MISSING: Golden Retriever ‘Honey Bear,’ Last Seen at S. 102nd & Occidental Ave

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BTB Reader Jennifer O’Neal wants everyone to be on the lookout for her missing golden retriever, “Honey Bear,” which escaped from her yard and has been lost for a week.

“We live in Top Hat, the area to be annexed and don’t know if she would have run to Burien, White Center, South Park, etc.” Jennifer said. “Honey Bear is very important to our son with special needs…I’m hoping that we can find her. Most importantly, Honey Bear is recovering from surgery and has a cyst on her neck that has to be drained weekly. She’s long overdue!”

Honey Bear is a “double coat” (very thick) 8-year old Golden Retriever with a shaved patch of hair at her neck.

She has a purple collar with flowers, tags, and is microchipped.

She was last seen on July 1st at the intersection of S. 102nd and Occidental Ave S. in Top Hat/White Center (map below).

Please call (206) 459-4039 with any info.

Reward offered.

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9 Responses to “MISSING: Golden Retriever ‘Honey Bear,’ Last Seen at S. 102nd & Occidental Ave”
  1. Pam F. says:

    I imagine you guys have already gone to the Kent Shelter to see if she is there.

    Also, and I hate to even bring this up, but at the shelter they also have a book in the lobby that lists deceased animals and locations and when they were picked up.

    I will keep a look out for Honey Bear. Please let us all know when she is back home.

  2. Dana Franks says:

    Jennifer – I saw a dog that looked just like Honey Bear yesterday when I was out riding my bike.She was lying down in the street at the intersection of 21st Avenue SW and SW 146th Street in Burien. It wasn’t a dangerous intersection – it’s in a way out-of-the-way neighborhood. I regret to say that I did not stop. I did notice that the dog had a collar, and though I thought about stopping to check her out I talked myself out of it because she looked content and as though she belonged there. So I rode on by. It did seem strange though. I now wish I’d stopped. I’m so sorry.

    Perhaps you can go over into that neighborhood and put up some signs and maybe knock on some doors.

    Also, do contact the shelters as Pam, above, suggests. Last year, our dog took off here in Burien, and someone picked her up and took her to the shelter in Kent – even though there’s another shelter right here in Burien. We found her because we’d put a lost pet message on Craig’s List and the mother of the person who picked her up called and told us where she was.

    And keep heart – I friend of mine did recover her dog who had been loose for, I think, 3 months, long after she’d given up hope. He was in terrible shape but he recovered fully.

    Best wishes,


  3. Seahurst says:

    The golden retriever at 21st and 146th lives there. He is always in the street. Not Honey Bear.

    • Dana Franks says:

      Thanks for letting us know. I’m sorry for Jennifer, but glad that sweet pup is okay and belongs there (and that my passing by wasn’t a mistake!)

  4. Vicki Hurley says:

    God bless the management of B-town Blog for running things like this! My heart is with you, Jennifer. I will be watching for your good dog.

    • Jennifer O'Neal says:

      Thank you every one for your kind words and helpful, practical suggestions. We’ve received a couple of solid leads after B-Town posted this so we’re hoping to find her soon. I will let you know (when) she comes home. Please keep the info and ideas rolling our way!

  5. Jennifer O'Neal says:

    Honey Bear has been found!!! Many thanks to the B-Town Blog and our neighbors for helping us find her.

    • Marianne says:

      Please tell us the details! Such great news.

      • Jennifer O'Neal says:

        Thanks to community postings like this one, posters, and some helpful neighbors, we were able to find her. A neighbor called and said that she was hiding behind a shed and very scared – it took her several minutes to recognize him but when she did, she was so happy! We took her in to the vet right away and she got a clean bill of health. It did take more than two bottles of shampoo at the dog wash!

        Thank you very much for all the help and good wishes!

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