REPORT: Doug Schulze Named City Manager of Bainbridge Island

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The Bainbridge Islander is reporting that Normandy Park City Manager Doug Schulze has been named the next city manager for Bainbridge Island.

According to numerous sources, Bainbridge has been searching for a new city manager all summer, and Schulze apparently got the final approval sometime Wednesday evening (Sept. 19).

He was one of three finalists for the position.

Schulze has served as Normandy Park’s City Manager since 2006.

He has also served as the City Manager for City of Medina, as well as City Administrator for the City of Sandstone in Minnesota.

“I have been offered the position by the Bainbridge Island City Council, which I intend to accept pending successful negotiation of an employment agreement,” Schulze told us.

The Bainbridge council is scheduled to discuss, and possibly approve, the contract for Schutlz next week.

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3 Responses to “REPORT: Doug Schulze Named City Manager of Bainbridge Island”
  1. Love Seahurst says:

    Does this mean that he will leave Normandy Park? There are many people who would look forward to that. Congrats Doug!


    I wish Doug luck in his new position and know that Bainbridge is lucky to have him as their new city manager. It is definitely our loss here in Normandy Park.

    It is unfortunate that he became the scapegoat of so many Normandy Park residents, who really didn’t know the facts but wanted to strike out at someone because of their own anger and disappointment . Now that he may be gone, who will they turn on next?

    The best thing that they and all the citizens in Normandy Park can do is vote ‘yes’ on our own Prop 1 on their ballots for the Nov. 6th election. If they do not, there will most likely be a mass exodus from both City Hall and our Police Department and who could blame them with such a vote of ‘no confidence’.

    We will be paying the increase anyway, since Burien and Des Moines both have a levy of $1.60 per $1000 property tax assessment and we will most likely join one of these cities. The difference is that we will not have a City Hall or a Police Department to call our own. Our property values will decline and crime will be rampant.

    Good luck, Doug! We wish you the best!

  3. Cassie Southerhorn says:

    There will be a huge celebration for sure by many of us in the Park when Doug takes that first ferry ride to BI. Woo Hoo, way to go Doug. Its too late for many of us who have racked our brains to figure out how to get some other place to take Doug off our hands. We still have to face the long lasting effects that will come to us by way of the Subarea Zone and are still battling the intrusion of the sleazy company, Hanbleceya. Both of these issues plus the spiraling downturn of our economy happened under Doug’s watch. If there’s anything redeeming about his tenure here its that the city council and mayor let him RUN the city into the ground while they sat on their duffs and did nothing. Which they are still doing, by the way. Nothing will change that. VOTE VOTE VOTE when these dufuses come up for re-election. pay attention – there’s one or two worth keeping.

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