LETTER: ‘I Just Saw Mike Martin on TV’ Regarding CARES Animal Control

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Dear Council:

I just saw Mike Martin on Channel 4 who did a piece on CARES which only told one side of the story..>>> “MIKE MARTIN’S”

He actually had the nerve to lie on TV and state that CARES provides much superior animal services than King County.

That is categorically false..

BURIEN CARES is animal care on the cheap and it’s debatable whether it’s adequate or not even when they FINALLY get their act together (if they ever do).

Certainly to date they have been an abject failure.


NO ONE EXCEPT MIKE MARTIN has the audacity to actually claim that the services provided by amateur, do-it-yourself CARES IS OR WILL EVER BE SUPERIOR TO WHAT KING COUNTY PROVIDES.

That claim by the city manager is beyond the pale.

Apparently according to KOMO 4 he is going to contract with an outside agency to perform an independent audit at tax payer expense of the BURIEN CARES operation.

My concern is that he will follow his usual pattern and will use an acquaintance or a company he has some business influence over, so what city taxpayers are funding will NOT be an independent objective report and will be slanted towards Mr. Martin,s agenda which is to retain CARES at all costs, whether that is best for Burien or not.

I highly recommend that the council exercise due oversight over the selection process, to try and ensure that whatever organization is contracted to do the audit is TRULY independent.

I also intend to contact KOMO 4 to give them the other side of the story that apparently got overlooked in their report.

Be aware that residents will vigorously vet whomever is awarded the contract to make sure they are not just a CYA by Mr Martin.

John Poitras

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53 Responses to “LETTER: ‘I Just Saw Mike Martin on TV’ Regarding CARES Animal Control”
  1. Feralcat says:

    I was the one interviewed. (FCAT).

    The WHOLE things is a joke and just plain disgusting. Did you see the inside of that place that is horrible.

    Painted Particle Board and wire for the front of the cages. This is not a puppy mill but it looks like one. debra george has know for a year now the KC public health regulations are. She did NOT even submit an infectious plan? WHAT!!???

    Lets cry debra river about how tough this has been on her. NOPE a year debra you have had a YEAR!!!!!
    I just had to rescue a dying cat from Burien because cares would NOT do it. It will be interesting who pays the bill, because is not my responsibility. They are the shelter it is there responsibility.

    Again citizens ask to see the application for the 501(non profit) any organization wanting to become a non profit should have that ON HAND and be more than up front to show it. FYI I have several people with phone calls into them and NO they have not returned any calls on this matter, much less any thing else. Also ask them for an itemized list of what they are spending the money on, see if they are up front on it.

    The 3 local shelter(humane soceity, kcac and seattle animal control) have been around for years and have base set. It will take years for cares to even get close to what these shelters can provide.

    Agreed John, mike will hire some one he knows and it will all be jaded. I just can not believe how much control he has it seems like he is running the city of burien, into the ground that is.


    • william forest says:

      I totally agree with you feral cat care giver.. You have a heck of a lot more credibility than the Debra George Mike Martin dog and pony show.

  2. Ed Dacy says:

    I like that the city is bring in an outside expert to look over the situration.

    Here is a link to the story for anyone who wants to see it


    • william forest says:

      The problem ED is will it really be an outside INDEPENDENT animal control expert as Martin claims..??

      If he follows his usual methodology it will be someone who is beholden to him or he is connected to in some way so he can control what they say.
      I suspect unless (LOL) the council steps in and exercises some oversight like they almost never do, that we will get the usual Mike Martin dog and pony show.

      Its obvious that Martin is gung-ho on keeping CARES just like he is on Annexation.
      He prepared their power-point presentation to the council and Debra George just dutifully read her lines and attempted to act like it was her show and not a Mike Martin and Scott Greenberg (Martins lieutenant) production.

      Its the usual dam the torpedoes full speed ahead approach and he just steam rolls over inconvenient truths with his propaganda. I suspect that is what will happen here, exactly as it has played out before on other issues of contention between the residents and Mr Martin.

