City of Burien Announces Dates of Next 3 Annexation Informational Sessions

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The City of Burien has announced the dates and locations of its final three Annexation Informational Sessions, where city officials explain and promote why they believe annexation of the remainder of White Center/North Highline would be a good thing.

The proposed annexation area includes the unincorporated remainder of North Highline, which includes White Center, Top Hat, Beverly Park, Glendale, and portions of Boulevard Park, Riverton Heights and Shorewood.

Burien annexed the southern section of North Highline in 2010.

Annexation will be on the ballot Nov. 6, and only residents of the proposed annexation area will be able to vote.

The remaining informational sessions are scheduled to take place on the following Thursdays:

  • August 23: White Center Food Bank, 10829 8th Ave SW, 6 p.m.
  • September 13: Beverly Park Elementary School, cafeteria, 1201 S. 104th Street, 6 p.m.
  • October 18: Cascade Middle School, cafeteria, 11212 10th Ave SW, 6 p.m.

The city will also have an annexation-information booth on Saturday, July 21 at the Jubilee Days Street Fair in White Center. Staff will be there from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. to answer questions and pass out informational brochures including copies in Spanish, Vietnamese, Cambodian and Somali.

Also, the city has created an interactive map that can show you if you live in annexation area: click here to see it.

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35 Responses to “City of Burien Announces Dates of Next 3 Annexation Informational Sessions”
  1. John Poitras says:

    My understanding is that the purview of these meetings is informational only and that the council or the city is in violation of statute if they actively promote annexation.
    Can someone advise if I understand this correctly?

    Also regardless of the answer it is unacceptable for a sitting city council member GERALD ROBISON to be loud and abusive talking over people and not allowing them to ask questions he did not like. He should be censored by the council for his behavior at the last meeting.

    • Al says:

      It is also difficult for the people the meetings are intended for to get the information they would like to receive when the Anti-Annexation group show up to disrupt the meeting.

      • John Poitras says:

        Thanks for your propaganda Al.. NO DISRUPTION WHATSOEVER was caused by the residents of Burien that showed up to this PUBLIC MEETING. The problem for the folks that went to get questions answered is that they find these inconvenient questions are not even allowed to be even asked and that is NOT the way public informational meetings are supposed to go..
        Were you even there AL or are you just parroting the Mike Martin Jerry Robison fact free party line, which is to diss anyone that is concerned about looking before we leap and how we are going to pay for it.
        Also when the “information” that is being given is false misleading and amounts to pro annexation propaganda that is a problem too..
        Al your post is false ,misleading and frankly a pile of hooey. You apparently along with Mr Robison have a problem with freedom of speech and you represent a group of people who have a rigid mindset that facts fail to penetrate. Anyone in Area Y that is foolish enough to vote against their own interests to approve annexation has been bamboozled by the scare tactics and fact free propaganda perpetrated by the Jerry Robison Mike Martin dog and pony show.

        • Joey Martinez says:

          Mr Poitras, apologies for not saying hello to you at the annexation meeting that night. It was pretty crowded and I guess I didn’t see you?

          Joey Martinez

        • Al says:

          I was at the informational meeting and saw first hand and talked to residents that felt the same way as I did. The foums is for the residents of North Highline for information on the Annexation.
          Thank you LS for giving us information from someone who has some credibility (Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon), not the people who try to feed their perception of the facts.

          • William Forest says:

            Al I I can guess who told you that these meetings are only for residents of the unincorporated area but that claim (although you present it as a fact) is absolutely false.

            The residents of the CITY OF BURIEN are paying for these meetings and since they are PUBLIC MEETINGS anyone is welcome to attend.
            This ESPECIALLY applies to current residents of Burien.
            So I suggest you re-educate yourself as to this what should be self evident fact.

