SCAM ALERT: Police Warning of ‘Grandchildren’ Phone Scam Going On

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Normandy Park Police are warning residents about a recent, rather alarming phone scam that may be preying on local elderly people.

“Persons claiming to be residents’ ‘Grandchildren’ have been calling asking for help getting out of a foreign country,” reads an announcement. “Many times the callers will state they are in trouble and the grandparent is the only one that can help them. By help, they mean they need to wire money to a specific location or the caller will not be able to escape harm. This has almost worked in several instances. One resident eventually realized her grandson’s voice had changed, and when prompted about specific family questions, the caller was not able to answer them.”

Police advise that if someone asks you to “wire” money to them, make sure you check and double check that they are who they say they are.

The warning adds:

Always ask them verifying information that only they would know. It is very easy in this ‘Age of Information’ for bad people to gather information about someone they want to scam. Call other family members to find out if someone is out of the country, especially if the caller doesn’t want you “to tell mom and dad.” This is a scam that preys on your heart, and the caller will say anything to get your money. Western Union is very helpful to people wiring money. All the caller needs to know is the receipt number for the money you sent them and they can pick up the money from any Western Union in the ENTIRE WORLD! So just say no! This is impossible to trace so be doubly careful.

If ever you feel you are being targeted for a telephone scam please contact the Normandy Prk Police Department at (206) 248-7600 so they can open an investigation.

Never give your bank information over the phone.

If you think something is suspicious, it probably is.

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2 Responses to “SCAM ALERT: Police Warning of ‘Grandchildren’ Phone Scam Going On”
  1. Vic says:

    This almost happened to my parents. The caller said the their grandson was in Canada and could not get home. When my Mom started asking specific questions they hung up.

  2. sallie tierney says:

    One of these creeps called me a few years ago contending that my son had crashed his car and needed bail money. Since he was standing right next to me – and didn’t even have a car (has never driven) we had a good laugh. Reported it to the police and did a bit of cyber detection – call came from a phone in Wisconsin.

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