      • Ed Dacy says:

        Well Mr Forest the first thing you should do is register to VOTE I see you are NOT a registered voter in Burien, There are 7 William Forrest’s registered to vote in Washington and none in Burien (see Link)

        With the spelling of your last name Forest there is no registered voters in the State of Washington

        You seem to care about Burien. But the first thing to do is to become a voter in Burien, not just post on the blog.


        • William Forest says:

          Ed … Worry less about me than the substantive issues before the city and maybe you might have a chance of being elected to city council.. From what I have seen so far I am not impressed with your grasp of the issues> From you comment I suspect you are a passenger on the Mike Martin cruise ship.. Rest assured Ed .. I will be voting and I suggest instead of wasting time on researching me that you keep your eye on the ball and stand up and be counted instead of trying to play both sides of the issues.. No one likes a fence sitter Ed!

          • Ed Dacy says:

            Mr Forest, in the past i have been made aware of people who have a conflict of interest in an issue weighing in on issuses.

            I do post under my name as I will stand by what I say.

            On Mr Martin I believe he does what the majority of the council wants him to do, I do not always support what the majority wants to do.

            Because of disruption in a city government, I think there are a few times to fire a City Manager, which I am not going to list fully.

            But I do not blame an EMPLOYEE for doing what his/her bosses want him to do.

            C.A.R.E.S. is a program I have given time to mature, at this time they have a very short time to get there. Right now if their contract was up I do not think I would renew it, if I had a vote. But They are not aat a point I would say terminate, unless I knew what costs the city might incure for the termination.

            I was present at the presentation by King County Animal contol when they wanted the contract and I was not willing to spend the money they wanted for the services they said they would provide.

            I do think the biggest hurdle to paying for effective animal control in Burien is the large number of pet owners who do not license their pets. Is the license fee to high, the risk of penalties to low, or something else.

            BOTTOM LINE – I do not like blaming the messager for the message, also I think it would be interesting to sit down and discuss the issues with you. assuming you are an adult, something I cannot verify at this time

          • Gabby says:

            E I think you have it backwards.. The four lumps on the city council does what Mike Martin tells them to do NOT the other way around. I think you know who they are.. they are not only lazy don’t exercise oversight they are clueless and don’t listen to the residents. Otherwise Mike Martin would have been terminated a long time ago for cause.

  3. Mike says:

    So far martin has spent $10K/mo of tax payer money for what about 12 months on Cares for nothing. And now he wants to spend more taxpayer dollars to do an audit? Why? It’s obvious that its a disaster and needs to be shut down permanently. Get KCAC in here and get Martin out. He can’t run a phoney animal control let alone a city. We need to get him out of here before the annexation vote and get someone that can do the right thing for the citizens of burien before he does what he did to Fresno and Frisco. Maybe we should get the FBI to investigate what he’s really up to like Fresno did.

    Area Y Mike

  4. Monica says:

    Thank you for saving that dying cat on PRIVATE PROPERTY today. I was the one who gave them another organizations number (who’s website said they rescued injured cats) AND your number after the person on the phone said the cat was “feral”. I was trying to help that person out since CARES’ contract does not allow CARES to go on private property. As for your claim about us looking like a “puppy Mill”? I wasn’t aware that we were we supposed to keep cats in crates that look to be 12″by 24″ (they barely fit in them) on shelves like you seem to be doing (As seen on Komo News)? Our “painted particle board” cat condos IS particle board which is painted with oil based paint which provides a hard durable finish for easy cleanup WITH mats that are removable to spray down and clean. You claimed on Komo News that we can’t put stray cats with other cats because they could have feline leukemia, etc.. When we receive a “stray” cat, we do not put him/her with the other cats in the same area until we have taken them to the VET to get shots and be tested for feline leukemia. I have tried to work with you honestly. You have called CARES and talked (no, yelled) to me in the past with rude words saying I was sending too many people to you about “feral cats” and kittens. I stopped and even tried to work with you in calling many people myself in finding foster care for the kittens! I try not to refer people to you now (unless I feel it’s absolutely necessary) because I don’t want to deal with you calling again and YELLING at me about how I shouldn’t be sending people to you for feral cat problems (even though your organization is FCAT)!