          • John Poitras says:

            Al these meetings are not exclusively for the residents of the incorporated area they are open to everyone including current burien residents although I am sure Mr Martin and his sidekick Gerry would be more than pleased if that were true because they would not have to answer those inconvenient questions.. Who ever told you otherwise is speaking out of both sides of their mouth.
            Oh and btw even if the tax credit did total 5 million (and it won’t), it has strings attached to it that limit what it can be used for and does not even begin to cover CIP or the increased services that will be required of the annexation area.. (case in point the CARES Animal Control we have in Burien can not even take care of Burien can you imagine them taking on Area Y too?
            Area Y would be much better off sticking with King County because with Burien they are going to see increased taxes .. decreased service and an unresponsive city council which will go back to business as usual when its too late for area Y to change its mind once they realize what a mistake they made.

    • Ed Dacy says:

      John you are correct City of Burien Employees at these events are to give unbiase information NOT promote the annexation effort. I would hope B-Town Blog would clarify their Headline, if they added the promote or if it ccame from the the City

  2. Ghost of Maewild says:

    Shure would be nice to know how the meeting went. any info John?

  3. Ghost of Maplewild says:

    John,Joey – Please shed some light on was happened at the meeting.

    • Ruthie says:

      Ghost: (and others who want to know about the meeting) Read the detailed coverage on West Seattle Herald’s website. Their reporter attended the meeting.

    • John Poitras says:

      Ghost.. I will include here an excerpt of a letter I wrote to members of the city council that are not biased towards annexation and under mike martins thumb. QUOTE:

      It is unacceptable for a sitting city council member GERALD ROBISON to be loud and abusive talking over people denigrating them and not allowing them to ask questions he did not like.
      He also engaged in scare tactics saying the alternative to voting for annexation by Burien would be giving up any control they might have over their destiny.
      This coming from the guy who did not recuse himself from the annexation vote although he clearly had and has conflicts of interest.

      He should be censored by the council for his behavior at the that meeting, it was shameful and unbecoming an elected representative. (even if he did get elected by pretending to not be gung ho for annexation like he certainly is)

  4. LS says:

    For anyone interested in facts, Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon, representing Burien and parts of North Highline, noted in an email in regard to the annexation tax credit, “I think there has been a fair amount of misinformation out there on this subject. Under current law, Burien would receive the full $5 million tax credit for all 10 years. I think it is not at all likely that the Legislature would revoke the tax credit after annexation passes.”
    He went on to state that anything less than the $5 million would require a change at the state level:
    “If the Legislature were going to eliminate the annexation tax credit, we would have done it this year. The state Office of Financial Management has factored the potential of the tax credit into their long-term budget projections. It would require a statutory change (which is extremely unlikely) for Burien to receive anything less than $5 million. I’m not sure why the Berk Report would have said otherwise.”

    • John Poitras says:

      LS… I will give Joe a call … because since the state legislature in only in session for about 3 months out of the year and it is no longer in session I think perhaps he was using a number based on a projection that is clearly out of date and does not reflect the actuals.s

      Stay tuned for an update.. it may take a few days.. or so.

  5. wheels says:

    Robison says that North Highline residents will have a greater say in local government because they will make up 30% of Burien voters. More than half of existing Burien residents are opposed to annexation, and they are completely ignored right now. Why would residents of North Highline believe their voices will be heard after annexation? Do they think Mike Martin is going to visit their neighborhood and have community meetings after annexation? Martin and Robison are counting on North Highline voters being very gullible.

  6. Russel Newberry says:

    Wheels I would like to see your figures proving that more than half of existing Burien residents are opposed to annexation. YOu are making a statement that you cannot back up with facts and figures. I happen to live in North Burien and I feel that Burien has done a great job including us into the city.
    Why would North Highline want to go to Seattle where they would have no voice whatsoever is any decision. Take a look at all the nutty taxes and regulations that Mayor McSchwinn and his city council is imposing on the citizens.
    Take a look at all the affordable housing that is planned for that area. It would be nice if North Highline could stay unincorporated but the county has made it very clear that they are getting out of the land business.
    I would choose Burien anyday over Seattle.
    And by the way, Highline voters are not gullible and they are not going to let you throw out facts that you cannot prove. They are also smart enough to see through the anti annexation people who are scared to death of a fair vote and choose to do anything they can to keep the facts from getting out.

