SEATAC BLOG: Port Announces Plans to Renovate North Satellite of Airport

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The Port of Seattle Commission announced Tuesday (July 24) that it has given final design authorization for an estimated $230 million renovation of the north satellite at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to better serve passengers.

The project will include modernizing facilities, seismic upgrades, enhanced traveler amenities, three new gates and a new roof-top lounge for Alaska Airlines, soon to be the sole tenant in the north satellite.

North STAR Design is projected to be complete in the Fall of 2014, with construction starting in Winter 2014. Construction is scheduled to be completed in late 2016.

Read the full story here.

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3 Responses to “SEATAC BLOG: Port Announces Plans to Renovate North Satellite of Airport”
  1. Debi Wagner says:

    Back in the day we called this the NUT (north unit terminal) which is just another way to say more ruin for Burien. And although they will say this is going to create some JOBS they were uncooperative and inconsistent when it came to helping the communities during the FAR 150 process. Apparently a 3 million dollar hush house is a bit spendy for them (been that way for 25 years now) and a wall on the west side to protect Burien and especially the schools from noise and toxic fumes is not feasible. But a 230 million dollar upgrade (its really an expansion) is no problem in this economy?

  2. John Potras says:

    Alaska Airlines is going to be the sole tenant? Maybe they should pony up instead of expecting the taxpayer to foot the entire bill?
    One has to wonder whats up with the cozy relationship between the Port and Alaska resulting in this sweetheart deal?

  3. Debi Wagner says:

    It’s more than a sweetheart deal, the Port has the most powers granted to it of any agency in the state. They can even tax above the limitation, something Burien would probably like to have the power to do about now. They are (when analyzed in 1996) the highest tax subsidized Port on the continent and have the ability to take property by eminent domain without proper compensation (their operations devalue & make it uninhabitable so they can offer little to nothing for it). They can then commercially develop that same property and make millions through leaseholds. Additionally they are a government as well as a business so they can unfairly compete with private business using their taxing authority to fix prices against competition. If that isn’t enough, they can defer all problems to the FAA so citizens have absolutely no representative voice with their complaints and get the run-around every time. To top it off they sneak things into their plans and secretly manipulate the data and it takes years to find out what they are really up to and by then it is usually too late to try and stop it…sound familiar?

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