    • Feralcat says:


      Private property the owner GAVE YOUR PERMISSION to go on the property. I have to get permission every time I trap. It is completely legal to do so. Sweetie that poor cat was basically dead, and cares will be paying for the euthanasia, since it cares’s responsibility, ie a stray cat whether feral or friendly. I do have pictures and full documentation on this cat. It came from a hoarders house that cares did NOTHING about. It is apparent you know NOTHING about feral cats. i have excellent reputation in regards to the TNR process, every shelter refer me sites and I TNR 1000 feral cats a year. So get your facts straight!!! NO I am not known to have the nicest personality but i get the damn job done.

      THOSE CATS ARE FERAL they were s/n 2 days ago and released today TOO. Actually all of these ones were from Burien. oops one was held for a week because it was sick and I needed to medicate it. You don’t let FERAL cats run loose in a room, there are some trapped that use pens but they only do about 10 cats at most I do 40 average every 2 weeks.

      As far as phone calls go, in regards to feral cats. well the other LEGIT shelters take the kittens that I rescue from the sites they referred me to, cares can NOT they do not have the capacity to do so. I was hoping cares would quickly figure out how in over your heads you are and completely under funded and ILL EQUIPPED cares is.

      I still get all the phone calls as does another local trapper from Burien citizens as you never seem to be able to do anything with feral cats. There is nothing on that news report about FELV, I mentioned Distemper, Parvo, kennel cough. LOL UM do you know what the difference is????

      You can not even come close to finding foster homes for the kittens that I and another trapper have gotten in the past 2 weeks. yes from Burien.!!!

      As far as the cages go. WRONG !!!! I don’t care if it oil based that tells me right there that is TOXIC. When a kitten/cat scratches that it will peel up and shards of paint will come off not to mention the Particle Board, it splinters.

      Again NO plan for infectious control? Again really?

      I will not fault the people of cares per say, other than they apparently they can not see the reality of how horrible this place is. Again going back to fact the debra as OVER a year to read the regulation and not figure this out is beyond everyone. I know $10,000.00 a month is NOT enough money so that is not “your” fault. Also why would anyone have a grand opening in the middle of the day on a Tuesday? Most people are at work, but it is convenient for debra to walk from her restaurant.

      So yes I yelled I will take FULL responsibility for that, but my frustration level with cares is pretty over the top as it is with most other people.



      • Laura Stiles says:


        Your postings are hard to read and understand, but I do want Blog readers to know that the city’s contract with CARES does not require them to accept feral cats, and the city’s animal control webpage (http://www.burienwa.gov/index.aspx?NID=884) states that neither the city nor CARES have the facilities to quarantine or rehabilitate them. It is also of note that the city does not expect CARES to respond to barking dog complaints or to accept owner surrenders (especially since their shelter is not yet complete).

        • William Forest says:

          King County offers both those services…and according to Mike Martin CARES offers much better comprehensive services than King County..

          Does not seem to be true here though does it?

        • Ms. Weaver says:

          Ms. Stiles
          What does CARES do? Specifacally your fiance. They don’t respond to barking animals,
          Take in surrender animals or help with feral cats. What does Mr. Helms do all day? Does he really have a job?

          • Laura Stiles says:

            To “Ms Weaver”

            Sigh… AGAIN, good citizens, if you want to criticize, please give your full real name so we can all know who you are. Come on out of the shadows – this should not be a problem for those who are so sure of their positions on various subjects.

            Regarding Ray, yes ma’am, of course he has a real job. At the moment, in addition to responding to calls, he is working his butt off completing the work orders requested by the Health Department. I hope we are all on the same page in desiring that Burien’s shelter be clean and safe for the animals who pass through. If any of you have labor or materials to contribute, by all means stop by or give them a call to see if you can help be part of the solution.