    • Eaton B. Verz says:

      Russel, Just a note on nutty taxes, what about our wonderful Burien car tab tax? Even after voters rejected it the council implemented it without voter approval. Get used to it Russel…Welcome area Y residents! Bring your wallets!!

    • mike says:

      Russel, here’s some facts getting out:

      Increased taxes & fees:
      $10 license tab fee
      $140 per household utility and property tax increase
      $90 Business license fee
      $125 B&O Tax based on $250K

      $500,000 for cost over runs on the Ambaum overlay project due to Martin’s mismanagement, passed on to tax payers=HIGHER TAXES

      $2,750,000 after Burien was sued and lost due to Martin’s mismanagement of the road and infrastructure project on the 1st Ave. phase 1, also passed on to tax payers, which=HIGHER TAXES

      $77,000,000 in increased taxes to provide infrastructure upgrades in Area Y which Burien has no way to pay for without raising taxes which, guess what? HIGHER TAXES

      What We Won’t Get: a business plan for Area Y. Martin seems to use the Berk report for that. That’s a REPORT not a PLAN. I guess we have to vote yes to see whats in the plan?

      What We Won’t Get:
      Quality animal control. Martin decided to go with a cheap alternative called CARES instead of King County Animal Control. Expect higher taxes to get KCAC if annexed.

      We definitely won’t get:
      Government Transparency.

      BTW Russel its not an option to go with a Seattle annexation at this time. I’m very happy with King County. VOTE NO for annexation.

      Area Y Mike

    • William Forest says:

      Russell I actually think you have it upside down from reality.. The pro-annexation folks are against a fair vote.. First of all they tried to have it in august when everyone is out of town and with a lot of effort the Burien City Council was pressured by Burien residents for a FAIR VOTE most of whom think annexation is a bad idea for Burien & for Area Y, to override Mike Martin and hold the vote in November rather than August as he was pushing for and the NHUAC was supporting..
      Second it appears you have bought into the scare tactics currently being used Mr Martins cabal that if you reject Burien you will end up with Seattle.. Thats just not true… Thats why there is a choice presented in the first place via the November ballot.
      In fact you will continue to have lower taxes and better services if you stick with King County… IF King County is getting out of the as you put it land business it has not been formally announced although that thought is definitely part of the propaganda of the Push Annexation at all costs folks. If you have some solid facts to back up this claim please provide a link.

      As far as the FACTS getting out.. Try attending some one of the meetings promoting annexation put on by the City of Burien and note how many questions are ignored or not answered that have been raised about how they are going to pay for the CIP , the increased animal control services , water overflow management, social services, roads, underestimated police services and many other expenditures currently funded by King County that have never been answered by Mr Martin.

      Either you are part of the pro-annexation at all costs group or you are not privy to the reality of the true costs of annexation and the personal agenda driven propaganda that is being used to obscure it.

  7. wheels says:

    Burien residents voted against annexation in the only way they could, by voting for anti-annexation candidates.

    If Mike Martin wanted to know if existing Burien residents favor or oppose annexation, he could have asked us. He could have gone to the community in a series of meetings, like he is doing for annexation now, and asked the residents, what do you think we should do regarding annexing North Highline? He could have put an advisory vote on the ballot. He pointedly did not take those steps because he knew what the answer would be: no.

  8. Russel Newberry says:

    Wheels, I have to agree that the poeple voted at the election booth. So, lets take a look at the primary Position 2 Greg Duff (pro annexation) 26.33%
    Ed Dacty (pro annexation) 24.26%
    Lucy (anti annexation) 48.82%
    Combine Duff and Dacy and the pro annexation won this seat.

    Position 4 Shaw (pro annexation) 37.94%
    Martinez (pro annexation) 16.9%
    Edgar (anti annexation) 45.02%
    Combine Shaw and Martinez and pro annexation won this seat

    Robinson and Wagner only met in the general election
    Robinson (pro annexation)53.76%
    Wagner (anti annexation) 45.84%
    pro annexation won this seat.

