge just before the show, but that can probably be attributed to the stress from his duty as 3TP Fireworks Fund Co-Chair), but we’re asking our Readers – did anyone out there see anything unusual last night?

If so, please email us or leave a Comment below…

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11 Responses to “REPORT: UFO Sighted Near Three Tree Point Fireworks Wednesday Night”
  1. Ed Dacy says:

    It seems like this should be be forwarded to Coast to Coast AM

  2. Marcu says:

    Not to burst your bubble, but I’m pretty sure it was just a lantern. We saw several of the get let go in our neighborhood. They are pretty cool though!!

  3. Laurel says:

    I was convinced we had UFOs around our neighborhood too (near North Seatac Prk) but my father in law explained they were actually these “floating candle” fireworks. Quite dangerous, but beautiful! I wonder if this was that?

  4. Janet grella says:

    Unusual? Usually not, but when one of our guests turned on his headlights to leave we spotted a young woman with her pants down squatting across the street on 172nd.! We enjoyed the moon, and hope everything came out alright.

  5. LeeAnn says:

    Yes, they were candle lit lanterns…we seen several around Seatac lastnight. Beautiful though!

  6. Cara says:

    As others said, just Chinese Lanterns. I’ve had similar experiences before. From a distance they look just like large orange glowing UFOs.

  7. john says:

    Had to have been a lantern. They glow orange, Usually take off horizontially, then climb until the “pulsating” flame burns out. I saw dozens of them last night over lake tapps

  8. Mykal says:

    I would have to say that seeing a “UFO” from a vantage point where you can see 15 fireworks displays at the same time, on the 4th of July, can be immediately written off as an Unidentified Flying Firework, not an alien spacecraft πŸ™‚

  9. NP Resident says:

    I think it was a lantern too. It went right in front of our house too! It was the first time I had ever seen one but some of our guests knew what it was.
    It was really cool looking!

  10. Jonica says:

    Saw them at Lake Marcel – Two of them. First one baffled us all…slowly floating parallel to the ground for quite a while. the second one seemed to have lost its lift and dropped slowly to the far side of the lake in somebody’s yard. It was then we could see the “balloon”….Very cool though!!

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