LETTER: B-Town Blog Reporter Seeking Readers with ‘Bad’ CARES Experiences

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Citizens of Burien,

Have you had an unpleasant experience with C.A.R.E.S.?

Frustrated that no one will listen to you?

Well, here is your opportunity to be heard – Mr. Jack Mayne is doing research for an article on those of us who have had those not-so-pleasant experiences. He needs as many people as possible to interview.

I did it and it was painless.

He is just trying to gather as much information as possible from as many different people as possible.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. We must continue to put pressure on the city to improve our animal control, even if the city council and city manager have to admit that a mistake was made. We can get this done but it’s going to require participation.

Stand up and be counted! For our animals and our tax dollars. Please contact Jack at [email protected].

Thank you,
Alex Johnson

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18 Responses to “LETTER: B-Town Blog Reporter Seeking Readers with ‘Bad’ CARES Experiences”
  1. Alice Goodman says:

    Can we also contact Jack at [email protected] if we had a GOOD experience with CARES? Or does any one CARE? (Pun intended.)

    A concerned dog and cat owner…

  2. Brian says:

    I’m not going to renew my pet’s tag until the city has a real program or goes back to King County.

  3. Flashdog says:

    Does Mr. Mayne protect his sources? Some people fear making their views public because of the possibility of retaliation. What is your plan, Mr. Mayne? Will you only publish information you have gathered? Or will you also print the names of the people you interview, exposing them to harassment and possibly making their animals targets? I suspect that, if you guarantee the privacy of people who speak to you about this matter, you will be deluged with information.

  4. Myssy Parker says:

    I had a very plesent expirence with cares. I adopted a wonderful puppy and every one was very nice and caring while the adoption was playing out. I think that its very rude that people are being negitive about something that’s suppose to be positive. Its ridiculouse that people want to be negitive about good things. Adopting vfrom cares was one of the best things I ve ever done

    • Brian says:

      That is great the adoption went well! I’m glad that something is working there. However, municipal animal services needs to go a lot further than just adoptions. Most people are upset about what is lacking with our animal services.

  5. Joe Wills says:

    I agree with “Flashdog” will people’s identity be protected? I feel if you give your word on this, many will come forward to tell their story about CARES. I know if a few people that are afraid of backlash front the city and Debra George.

  6. Cuppa Joe says:

    Yes, retaliation is most likely a concern, Mr. Mayne. Anonymity does not mean people’s accounts are not true, but there does seem to be a history of retaliation when going against Burien *leaders* on whatever issue. I suggest you contact those who have posted to the blog under their real names throughout the year (either through letters or comments) – we know you have the unpublished emails, so that will not a surprise to them – and see who is willing to speak to you. Unfortunately, not everyone will see this post and you may need to reach out to them directly.

    I’m betting that folks will stand by what they’ve already written, but maybe you should not only guarantee to protect your sources, but ask if there has been any repercussions to their publicly voiced concerns. Use that journalistic integrity. Burien animals and citizens deserve better than what they’re getting!

    • Lee Moyer says:

      I’ve disagreed with the council publicly. I’ve chastised them at council meetings. I’ve experienced no retaliation (and frequently no acknowedgement).
      What are they goiing to do? Dig a pot hole in front of my driveway?
      I have experienced rude and erroneous retaliation from some of the paranoid writers to this blog.

      • Mr. X says:

        Dear Mr. Moyer,
        Do you own a business in Burien? I believe you are a citizen and that maybe why you haven’t experienced retaliation from the city, you’re correct, what are they going to do? Bu tas business owners they can, have and will if you speak out against the city or Mike Martin’s pet project CARES. If you were a business owner how would you like to have the health department down your throat for no reason, maybe the city code enforcer stopping by to harass you for some made up reason, or the city NOT renew your business license for some made up reason. This stuff does happen. And don’t think Debra George cannot make problems for your business. Who do you think decides what venders are admitted into the Farmers Market? What events Discover Burien sponsors? I am afraid that you have to be careful in this city as long as Mike Martin is in charge. Yes I am hiding behind an alias, because I don’t want my wife’s business to suffer for me speaking out. Regards Mr. X

        • Lee Moyer says:

          Mr X,
          If what you say is happening, document it. Then bring it to the attention of the dept heads and city attorney. I used that approach when I had a business in Seatac. There is nothing like a little light to make most of the cockroaches go away. Of course, I also corrected actual violations. Also, ask for the written report of what is required and don’t try to keep up with verbal “you should…” comments during an inspection. This reduces a lot of the “harassment” and misunderstanding.
          However, your letter still sounds like uninformed paranoia to me. e..g. Unwarrented visits by the health dept would be interesting, since the city has no health dept. That is a county function.
          Of course, the city could reduce much of this animosity by following its own vision statement and web site policies on open and transparent government.