    I guess FACTS are all in how you look at them.

    For the others that keep quoting all the taxes in Burien, now go ahead and quote all the taxes and fees in Seattle. Stop telling half of the story.

    Its very easy to manipulate facts to make your side look good and both sides are doing it (politics as usual) but a fair vote without all the brow beating is what we need.
    There are a few anti annexation people who love to get very negative and accuse you of being a Mike Martin fan as soon as you don’t favor annexation. These people are rude and obviously afraid of a fair vote. Let’s stop all the crap and get to the vote.

    • Eaton B. Verz says:

      Russel, not sure the primary counts to the bottom line… Joey was anti annexation for the primary! Ask him. He waffled after I voted for him!! I guess the truth is whatever you believe.Eaton

    • William Forest says:

      Russell talk about manipulating facts.. Thats exactly what you are doing with your fuzzy approach to what actually happened.. THE FACTS are Bob Edgar blew away MR PRO ANNEXATION in the election. This was because a lot of folks went canvassing and educated residents about what was at stake in the election and I can report that 95% of the Burien residents I spoke with and it was hundreds were adamantly against annexation. Thats why Gordon Shaw lost so convincingly even though he was supported and given fund raisers by the current majority on the city council. That should be evidence enough to show that the majority of Burien residents are against annexation and its odd they WERE NEVER EVEN ASKED!

      As far as Robison wining a fairly close election against Wagner who had no fund raising and no money and her mailers did not get sent out.. The big difference was that Gerry ran a stealth campaign and no where on his website or on his literature did he proclaim he was pro annexation or in all likelihood he would have been defeated..

      As far as brow beating and getting nasty.. The pro-annexation bloggers are as nasty as you can get.. In fact I would call the majority of their posts really nasty and they NEVER addressed any of the questions that were raised in the post subjects they most often just engaged in personal attacks using the attack and distract method.. SO I am calling your slur on the residents unfair, mean spirited and small minded to quote Mike Martin.

  9. Russel Newberry says:

    William Do you ever actually read what you write or do you just put down on paper the first thing that comes to your mind. I am relatively new to this blog so I looked up the posts that you have made in the last few months and every one of them is an attack on either a pro annexation person of somebody from city hall. Any time somebody calls you on it, you end up calling them names and never addressing what they are saying.
    I have never seen anybody on any blog as negative as you. I am not going to even try to debate you on any of the opinions you have made because you would not listen anyway.
    The ironic thing is, I was not sure how the annexation should go so I am pretty neutral, until now. I have three daughters and their husbands who live in the North Highline area and they read your attack today and all 6 of them are now going to be pro annexation people. By next week the State of Washington will probably have voter registration through facebook and I am going to spend a lot of time in White Center helping people to get registered so they also can be pro annexation.
    Keep up the good work, William, other people have said you are anti annexations worst enemy and now I believe them.

    • William Forest says:

      Russell.. OBVIOUSLY you did not look at the posts I RESPONDED to which were UNFAIR and NASTY attacks on the either the person who posted the thread or someone who commented that they were against annexation.. So apparently you have a blind spot for anyone that is for annexation and are willing to ignore the howls, growls and slurs by them against anyone that has the temerity to try and get the truth out about annexation and all the unanswered questions.

      Be my guest and vote AGAINST YOUR OWN BEST INTERESTS.. That’s your right.. Join the gang there are a lot of you that are apparently unable to do the math and come up with a correct total.

      To say you are neutral on annexation is obviously a complete fabrication as your posts show you to be in direct conflict with that statement.
      Its easy to say you don’t want to debate when you are not holding a winning hand and I am calling your bluff.

      Also don’t you think its a little vain to believe that just because you help someone register to vote that they will be misinformed enough to vote against their own best interests just because you tell them too?

      But thats the way people like you think so it does not surprise me. The sad thing is the you are including your own family in your self deception.. What a great father.. Do your daughters and their husbands always do exactly what you tell them to do? I hope not because that says a lot about the way you operate.

