PHOTOS: Dog Owners Hound Burien City Councilmembers Monday Night

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Panoramic view of dogs and their owners at Monday night’s Burien City Council meeting. Click image to see larger version. Photo by Scott Schaefer.

Local dog owners, some belonging to a new group called ‘B-Town DOG,’ bitched at hounded Burien City Councilmembers at Monday night’s meeting (Oct. 1), requesting that the city create its first off-leash dog park.

As we first reported Aug. 23, the group wants a dog park at Hilltop Park, located at 2600 S. 128th Street. The nearest off-leash dog park is Grandview Park in SeaTac (3600 S. 228th Street).

Around 15 or so dogs showed up with their owners, in an effort to get the attention of local lawmakers.

And yes, there were plenty of growls, barks and yaps directed at the council, which promised to do a study of the dog park idea.

Councilmember Jack Block Jr. even brought his dog, which joined him at the dais.

BTB Publisher Scott Schaefer showed up too, and he snapped these pics (click images to see larger versions/view slideshow):

For more information on B-Town DOG, click here:

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11 Responses to “PHOTOS: Dog Owners Hound Burien City Councilmembers Monday Night”
  1. Len Boscarine says:

    Dog-gone good story!

  2. Connie Hughes says:

    Yes, an off-leash dog park is definitely needed in Burien! And we’d love one with restrooms, as well. Count me (and my furry friend) in!

    • Feral Dog says:

      Bashful dog Connie? I know it ca be kind of embarrassing for them when they try and wipe and their paws just aren`t made to hold the charmin.

  3. J says:

    This is just ridiculous! Even though I’m a life long dog owner, I couldn’t believe it when I went to City Hall & dogs were running around. I was appalled that Buriens new city building was allowed to be urinated/defecated in (as told by a city employee – they just wipe it up!). They should have stayed in the old building if they were going to mistreat the new one. Not only that, but there is a time & place for everything and bringing your dog to work in a public city building is not acceptable – many people are allergic and/or have fears.

    Also found it interesting, the story claims the closest dog park is Grandview; West Crest is closer.

    Further, amazing how everyone complains that the newly annexed area has had a negative effect on Burien. Now that its convenient for them, they want to come in and take over the newly annexed area and change it to benefit them! Why not turn one of their centrally located parks into their dog park?!

    • Rob says:

      I am sorry- I don’t live in the newly annexed area as you call it (I haven’t been informed that the vote has gone out). I live in Burien and I want this. And my dog did not defecate in city hall. OUtside, where the pooped was picked up.

      • J says:

        Let me specify…over two years ago when we obtained a building permit, employees were allowed to bring their dogs to work.

        Also, I was speaking of the area that Burien already recently annexed – NOT the area to be decided.

    • Kellie B says:

      I didn’t see one “accident” inside.

  4. Doggy lover says:

    This would be so great if they indeed would get an “off leash” park for dogs.. Presently, I am distressed when frequenting our Lake Burien Park, to see just how many people have their dogs “off leash” and are put out when I remind them that their dogs should be on leash at this park. I love dogs, but really don’t want them jumping up on me, even tho their owners assure me their dog means me no harm…..Please dog owners, follow the laws and keep your dog or dogs, on leash in our parks….so this is why I agree wholeheartedly that an off dog park within the Burien area would be an asset for the dogs and for all of us that like to frequent our local parks without being assailed by unleashed, albeit well meaning dogs….Hopefully if we had an off leash dog park, the off leash practice in our local park would be lessened… Note to dog owners, please follow our laws and keep your dogs on leash, and continue lobbying for an off leash park….Thanks so much…

  5. Fred says:

    To J-
    Thank you for speaking up. I am tired of all of the dogs barking and running around City Hall when people try to come in to do busines. And yes they jump on people and dribble pee on the carpet. They jump on the glass door when you get off of the elevator and scare citizens and their children. Uck.
    I went to Hilltop Park to see what it looked like and the area is a land mine area of dog poop. So tell me about responsible dog owners who are always going to pick up thier poop.
    So if this group wants a dog park, they should lease part of a park from the city, fence the area, hire an officer to patrol the area and check for licenses and vaccination proof. They can raise the money as a non-profit group to support their expenses. If they want restrooms for the public, they can pay to have them installed and cleaned. The eastside of the city is very short on park space, so the westside of the city should have to bear the burden of a dog park-if it decides to have one. Right now every park in Burien is a dog park. I see dogs running lose, pooping and peeing at every one of the city park and most owners not picking up the poop. I like dogs and have owned many dogs but dogs have their place and need training and rules for behavior-as do their owners.

    • Flashdog says:

      Yes, Fred, there are lots of irresponsible dog owners. There are many, many responsible dog owners who train their dogs, keep them under control, and pick up after them, just as there are many responsible car owners who drive according to traffic laws, pay attention as they drive, and consider the other drivers around them. As you know, however, there are lots of bad drivers and that’s why we need the State Patrol. So it is with dog ownership. In any field of human endeavor, you get the responsible people and the people who need to be supervised. What you are seeing is the beginning of what happens when a city has no animal control. (It will get worse.) This is of great concern to me because I am one of the responsible dog owners, yet people will judge my dogs and I by the actions of the irresponsible ones who are causing the problems that you described. If Burien builds a dog park, I will not go there because IF there is an incident or a vicious dog, no one will do anything about it. I will continue to drive the extra distance to Grandview Dog Park that is policed (when necessary) by the Regional Animal Services of King County.

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