  7. Flashdog says:

    After thinking deeply about this, I find I whole heartedly agree with Alex Johnson who wrote the letter above: People need to stand up and be counted. However, I can’t helping wondering exactly who Mr. Mayne works for. He has put out a call for people to let him interview them about their bad experiences and then HE will write about those experiences and, most likely, include the names of the people he interviews. Anyone who has lived in Burien very long knows that, if you strongly disagree with the city government, you don’t want them to know too much about it. So, many people who have had terrible experiences with CARES will be afraid to come forward. Those who do speak to Mr. Mayne will have their comments editted according to his discretion. Who knows if what he writes will accurately reflect their comments. Meanwhile, anyone who has something good to say about CARES will feel safe coming forward and Mr. Mayne will have lots of little bits of candy like the post above from someone who is happy with their new puppy and they somehow attributes that to CARES. Suddenly it will LOOK like there are lots of people with good things to say about CARES and no one with any significant bad things to say. We all know that’s not true. I hope EVERYONE who has ever called and called and called and CALLED CARES to no avail, everyone who has lost an animal and been unable to find it because of CARES’ carelessness, everyone who adopted an animal and found CARES didn’t tell them the truth about that animal, everyone who has had a nuisance animal problem and got NO help from CARES, and everyone who has walked into the CARES “shelter” and been nearly knocked over by the smell will WRITE TO THIS BLOG. Skip Mr. Mayne and whatever he might do with your name and your words. I suspect that the city council and city manager are very aware of the frequent complaints about CARES on this blog. I can’t help wondering if someone in the city government has assigned Mr. Maynes to find people willing to say something positive while scaring off any more negative commenters. Let’s blow that plan out of the water with dozens of stories (written in your own words) about the many, many things about CARES that make us LONG for a contract with the Regional Animal Services of King County.

    • I can assure everyone with sincere confidence that nobody in the Burien city government has any involvement with The B-Town Blog, nor its parent company, LOL Dudez, LLC, a totally independent business.

      Scott Schaefer

  8. Joe Wills says:

    But Scott, you didn’t address the real concerns here??? What about the people coming forward to tell their not so good experiences with CARES? Will the BTOWN blog guarantee the people’s identity to be protected?? Since you are the founder and publisher, what guarantee do these citizens have? And they won’t be accidently leaked or sold for a favor? The citizens of Burien are fed up with Mike Martin. The animal lovers of Burien want to know how to get rid of CARES and negotiate a real contract with KCAC and get real Animal Control service and experience. What say you??

    • Joe –

      No worries about that – we believe that confidentiality (and protecting) of sources is central to the ethics of Journalism.

      Also rest assured that Mr. Mayne is a veteran Journalist with over 40 years experience. He has done this before.


      • Vicki Hurley says:

        Scott, does this mean that Jack Mayne is working for you? I e-mailed him privately at his e-mail address above and asked him specifically if he would protect the identity of people he interviewed. He told me, in no uncertain terms, that he would absolutely publish the name of every person whose interview he wrote about. He said something about how that was the only truthful, professional thing to do. Really? So the Seattle Times, KOMO 4, KIRO 7, and KING 5 (all of whom often use interviews with a person “who did not wish their name to be made public”) are untruthful and unprofessional?
        I appreciate your view, Scott, and I completely agree with you that confidentiality is central to the ethics of journalism. However, Jack Mayne does not hold that view. If he is working for you, I think you should check into this. If you want, you can e-mail me privately and I will forward Jack Mayne’s letter to you.

  9. Joe Wills says:

    Nicely said Vicki, We all would like to know the outcome of this.

  10. Feralcat says:

    Well I can say I FOR A FACT it does happen, retaliation that is. I have had something happen to me/rescue.

    It is what it is I will deal with it and the truth will come out and I will prove them wrong.

    We’ll see what happens if he actually interviews anyone who is willing to speak. I offered, I even have a list of potential solutions.


  11. Feralcat says:

    There is NO WAY cares is going away. PERIOD. Until NEW council members that are against cares are voted in next year and mike martin is fired. He is the one who is most behind this.

    So all the letters of complaints mean NOTHING. Right now the thing we can get them on is FRAUD. Claiming they are a 501 3c. Report it to the IRS fraud department.

    The only other way would for the board be fired or step down, but we all know that is NOT going to happen.

    I encourage everyone to go to the NEW Auburn Humane Society’s website: http://auburnvalleyhs.org/. They too are opening their own shelter. They are actually a 501 3 c, and here is the kicker: the shelter is NOT even open and they had a fundraiser, and they raise $12,000.00 YES that is right. Hell cares has done crap, screw the damn farmers market.

    There are training courses that animal control officers can go to: http://www.nacanet.org/training.html. It costs money, money that cares does NOT have. Again I will be the first to admit that $10,000.00 is NOT enough but expecting $70,000.00 from licensing fees seem way to high..

    Then the medical stuff, most all rescues do their own vaccinations except rabies, deworming, advantage, combo test. All rescues should be able to tell if the cat/dog is fixed or know what to look for. Example Combo tests(FELV/FIV) for a LEGIT 501 3c cosst 15.00, at a vet it can cost UP to 60.00. SO needless to say cares is clueless and really don’t care to learn and try and save money. Last I heard they still did NOT have a chip checker. Most rescues can microchip the animals too. Rescues can order vaccines at a cost of $5.00 and again it can cost up $40.00 depending on what vet you go to.

    So when the elections come up, pay attention to who wants what and I guess we will see what happens.


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