B-TOWN BIZ: Burien’s Fashion Bug Women’s Clothing Store is Closing

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Fashion Bug, a chain-based women’s clothing store located in the Burien Plaza at 158 SW 148th Street (near Safeway), will be closing soon.

The closing appears to be part of a strategy by the company’s new owners, Ascena Retail Group Inc., which recently purchased the chain and decided to close the remaining several hundred Fashion Bugs by early 2013.

Fashion Bug has over 600 locations in 39 states.

Ascena bought parent company Charming Shoppes for $890 million. In that deal they got Fashion Bug, Lane Bryant, Catherines Plus Size stores as well as Justice, Maurices and Dress Barn.

No word yet on when the Burien store will officially shutter, but when we checked in and asked employees Thursday afternoon (July 26), they acknowledged the closing and lamented their losses.

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14 Responses to “B-TOWN BIZ: Burien’s Fashion Bug Women’s Clothing Store is Closing”
  1. joan says:


    We can’t afford as a community to continue to lose retail.

  2. Jonica says:

    awwww…sad. That store was there for me from a size 24 all the way down to a 11! I haven’t shopped there in a while (I confess) but I haven’t shopped much of anywhere since my paycheck crashed with the economy. I hope they get a new tenant fast, Burien cannot afford to keep loosing it’s businesses.

  3. Rob says:

    I agree with all comments. But folks, we have to get out and start shopping our local merchants-

  4. TcB says:

    Burien has had many stores close and many open over the years, and this process will continue. You read that the company made a business decision. Don’t read too much into it. Maybe something even better will open up there.

    • Kingston says:

      Buying a viable company then closing it…….isn’t that what all the hoopla was about with Bain Capital? Why aren’t the 99%’ers all over this and threatening a boycott of Maurice’s and Justice? Was expecting a comment from that Martinez guy by now….guess he’s just a one-trick pony….the annexation trick being pulled on the citizens of Burien!

  5. Ed Dacy says:

    Not much can be done when the new owners decided to close all the Fashion Bugs.

    But to keep stores in Burien we need to buy local

  6. Glenna Foreman says:

    I thought they’d be sticking around! Too bad… Being of the 99% and on a tight budget makes it hard to buy anything new these days, so most of my clothes budget goes to thrift stores. However, I did get lots of great deals over the years at Fashion Bug, They had kicky as well as classic styles, I could find good quality items like their nice costume jewelry selection, some I still wear! Shopping was all-round in that strip-mall, you could get just about anything AND do your grocery shopping, too! I I could go home with something for everyone. I.didn’t realize Fashion Bug was nationwide, my heart goes out to all employees.. I hope the publicity this garners at least in Burien, will alert any retail mgrs here to hire these people; our community must show it cares.
    ‘Bye, Fashion Bug, I’ll miss you!

  7. Lindsay says:

    Pretty soon Burien will be a ghost town. Goodie Gumpdrops is closing, that kitchen store is closing, and most of the town square building is still empty. Such a shame.

  8. Loren says:

    Hey Lindsey,
    Actually Burien is going to be ok. More and more US citizens are getting on disability and food stamps and we have more and more illegal immigration coming here so we will be ok. Not to mention all the people hooked on “legal” opiates because the pharmecutical companies need to make money.
    We are doing fine. Just need a few more group homes and gangbangers and all will be well. But you might want to get a second job to pay for the state union workers pensions. That disaster is right around the corner. But Burien will be fine.
    I’m moving to North Dakota.

  9. Sandy says:

    i thats the only place to buy talls …and loved the jewlery…also i didnt have to go to the mall……what a shame to loose a good store…I shopped there all the time

  10. Ghost of Maewild says:

    Is ND the promise land? Or is that where your shelter is dug out in a hillside?

  11. Loren says:

    Hey Ghost,
    Yes, North Dakota is the land of unfettered oil and natural gas wells. The promised land. Full employment and winters that keep the riffraff out.
    The land that supplies all these liberals who hate oil but love to drive their Subaru’s and SUV’s all over town. They hate carbon fuel but crank up the natural gas heat all winter. Hypocrites of the highest and worst order.
    A North Dakota hillside does not have my shelter dug out of it……yet.
    That will be my second order of business.
    Thanks for asking though.

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