        • Marianne says:

          But Mr. Helms touted CARES work with TNR for feral cats at the June 18th city council meeting… When doing TNR, cats are not quarantined and rehabilitated, they are Trapped-Neutered-Released.

  5. Millie O'Hara says:

    Area y Mike I like your idea of getting the FBI to investigate Mike Martin to see what he is really up to. He treats the citizens of Burien just like he treats the animals and the majority of the council members stand by him and let him do this to us. I hope someone has the know how to do this.

  6. Millie O'Hara says:

    What I mean is I hope someone knows how to get the FBI to investigate him.

  7. JJ Greive says:

    Wow, Mike told us what his opinion was (who’s opinion should he have stated??). That is the stupidest opening to a letter to the editor I have ever seen.

    I like Mike, he works terribly hard, he cares about this city and is doing a great job.

    • Eato B. Verz says:

      That is the stupidest reply to a stupid opening of a letter to the editor I have ever read……Don’t forget to bring Mr. Martin a donut with his coffee this morning…TWO sugars,light cream….

    • William Forest says:

      Yeah like you have a clue JJ.. You have just swallowed the Mike Martin propaganda hook line and sinker because you apparently are lost in space and anyone that supports annexation is ok by you right? IF annexation is approved by AREA Y voters and they would be stupid to do so, then at least I will have the gratification of seeing you wake up to the fact that you got what you wished for and a Martin run city is not all roses like you apparently think.. and you will end up pining for the good old days when the NHUAC ran the show in White Center.
      Its not about personalities JJ its about DOING THE JOB you were hired to do and Mike Martin has failed at that by many different measurements!
      And btw way MIKE MARTIN was not offering an OPINION he was stating it like it was a fact .. after all he is the city manager and he should know (duh) . He just lied as usual .. .and its revealing about you and your agenda that doing that on TV is okee dokee with you!

    • Mike says:

      “A great job”? Come on greive. You cannot be serious. Martin is a liability wherever he “does what he does”. Look at Fresno and Frisco. Who decided he would be a good fit for Burien? They should be canned also. Even Montana could see his track record was crap. You and Martin shOuld be investigated by the FBI. Come on Greive, get serious.

  8. Vicki says:

    I am the homeowner who FCAT helped out with a dead cat in her backyard. I called my vet which refered me to animal control which is apparently CARES. When my husband called we were informed that CARES would need to check and see what could be done. Apparently they had never had a situation with a cat who was barely alive and had to check with someone to see what the protocol was. I received a call back after about 5 minutes and was told that there was nothing they can do they cannot go on to private property. I was then given two telephone numbers to call; one with a 425 area code and the other was for FCAT. I left a message for FCAT and received a call back within minutes. She told me she would be out shortly. Probably 10-15 minutes later FCAT came with a carrier; explaining to me that the woman down the street from me was a cat hoarder and nothing is being done about it. I stumbled upon this mess because of that poor cat that picked my backyard to die in. I was not impressed with CARES to just push off this poor dying cat on someone else. It seems to me that if you are animal control and you live in the City of Burien you should be able to help people who don’t want to see a poor sweet cat dying in their backyard. As far as FCAT is concerned I see she has a passion and a love for cats. When she knows what is going on in our community and is not seeing anything being done she is frustrated and I don’t blame her. I believe our money should be going to her to expand her operation. She came quickly, knew of the cat and where it came from and took it away for no money at all. If you have an problem with a dying cat in your yard don’t bother calling CARES because they really don’t care.

