REMINDER: Burien’s ‘Music in the Park’ Starts Thurs. Night with The Black Crabs

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REMINDER: Burien’s FREE ‘Music in the Park’ series starts at 6:30 p.m. with rockabilly from The Black Crabs this Thursday night, July 12, at Lake Burien School Park, located at SW 148th Street and 16th Ave SW.

And we also have the scoop on food vendors for opening night:

“Maria’s Taco Truck, with tamales and a variety of sausages, will be at all of the concerts at Lake Burien School Park,” Kristy Dunn, Recreation Supervisor for Burien Parks, told The B-Town Blog. “Full Tilt Ice cream will be at all concerts also, except for July 19. Para Los Ninos will be joining us on July 19, selling goodies to support their programs as well as providing a hands-on art table for everyone to enjoy.”

We’re proud again to be a Sponsor, and encourage all residents to come out and enjoy great FREE music, courtesy Burien Parks.

Dunn adds:

As you know July 19th we will be featuring “Show Brazil” a fabulous bossa nova groove band.

They will also have a dancer there to get the audience up and moving! 

Look forward to seeing you there and thanks again for the great press you provide.

Here’s a video of The Black Crabs in action

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5 Responses to “REMINDER: Burien’s ‘Music in the Park’ Starts Thurs. Night with The Black Crabs”
  1. Jon says:

    Dear Kristy, Thanks for asking the people who actually live in the neighbor hood if this was a good idea. I live literally across the street and the music was so loud we couldnt even hear our own tv.This isnt White River or the Gorge, if I was sitting on my lawn playing my stereo that loud, I would get a ticket.I also work nights, so I sleep that time of the evening. Why Thursday? Why not Friday? Or how about 3 or 4 pm? I wonder if there was some kind of permit required for this event. Here’s an idea, let me know where you live and I will park across the street form your house at oh,maybe 1am and start blasting away with my music.Oh sorry, you trying to sleep??

  2. Ghost of Maewild says:

    Where was the Taco trick?

  3. Adrienne says:

    Jon, sorry that bringing free, cultural events to your community puts you out so much… so you can’t watch t.v. for two hours (closed captions may help). There will be a “bad” time slot for someone, you can’t please everyone unfortunately. Earlier doesn’t work for the average families who have day jobs, 6:30 is a great time for most people. I do have a recommendation…MACKS earplugs, they seal the ear drum and work wonderfully (at Target pharmacy). I hope you find some of the music is enjoyable and lifts your spirits.

  4. Shari says:

    I re-read Jon’s post and I can’t find anything in it that indicates he’s against using the park for this kind of community event (a community he’s part of) or even any indication that he’s got anything against loud music in general, or amplified rockabilly in particular, or against having them out in an open air venue. He may actually really like loud rockabilly (and seriously, who doesn’t?) It seems like he’s just saying that this particular combination of venue x musical genre x date x time isn’t great. Small park (sound can’t dissipate and the sound waves usually forget to stop at the park boundaries) in a residential neighborhood probably not the best choice for rockabilly. Especially on a weeknight. And if JOn’s watching tv, or trying to sleep, or getting ready for a big presentation the next day at work, or recovering from surgery, or studying for the bar exam…it’s sort of immaterial. If he has to “seal his ear drum” (occlude the ear canal) and use captions on his tv in his house to do it, well, I never thought I’d ever say this, but It’s Too Loud (for that venue). Which is, I think, what he said (that park isn’t The Gorge, etc). Maybe some more care to keep the heavily amplified stuff in bigger parks further from residences would work when they take place on weeknights.

  5. Jon says:

    Shari, Exactly!

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