LETTER: Only Prepared Food at Burien Farmers Market is Hot Dog Vendor

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Dear B-Town Blog –

Thursday, while at the Burien Farmers market, again I found myself puzzled and wondering why the only prepared food available for purchase at our market is the one vendor selling hot dogs, chips and soda.

It seems ironic, in a venue promoting fresh, healthy produce, the food selection would be limited to what is basically considered “junk food.”

The Des Moines Farmers Market has a great food selection, including wood-fired pizza, BBQ’d chicken and ribs, tacos, salads, teriyaki, seafood, etc.

I think more people would come and enjoy the market if there were more food vendors.

– Bonnie Moormeier

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13 Responses to “LETTER: Only Prepared Food at Burien Farmers Market is Hot Dog Vendor”
  1. Erik Robbins says:

    I agree. The Des Moines market has an amazing plethora of food options. I think since that the Burien market is on a Thursday that most food vendors don’t want to waste their time.

    • June says:

      Erick I disagree with you. I suspect that only hotdogs are available (later in the season, sweet corn at the other end of the street) because the market manager also owns the restaurant that manages the hotdog booth. I head to Des Moines every Saturday for a slice from the wood fired pizza…..therefore our farmers market purchases are made in their waterfront market.

      It sounds like the public has some discontent over the food and timing of the Burien Thursday Market. The good folks on the board of Discover Burien should reach out to other food vendors as well as investigate a weekend day for the event. Here’s another thought…..check out the Thursday market in Columbia City that runs 3-7 so that both families and working people can attend.

      • June says:

        sorry. Columbia City is Wednesday, not thursday. Today in Des Moines, I spoke to the owners of the Pizza oven about coming to Burien. I was told that they tried to rent space but were told that it was a closed market. They provided their own food for sale.

  2. Betsy says:

    Good point. I don’t eat hot dogs so I always buy what I need and leave. Maybe more food selection would encourage people to stay and possibly buy more.

  3. Wowzer says:

    I always thought the shortage of eateries is because the Burien Market is run by Discover Burien and their membership includes a number of restaurants. They dodn’t want to compete with their own membership for food options. I do like a Thursday Market where you don’t have the crowds to wade through. For me the market isn’t an “experience.” It’s a place to grab flowers or vegetables and go home and cook. I don’t need my grocery shopping to be an event.

  4. Milton says:

    sooooo true! I was there yesterday with my 5 yr old son and noticed the same thing. Let’s step it up!!!

  5. Jay says:

    So let me get this sraight… The farmers Market sells locally grown/produced products and food. Are the hotdogs a local product? Soda and chips produced right here locally? Don’t get me wrong, I like a good hotdog but unless you’re raising, slautering and grinding up the meat you are basicall just selling a product.

    I believe there was a icecream or an ice italian fruit vender that was there for a while. Was his product produced locally? I was told they couldn’t be there because they didn’t produce the product only sold it.

    Just looking for some clarification…

  6. Tina says:

    I agree with Erik. Because the market is held on a Thursday, I imagine the traffic (or lack of) for the market doesn’t justify a plethora of food vendors. I know I can never attend the market – I’m at work during the week! But I do visit the Des Moines market because it’s on a Saturday.

  7. new resident says:

    I agree with Tina and Erick. I cannot attend the thursday farmers market because im at work / commuting durring its hours. If they could adjust their hours to stay till 8pm they i feel they would get more business.

  8. Sheri Sannes says:

    I have always complained because the market is open only during the hours that I am at work or commuting. If I rush home and try to pick something up before they close, most of the vendors are gone or packing up. At least it compliments the empty Town Square nicely. Go B-Town!

    • Chris says:

      There used to be the “Burien Saturday Market” which was hosted at the old Park and Ride lot. I agree, the market should be set for Saturdays again. They’d get WAY more traffice, which would result in an influx of people in the retail areas.

  9. John says:

    I visited the market one time. I wasn’t much impressed at what they had but perhaps that has changed some. It’s been a few years. From what I remember the prices were jacked up so there really wasn’t a good deal to be had. A bit old but that was my experience.

  10. Foodie Lover says:

    Hallelujah!!!! Thanks for saying what we are all thinking……Such a simple, basic premise….Yummy food to eat while you shop……Ballard has their market on Sundays and it is a smash……so many vendors and food galore….Come on Burien, get with it…I hate to say it, but Burien’s market is the worst we have ever experienced…..So those who are in control, get a clue……step it up, change the day, and bring in food vendors, as well as some other interesting products……..It could be a destination for not just produce, but a great place to shop, eat and people watch….Yes, I said it, make it an “event”…..Des Moines is doing it right…..Hmmmm, we could go there on Saturday and burien on Sunday…..

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