  9. Debi Wagner says:

    The KOMO story missed some key points. The reporter made it sound like this was the first time CARES had learned they were out of compliance with King County Health Department rules for running an animal shelter. The reporter was supplied another letter listing a number of similar and additional items for compliance from April 27. So KOMO knew and didn’t mention it and CARES knew for two months about problems including an infection control area and plan. In fact, for a year since it is part of the rules for running an animal shelter. Additionally, if an independent auditor is going to look over the books I say good luck! These are not in order. Fines are sporadic, inconsistent and not listed. One woman was told she would have to pay $500.00 to retrieve her two dogs. How many people have been charged this kind of fee? It is nowhere to be found in their financial records. License fees that are supposed to total around $70,000 to offset the costs of CARES are the same, sporadic and inconsistent. Reporting includes no more than a few hundred dollars that I can see. I don’t see anything going back to Burien, only money to CARES. For the listing of pets in and pets out, it is unclear if pets out includes euthanasia, return to owner or real disposition. It doesn’t list if pets are kept at CARES or sent out to PJ’s, given back to the owner or caged somewhere else. And there appears to be no report for costs for vet services, outsourced boarding, food, construction, staff, etc. I don’t know how an audit can uncover things that are not accounted for. I would rather see an audit of each pet, what happened to them and why. The original staff, trained in animal control and licensed to do so believe CARES is euthanising more animals than what is being reported. This is very possible because the numbers of animals in and out leave a lot of wiggle room for animals unaccounted for. And if they can hide these figures behind outsourced boarding, lack of identification of animals, lack of paperwork on disposition, then who knows?

    • Al says:


      I thought you were a person that does volunteer work, why not help them out. Check out the King County animal control and see if they don’t use volunteers.
      If all of you on the blog put your energy that you use to critique everything to something positive maybe Burien could be a great place.

      • Cuppa Joe says:

        I, for one, am impressed by Debi’s grasp of the situation and honest approach to this mess. My kind of candidate! Al, how would volunteering for King County animal control help Burien be a “great place” exactly? Not that it wouldn’t be a great endeavor, but the issue is that King County animal control is not able to do anything to assist pets/people in Burien because of the hollow cares contract.

        • Al says:

          I was suggesting volunteering with “Cares” anyone can complain on a blog it takes community action to make it a better place. As I follow this blog there seems to be a large share of complainers and critiques but what are these people doing to solve the problem.
          I am sure we could all find someone to blame our problems on but real leadership comes from finding a solution.

          • Eaton B. Verz says:

            Al you hit the nail right on the head,our leadership needs to find a solution. Unfortunately most of our leaders blindly follow whatever Mr. Martin tell them.That’s why I will work to change the council and remove the Martin cabal.Regards, Eaton

          • Feralcat says:

            FCAT is not a NON profit. I am a registered charity with the state of Washington. ei while I do take donations, you can not write them off. I want to be VERY upfront/honest on this:)

            cares is NOT as of yet a 501 3 (c) in order to be one they have to have FILED an application, and fill out 990 forms.

            i dare any one to ask them for a copy of that application, guess what if they are not willing to show it to you then something is really wrong here. PROVE ALL OF US wrong on this issue!!! I dare you., cares

            J Clayton I totally agree with you about the annexation. I too am terrified.

            Al, Eaton is correct, people have complained and written letters and the council does NOT care, most mike martian does give a rats ass about the situation AT all.

            Also Al, there is nothing to volunteer for, the whole in the wall where they are(153) at is NOT allowed to have animals. The new place, well we are all still waiting to see if they will get their permits to even open.


  10. French Cat says:

    Oh My, and on it goes. Thank the Lord for people who care about animals and are appalled at the lack of care and “animal control” that this sad CARES operation offers. Please, those that have a say, do something to remedy this situation. I pray every day that I am not faced with an animal in need, as I am positive this inadequate program and facility would only give me nightmares. Please, please, City Council members, do the right thing and get back with King County’s program, where at least, even tho not perfect, it has protocol in place and actually offer assistance to the heartrending problems of animals in need….Burien has it’s priorities so confused. We have quit going to Council meetings, as the frustrations we are subjected to with their operation, requires increased medication, so we are hoping, beyond hope, that those that have power, with do something to remove Mike Martin, who has proven to be the source of most of our problem…..I understand he has done some good, but not enough to warrant putting up with his lies and overbearing management style…Wake up People…..