      My goal is the get the TRUTH out about annexation and its pitfalls and let people decide for themselves.. But thats just the way I roll.

  10. jimmy says:

    william you do not play well with others put your funny hat back on and stand in the corner you have not lerned your lesson yet

    • William Forest says:

      Russell.. Here’s one of those I spoke about .. Check out jimmys posts and make a comment. Of course you won’t because he’s on your team.

      • jimmy says:

        your wrong iam not any team go check with every on here when will you get it IAM NOT ON ANY TEAM OR SIDE MR FOREST SO SHUT YOUR MOUTH YOU MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just don’t like people that talk trash like yourself to try to push your views on people thats why no one will to listen you becuse all you do is talk trash and try push people’s buttons just like anoying little kid so if you don’t like beening treated like a little kid then knock it the hell off and act like a adult then may be people will listen to you think before you post MORON

  11. Mike says:


    I noticed you didn’t dispute any of the facts I stated about Burien. King county is the other option available for Area Y. I’m not comparing Burien to Seattle. Why bring it in the conversation? King county provides better services and lower taxes. Why bring Buriens mismanagement into Area Y? I believe what I read when you, jimmy, jj grieve and many others on this blog never post anything to support annexation, you only trash the people that bring out the facts to prove annexation is a terrible idea for Area Y.

    Vote NO for annexation

    Area Y Mike

  12. New guy stuck in Y says:

    Yeah! Another reason to question all the pro annexation lies there is yet another one that was put into the program guide for Jubilee Days

    Voting for Burien annexation will not in any way affect how the local water district is provided or will it decide your local sewer district it will not affect the libraries in White Center or Boulevard park its simply not true.

    First of all the Libraries are controlled, governed by, built, torn down, moved or whatever anything and everything is decided by Bill Ptacek and the board of directors for the King County Library System! End of story period anything more you hear is not true, Burien has zero control over this. Smoke and mirrors my friends don’t believe the hooey!

    Next the local sewer district, water district and schools will stay the same! That means the same any way you look at it! This was decided in 2005 by King County, Seattle and Burien there is no one single lone wolf thing going on there folks. Pro Burien annexation wants you to think that they put on superman costumes and save the day this is just not true. Burien has no single say in this it’s just yet another stream of smoke being blown up your pant leg.
    If your going to run an add at least state the facts truthfully!
    Don’t get me wrong we love Burien that’s right we love you but we just want to be friends we really don’t want the long term serious relationship. Yes that’s right your in the friends category

    Now for a few facts if Burien annexes White Center
    You will have more rules
    You will have more city government
    You will have to pay more taxes

    If you all feel so strongly about giving away rights and money please just donate to the food bank or something it makes way more sense

  13. New guy stuck in Y says:

    Seriously bring your facts speak the truth and stop perpetuating bold face lies. Go ahead pick on me I dont care at all not one bit, I have kids I have learned to ignore that crap. I speak the truth period and I dont care who it offends thats not my goal or intension. If you are for anexation good for you just dont run people down who are not for it, help your side answer the questions or at least demand that the council or Mike Martin be truthfull and answer the questions that are not getting answered. If it’s true there should be no reason why the questions are ignored or side stepped dont you all want to be sure and know the facts? There are enough sheep, time to be the shepard and reel in the flock, there is no harm in working togather to get to the bottom of all this no matter what the outcome turns out to be. Plain and simple these people need to be held accountable and need to be called out if they can’t do just that. This affects me directly I just purchased a house in area Y and have been a long time resident of White Center as well as I work here, this is all about people like me. We have a right to be treated with respect and have our voices heard as well have our questions answered truthfully without getting grief for it, shame on them for ignoring us and simply just being rude.Thanks for your time and lending an ear.

    • mike says:

      New guy stuck in Y,

      You will not be heard by the burien council or martin. They are hell bent on annexation.

      I put up the tax increases for annexation and no one disputed them! I can’t believe it. If anyone has something to dispute the aforementioned tax increases, fee’s and cost overruns passed on to the tax payers, please state your case.

      Area Y Mike

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