Burien Resident Creates Filmmaking App – Meet John Clem, ‘CinePro’ Creator

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by Scott Schaefer

A Burien man named John Clem has created a new App called ‘CinePro‘ that is generating a lot of attention in the film (and App) world.

“CinePro started with the belief that everyone is a filmmaker,” reads a statement on Clem’s website. “Our goal was to create a tool that was powerful enough for professional filmmakers and friendly enough for anyone with a passion for capturing life’s best moments. Our dream is to see the CinePro community capture everything from full length features to birthday parties.”

What InstaGram is to still photos, CinePro aims to be for videos, allowing for different filters, frame rates and more – here are some sample videos showing its capabilities – first, our own test using the “Tilt” filter, shot at a recent Burien Farmers Market, followed by test shoots from other sources:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sX3pDg2THB0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGFue0Joch8

CinePro, which can be purchased here for $2.99, includes artistic filters and varying focal length virtual “lenses” that can turn your iPhone or iPad into a high-quality film camera.

Clem has lived in Burien since 2006 with his wife and kids, and has been into technology most of his life.

“I have always been tech-savvy,” he told The B-Town Blog. “Some of my favorite stories are memories of navigating the command line at age three on my dad’s Apple II and building my first PC at age 9 with spare parts I got in trade from babysitting my IT-specialist-neighbor’s children while my mom home schooled me and my sister!”

Clem adds that he’s always been interested in computer programming, but it always seemed to be something that he would never be able to do.

“I had tried to learn several times throughout High School and College, with varying amounts of success, but the end result was always the same; I had very little retention of the concepts and nothing really to speak of in terms of things I’d created other than the traditional ‘Hello World’ screens,” he said.

But Clem isn’t just a Tech Geek either – he began working in the Film industry in 2005 as a Digital Imaging Technician (aka the “on-set nerd” for films shooting digitally), mainly working with his friends Jesse Bryan (Director of several features and shorts, and Clem’s co-worker in the film dept. at Mars Hill Church in Ballard) and Ben Kesulke (Director of Photography for many films, including the recently shot-in-Burien film “Safety Not Guaranteed”).

“Being a long-time Apple fanboy, even through the dark ages before Steve Jobs’ return in 1996, when the iPhone came out in 2007, I was among the first folks in line at the local Apple Store” Clem said. “Soon after Apple began allowing third-party applications on the iPhone, I started noticing the most creative and unique uses for the iPhone on the film set, and all of my fellow DiT’s, AC’s, DP’s and Director friends were finding how much easier (and cheaper) this little device was making their jobs.”

And for Clem, it’s not just making money off an App.

“Ultimately i want to be able to teach my boys, Harley (3) and Gus (2) how to do this stuff if they’re interested in it when they’re older,” Clem said. “My dream would be to see a charter school for somewhere around 4th-8th grade kids (maybe the Mind Diaper Academy) where iPhone programming or Web Design is taught to everyone in the same way we all had to take classes like Wood Shop and Agriculture at my high school in rural Illinois.  The curriculum for K-12 education has always been a mixture of fundamental skills (Reading, Writing, Arithmetic) and then some practical stuff like Home Economics or Metal Shop, and especially in Seattle, for the generation of kids in the single digits right now, their career opportunities if they have a basic knowledge of Object Oriented Computer Programming before heading off to college are quite a bit more attractive than the coat rack you worked on all semester in wood shop to the growing number of tech companies in Seattle, NYC, San Francisco, Austin and pretty much all over.”

Clem decided to build the CinePro App last September, and has since launched a company with his friend Jesse called Mind Diaper, which is described as:

A term used for describing a thought, idea, or experience that surpasses one’s understanding.

Clayton: “Dude, have you ever thought about how they get lead into the middle of a wooden pencil?”

Chase: “Man, that is a total mind diaper.”

Urban Dictionary

To download CinePro, click here.

To learn more about Clem, visit his website here.

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