  11. J Clayton says:

    I’m sickened by the response from city coucil over this CARES issue, specifically Mr. Martin’s. I wrote that letter to them regarding being “appauled” by the conditions found inside that shelter. I’m glad to see they (they being the Health Department no thanks to Burien) shut down some of their operations, but I don’t believe this will solve any of the city’s problems. Honestly, it didn’t even look like Ms. George cared if they made their inspection deadlines for their grand opening. That is truely unfortunate. I am grateful that currently I am considered a White Center resident (by a whole block!) but have become increasingly concerned as the annexation approaches. As an animal owner, I worry about their welfare and I worry about the welfare of any poor animal I may come across. I’ve always been fortunate to deal with KCAC and feel they do a far superior job. I’m glad to see non-profits like FCAT out there to ease some of the community’s burden, but it begs the question……What does CARES actually do? They can’t go on private property? What if it’s my property and I need them to come out for something? That’s just rediculous. God help us all when the annexation goes through. I AM a registered voter and plan on voicing my concerns. I was born and raised in Burien…but apparently Im gonna have to wait til I am a Burien voter again for the politicians to get any real attention. In the meantime, good luck Burien citizens, I hope that by the time I am one of you again , this issue will be resolved.


    I dare anyone to truely compare the two service options side by side now. KCAC may cost money, but CARES is wasting a lot more than money. By now, I’m sure they’re costing the city a lot more than the few bucks Burien tried to save by launching this program. It’s a money pit that has upset just about everyone and the end result has been nothing more than a horror show.

  12. John E says:

    Looking from the outside on this conversation, it seems FCAT responded quickly and did the right thing. If CARES cannot or won’t then why are they here? What else are they doing that supports the mission of having a city animal service?

    I don’t know either group for what they do or stand for and I am not criticizing but as the proof is in the pudding so to speak, actions at this point do speak volumes in my opinion.

    • Laura Stiles says:

      “John E”

      In your own words, you ” don’t know either group for what they do or stand for.” I invite you to visit the City’s animal control webpage, at http://www.burienwa.gov/index.aspx?NID=884, which contains a link to CARES’s website, and learn more BEFORE posting your complaint. Your credibility would also be enhanced by offering your full real name. Thanks.

      • Eaton B. Verz says:

        Laura Stiles, Go easy on the real name bs. You must consider that many people on the blog are worried about all the angry people on the blog.(like Ray Helms)People are trying to look up personal info on people who disagree with their opinions for who knows. what pupose. Or are you one of those people also?? Lighten up…..Go pound some nails at CARES. You’ll feel better. Eaton

        • wheels says:

          Exactly. City staff is its own little mafia. I have been the victim of retaliation for speaking out against wrongdoing by the city. If you are a critic of local government, they can and will target you in a variety of nasty, petty ways.

          • Joe Wills says:


            My wifes family owns business propertys in Burien and for many decads had a business. They two were afraid of backlash from the city council for speaking thier minds about how things have been done here in our town.

            What did they do to you?


          • wheels says:

            I can’t go into specifics without losing anonymity. If they would just go after me, I would fight back publicly. They are willing to punish my family to silence me, and it is working. City employees, including police, have the power of discretion. They can choose to enforce laws on a few citizens when those same laws are openly ignored by all other citizens, and even ignored by the city itself. Whoever you are, they can find something you are doing that doesn’t meet some code or another, in their opinion, and they make it clear that they have the power to enforce the law unevenly, even unlawfully, to punish you for speaking out. Your only option is to sue, and they are careful to always have the defense that they were simply enforcing the code. One would need inside information to uncover a deliberate pattern of intimidation. It is common knowledge on the City Council that city staff wields this power, and even they are unable or unwilling to do anything about it. Mike Martin runs the city, and the Council is a sideshow to keep you distracted.

