City of Burien Awarded $10,000 Grant for Bike Rack Program

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The City of Burien has been awarded a $10,000 grant for an artist-designed bike rack project, according to the city’s website.

“I just heard from Michael Lafreniere on Thursday that we got the grant,” said Maureen Hoffmann, Vice President of WABi Burien. “There’ll be more information to come, because we are developing sponsorship opportunities and we’ll be soliciting businesses and individuals.”

The money comes from the Washington State Community Economic Revitalization Board (CERB), which is giving out a total of nine community revitalization micro-grant awards totaling $154,745.

Eight other cities were also awarded grants, including:

  • City of Asotin: $19,500 for downtown street amenities including basalt rock and iron benches, picnic tables and bike racks.
  • City of Blaine: $18,261 for historically-themed street amenities in central business district.
  • Town of Cathlamet: $16,000 to restore fire-damaged historic hall and repurpose for downtown library and community center.
  • Town of Farmington: $14,000 Rehabilitate deteriorating outdoor basketball court adjacent to downtown city park.
  • City of Kittitas: $18,300 to construct children’s play area, picnic shelter and basketball court in downtown park.
  • City of Moses Lake: $19,999 to develop the Heron Bluff lakefront trail extension linking a local park with a neighborhood subdivision, downtown and local schools.
  • City of Othello: $19,500 for a main street lighting project in the downtown corridor.
  • City of Wapato: $19,185 for “Cornucopia,” a project to build a community garden to help feed residents and a local homeless shelter.

“Micro-grants are a unique aspect of the Community Revitalization Grants program,” said CERB Chair Mark Urdahl. “These grants are funding projects that are small in scale but can have an enormous impact on the livability of our communities.”

The 2012 Legislature approved $12 million for two temporary competitive grant programs targeted to help local governments. These are one-time grant programs and all the funds will be awarded by the end of the year.

The Board received a total of $48.3 million in requests from 100 jurisdictions seeking the new grants.

Community revitalization micro-grants are $20,000 or less. Projects awarded funding will improve local economic and recreational activity by building facilities such as bike racks, installing new street lighting, constructing community gardens, and developing pedestrian trails in downtown areas.

CERB is conducting a two-phase application cycle for a separate pool of community revitalization grants for projects requesting $20,000-$500,000 and larger economic development grants for up to $1 million per project.

“I commend the CERB members and staff for their creativity and responsiveness in implementing these new grant programs quickly and efficiently,” said Rogers Weed, Director of the Washington State Department of Commerce

For the economic development grants, CERB is targeting projects that highly leverage funding from other sources and can measurably increase private sector job creation. CERB is encouraging applicants for economic development grants to focus on projects that are integrated with existing Washington industry clusters and are well-supported by local collaboration and planning efforts. Community revitalization grants are targeting projects that revitalize downtown business districts and increase local economic activity. Funds in both grant programs must be used for infrastructure construction.

Community revitalization and economic development grant requests of $20,000-$1 million judged to merit further consideration will be invited to submit Phase II applications at the end of September. Grant awards for successful Phase II applicants will be announced in December.

About CERB
As Washington’s strategic economic development resource, CERB is focused on creating private sector jobs in partnership with local governments by financing infrastructure improvements. These improvements encourage new business development and expansion. In addition to funding construction projects, CERB provides limited funding for studies that evaluate high-priority economic development projects. CERB receives administrative support from the Washington State Department of Commerce.

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6 Responses to “City of Burien Awarded $10,000 Grant for Bike Rack Program”
  1. The City of Burien Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services and WABI Burien worked together on this grant application. We are thrilled to have received news just a couple of days ago that our project was selected for partial funding: the Downtown Burien Bike Rack Project.

    We encourage people to ride their bikes more often when doing their shopping around town. Cyclists benefit from the exercise and fresh air, and businesses benefit by keeping the dollars local. To facilitate more cycling, we need many more bike racks in Burien so there are places to lock up to!

    WABI Burien and the City are finalizing the details of the Bike Rack Project, which include proposed rack locations plus sponsorship opportunities for businesses and individuals. Further information will be posted at

    Just imagine: where would YOU like to have a bike rack installed?

    Maureen Hoffmann
    Vice President, WABI Burien

  2. sallie tierney says:

    Would love to ride a bike in Burien but so far I haven’t discovered much in the way of bike lanes – so it’s not likely I’ll be getting a bike any time soon.

  3. Eaton B. Verz says:

    Once we get our wonderful bike racks (hopefully sourced out of state like our fantastic mural) I hope we can then hire a “Bicycle Parking Enforcement Officer” to keep all those inconsiderate bikers from parking out of the racks! BTW, I think we should put 3 or four around the Town Square Condo/Retail building and save the rest for “New Burien” (White center) after Martin and Robison push annexation thru. We can put one in front of every bar and porno shop. Will $10,000.00 buy that many?? If not lets, licsence all bikes and then we can add a “Bike Tab Tax” Hey, this is easy……..

    • Coverofnight says:

      Thanks, Eaton! Your tongue-in-cheek comments will now probably become reality as martin and his mischief of rats will jump at ANY opportunity to regulate, tax and generally screw over the local citizenry.

      And sallie, if you’re looking for bike lanes, go ahead and use the ones along Ambaum heading toward 5 corners….nevermind that they’re full of road dirt, litter with some vegetation growing up along the curb; gosh, I wonder why the cyclists are using the elevated sidewalk instead?

  4. BTBreader says:

    Or better yet, find a local fabricator to make them.

    Between Burien and Area Y, there’s got to be a shop that can do the job.

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