Waste Management to Pick Up Wednesday Garbage/Yard Waste Friday

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Waste Management announced Thursday (Aug. 2) that it will be picking up Burien Wednesday customers’ garbage and yard waste on Friday this week.

(yes, we know that sentence doesn’t really make sense unless you know what’s been going on…)

As we’ve been following closely, Teamsters Local 117 went on strike against WM last Wednesday (July 25). Since then, garbage, recycling and yard waste has mostly been left sitting out and piling up, untouched, at least by WM workers (we can’t account for any vermin).

The good news of course is that union workers ratified a new 6-year contract Thursday morning, and garbage drivers returned to work this morning.

However, there’s still a lot of catch-up to do, and the collection of recycling and yard waste will be limited.

“If you are a Burien Wednesday residential customer, WM will collect garbage and yard waste on Friday as part of our recovery services (only garbage and yard waste collection),” reads an announcement sent out Thursday afternoon.

WM also said they are expanding their service recovery efforts to include regular Friday routes and additional recovery in certain residential areas, including Burien.

“Customers may double load at no extra charge and please keep your carts out until 6:00 p.m.,” they added.

Here’s some more info:

  • If you are a Renton Wednesday residential customer, WM will be collecting recycling and yard waste on Friday as part of our recovery services (only recycling and yard waste collection).
  • If you are a Fairwood (UTC) Wednesday Residential customer, WM will collect garbage, recycling and yard waste on Friday as part of our recovery services(all three services)

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2 Responses to “Waste Management to Pick Up Wednesday Garbage/Yard Waste Friday”
  1. Kingston2012 says:

    Am disappointed that WM caved in to this union…..it certainly means higher rates for customers – no way is WM going to absorb the increased costs.

    I especially found it disappointing when I listened to the Michael Medved show and he played an audio clip from a striking union guy who said that he’s working harder on the picket line than he ever did on his job (no surprise there).

    Union membership for all workers is roughly only 12% and is steadily declining. It’s apparent that we don’t need unions to support the middle class. The contracts they negotiate with spineless elected officials rip-off the truly hardworking individuals in the private sector whose incomes and livelihoods are also chipped away at by those same spineless elected officials.

    Growing up, I always heard the ad, “Look for the union label”. Now, the only time I see anything promoting a union is a sticker on the back of a tricked-out Harley, or an expensive truck, car or RV. I used to think union workers were basically communist proletariat, but they’re not interested in spreading the wealth around with everyone being equal – no, they’re more like communist oligarchy to the remaining 88%! Less government and no unions – time for America to stand up for capitalism!

  2. Jay says:

    I just want to know when I can expect to see a refund for the work they didn’t perform. And.. am I to “back charge” them for the yard waste bags I purchased becuase the can they provided was full and not emptied?

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