  13. Joe Wills says:

    Hi I am Joe Wills and this is my Burien Moment:
    This is a very serious issue! This CARES group acting as our city’s Animal Control. The Director of CARES and our City Manager have known for some time now that CARES is not following proper standards for a shelter from the beginning, YES even not having the proper permit to operate as a shelter from the King County Health Department. So why is our city council continuing with this contract? Do our animals deserve for CARES to be given time to mature????? I think not! Let’s remember that when this contract was presented to the city and the public. There were three other people who had the experience necessary for setting up this type of organization. Where are they now? I am guessing they didn’t want to drink the Debra George / Mike Martin Cool aide and were forced to resign because the conditions were so bad. I am sure that Mike Martin made it clear he didn’t really CARE. My fellow Burien citizen’s this is wrong! Let’s also remember that Debra “I own Burien” was fired from the Discover Burien? Yet she is the director and still runs ALL events and has ALL the say with the Farmers Market and other events here in our city. Who’s she fooling? I too saw the KOMO 4 news story, Poor little Debra, stating that it was unclear that everything had to be caulked and the materials had to be used Duh!!!! Let’s not forget Mike Martin stating that the level of services far exceeds that of KCAC? Really Mike? What have you been smoking????
    The City Council needs to pull the contract on this and go with KCAC, and Get this circus out of OUR town.
    I am Joe Wills and that was my Burien moment!

  14. Feralcat says:

    I have put the King county public health write up on my face book page for Feral cat assistance and trapping. You do not have to “like” me to read it.

    It is legal to put this on there as I asked for a copy.

    I just thought if you wanted to see it any one could.


  15. huh? says:

    CARES certainly has its problems and isuses. The biggest of which they are underfunded.

    There are many individuals and rescue/shelter groups that will no longer ask Feralcat for help or refer her. She knows it, but seems to ignore it or just doesn’t c.a.r.e.!

    Curious FC…have you submitted your infectious plan to King County Public Health? Have they inspected your facility? Did you pass? Are you licensed by them?

    • Vicki Hurley says:

      I don’t know the answers to your questions, huh, and FCAT seems perfectly able to speak for herself. However, it struck me that if she wasn’t totally legal in all regards, she would have to be pretty dumb to let KOMO 4 film the inside of her facility and put it on television — as she did quite recently. Our friend, FCAT, is many things, but I don’t think dumb is on the list.

  16. huh? says:

    On previous posts feralcat has stated that Public Health does not know about her and that the only way they would is if someone reported her. If she is going to harp on another org for not being licensed/failing the Public Health inspection, then she should be adhering to the same laws and regulations.

    FC–are you working with PH to become licensed?

    • Boo says:

      I don’t know much about FCAT but I don’t think the same requirements apply to what she is doing. Animal Shelters are not the same as Animal Rescue. Most rescue groups have no single location to house animals but rely on foster homes. TNR – what FCAT specializes in is Trap Neuter & Release of ferals which would not be able to be adopted. They are fixed and returned to their colony and have very limited interactions with people. There is a fantastic organization in Lynnwood that does spay/neuter of ferals for free. The cats are delivered to them in the am, fixed, and returned to the rescuer that afternoon. They need only overnight to recover and then they can be returned to their colony.
      I doubt if FCAT is breaking any public health regulations besides having more cats than the city allows.

      CARES is attempting to open a shelter…..there are plenty nearby they could visit to see what is standard and I’m sure they have guidelines available that go into detailed specifics.
      CARES has no excuse for not passing the second (or is this the third?) inspection. If they don’t pass the next one the city needs to seriously consider cancelling the contract.

      Huh? Your post sounds somewhat threatening….maybe you didn’t mean it that way – perhaps you were only implying pot (FCAT) was calling the kettle (CARES) black?

  17. marianne says:

    I stopped by Burien City Hall to get a copy of the contract between CARES and the City of Burien. I was pleasantly surprised to find a Policy and Procedures Manual as part of the packet. It appears to be comprehensive in how to intake and care for animals, how to complete reports, and in its cleaning protocols. The report also highly recommends that staff at CARES visit successful shelters in the region.

