We’re Taking Questions NOW for our Oct. 2 Town Hall Forum on Annexation

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Be sure and mark your calendar for Tuesday night, Oct. 2!

That’s when The B-Town Blog, in association with sister site The White Center Blog, will be hosting a Town Hall Forum on the city of Burien’s proposed annexation of North Highline, starting at 7 p.m.

The annexation issue will appear on the Nov. 6 General Election ballot.

The Town Hall will be held in the multipurpose room of White Center Heights Elementary School, located at 10015 6th Ave SW, in White Center, just a few blocks east of McClendon Hardware.

This free forum is open to everyone. Be sure and invite family, neighbors and friends, your fiancé, your boss, your boss’s boss, pretty much everyone you know.

Meanwhile, we are taking questions now from readers such as YOU, which we will consider asking our Pro and Con participants Oct. 2. This is especially relevant for Readers who may not be able to attend our forum, yet still have questions for either side.

So put on your Critical Thinking Cap and come up with some Edward R. Murrow-style insightful, probing inquiries and send them to:

[email protected]

Remember, ballots go out in just a few weeks. The people who will decide Yes or No on annexation are the voters who live in the proposed annexation area, which is essentially that chunk of land just south of the Seattle border, home to about 17,000 people.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: We’d like to clarify that neither The B-Town, nor White Center Blog, has taken, or will take, a public stand for or against the issue of annexation. However, we understand that due to the large number of anti-annexation comments on our blogs that many people assume that we’re against it. This is not true, and is merely a reflection of how our Readers feel. We vow to conduct this Forum in the same professional manner that we’ve conducted numerous Candidate Forums in the past – in a fair manner, and from a neutral viewpoint.]

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5 Responses to “We’re Taking Questions NOW for our Oct. 2 Town Hall Forum on Annexation”
  1. Chris says:

    As a Burien resident, I’m somewhat in favor of annexation. I have, and continue to believe that the greater Highline area should be united. However, annexing now is risky given the poor economy. BUT, it seems we have to act now to take advantage of the sales tax credit. That’s great, but it’s unlikely Burien will get as much as it would like in tax credit due to the down economy. Reduced sales (and a local economy where there’s probably quite a bit of cash sales), mean less sales tax revenue than Burien is hoping for.

    Even in light of the poor economy, part of me says “just do it.”. This has been going on for over 8 years now, and it would be good to finish this once and for all. If it passes–great. Take control of the area and set appropriate zoning and land use requirements. If not–well, sorry NH folks. Don’t know what you do at that point.

    • Debi Wagner says:

      Chris: Why be sorry if annexation fails if it saves North Highline residents more than $400.00 a year in increased taxes and fees and businesses around $2100.00? Even apartment dwellers will not be exempt from much higher fees. They can stay with King County and not worry about those higher costs. Zoning and uniting are not good enough reasons to slap this area with that kind of bill (an area already suffering from lower property assessments, neglected maintenance and high service needs) along with a much lower level of services Burien can provide in comparison to King County…you said it youself and correctly so; “risky given the poor economy.” Historically, people are not so eager to vote themselves higher taxes and fees and this is the worst time in economic history for anyone to do so. Yes it might pass, but for all the wrong reasons, mainly because the city of Burien pro annexation squad is desperate for that tax credit. Doesn’t change the fact it is not a good idea for North Highline and does nothing to benefit Burien residents.

      • Soczette says:

        Jeez Debbie, you make it sound so good to live in the unincorporated area, one might think you will be moving from your pristine Burien into White Center since its such a good deal.
        Wait your real motive is to dissuade those of us who can vote. Nice try,look forward to being same city neighbors.

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