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VIDEO: Cool Behind-the-Scenes View of Three Tree Point’s Fireworks Display

[EDITOR’S NOTE: As many of our Readers know, the Three Tree Point Fireworks Fund [1] raises around $25,000 for this annual 4th of July show, and BTB Publisher/Editor Scott Schaefer served as Co-Chair, along with Laura Beth Peterson, for the last two years.]

Bob Gruber worked on the barge that shot off fireworks on the 4th of July at Burien’s Three Tree Point neighborhood, giving him unique access to shoot a video from the point-of-view of someone who works as a Pyrotechnist (or is that Pyrotechnician?).

Gruber shot the following video over the course of a day (or so) with two GoPro Hero 2 cameras, capturing cool behind-the-scenes footage of how the firework mortars are set up, prepared and lit, along with shots that smack of “Deadliest Catch,” showing the crew on the barge and the inner workings of the uniquely-shaped tug boat.

Some things to look for:

For best viewing experience, click on full screen and 720 or 1080P HD:

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