    In the actual contract on page 13, section 3:
    Building: “The kennel shall comply with the best practices and/or professional shelter standards promoted by national animal welfare organizations, such as, but not limited to, The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), American Humane Association (AHA), ASPCA or Association of Shelter Veterinarians. The facility site shall be operated in conformance with the local zoning regulations and shall comply with all Federal, State and local regulations. Contractor shall be familiar and comply with all State and City ordinances and shall be responsible for obtaining all necessary approvals, permits and business licenses from the City.”

    On page 15, section 16:
    Periodic Review of Agreement: “The City and the Contractor shall review the service levels and terms of this contract within six months from the start date of the agreement (by December 15, 2011) and periodically thereafter.”

    Did this happen? Has it happened again periodically?

    On page 6, section 11 (C)
    Termination: “Failure to comply with the contditions of this contract may be grounds for termination. Contractor will be allowed reasonable time to correct conditions not in compliance with Agreement. However, the City may terminate this contract on 60 days notice for documented performance failures.”

    I encourage all Burien residents and those in area Y to obtain a copy of the contract and policy and procedures manual.

  18. Feralcat says:


    ok actually the vet at health department DOES KNOW about me. When i called about them about this horrible situation, i told her what I do. I am NOT a shelter, I do NOT fall under those guidelines.

    Also about 5 years ago, when i first moved into the house i live in now, I DID get reported by some dumb asses, that actually thought when I was rescuing kittens and getting them vetted for Adoption I was MAKING money.

    Two men came out, and I showed them exactly what I was doing and they were VERY impressed!! Now this was just about 5 years ago so i have no idea if this would be on record. But damn it now you have it. I did not get sited for anything NOR did they tell me that I need to be “licensed” for anything.

    Right back at ya :))


  19. huh? says:

    Glad you fInally stepped up and let PH know about your facility. To do otherwise is the pot calling the kettle black.

  20. huh? says:

    Marianne, my statement refers to feralcat’s first statement: ‘ok actually the vet at health department DOES KNOW about me. When i called about them about this horrible situation, i told her what I do. I am NOT a shelter, I do NOT fall under those guidelines’. By feralcat’s own admission, she just recently told Public Health about her operation.

    In regards to your capitalized comment ‘that was FIVE YEARS AGO’, Public Health’s rules/laws have changed and expanded since five years ago…they were not performing all of the inspections of animal businesses, shelters and rescue groups like they are now. Now that they know about feralcat’s facility it will be interesting to see if they agree she does not need to be licensed/inspected.

  21. Feralcat says:

    Hey HUH?

    Wanna know what your “inquiry” did NOTHING!!!

    I do NOT fall under the guidelines of a shelter!!!

    Rules have changed but my type of rescue HAS NOT. I TNR feral cats!.

    So there ya go.


  22. huh? says:

    Hi feralcat,
    Based on your statement, ‘FCAT is not a NON profit. I am a registered charity with the state of Washington. ei while I do take donations, you can not write them off. I want to be VERY upfront/honest on this:)’, we checked the Washington Secretary of State (SOS) charity search and cannot find Feral Cat Assistance and Trapping or FCAT. The ‘search’ states ‘there are no Charitable Organizations that match your search’.

    Can you please help us locate you on the SOS Charity search? http://www.sos.wa.gov/charities/search.aspx Thanks.

  23. Feralcat says:

    YEP here ya go UBI 602-916-887. I have the signed letter from the State. It did lapse(again I am honest) and I got it reinstated. I can’t scan to prove to you but I did give you enough info to find me. Filing date July 16, 2012 just to help ya out there.

    While is says I am not a “nonprofit” if one makes a donation to me you can NOT write it off.

    UNLIKE cares who has been completely LYING about their non profit status. I now I have a letter from the IRS about that too)))))) confirming this.

    Sorry this took so long, but I am out rescuing and doing some of the cats stuff from burien because they can ‘t seem to actually do anything.

    Keep it coming HUH and crew. (we?)


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