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VIDEO: Time Lapse of the 2012 4th of July at Burien’s Three Tree Point

As we usually do on the 4th of July, we set up a time lapse Plantcam on top of a cabana owned by Barbara Clevenger, overlooking the intersection of SW 172nd and Maplewild Ave SW in Burien’s Three Tree Point neighborhood.

From sunrise (5:18 a.m.) to sunset (9:09 p.m.), shooting one frame every 30 seconds for over 15 hours, we compressed an entire day into 2:44.

This video was Produced/Edited by BTB Publisher/Editor Scott Schaefer.

Look for:

(for best results, view at 720p in full-screen mode):

And just for comparison’s sake, here are the previous two year’s time lapses from the same spot:

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