AUDIO: Here’s the Raw, Unedited Audio from Tuesday Night’s Annexation Forum

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We’ll be doing a full recap story on our lively Annexation Forum held Tuesday night (Oct. 2) at White Center Heights Elementary, featuring what we believe to be the first, and perhaps only, pro/con debate held on this issue.

The lively evening played out in front of approximately 60 people, who were able to participate and ask questions.

It was moderated by Judge Judith Eiler, and featured:


  • Barbara Dobkin (President of the North Highline Unincorporated Area Council)
  • Jerry Robison (Burien City Councilmember)


  • Debi Wagner (Local Activist/Member, Independent White Center PAC)
  • Mark Ufkes (President of the White Center Chamber of Commerce)

The full, raw, unedited audio of the forum can be heard here (MP3 file, approx. 1:29:25; right-click “Save As” to download/listen);

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17 Responses to “AUDIO: Here’s the Raw, Unedited Audio from Tuesday Night’s Annexation Forum”
  1. Mike says:

    After listening to 75% of the recording I thought Ms Dobkins had left. It was Jerry, Jerry, Jerry.

    Mark and Ms Wagner did an excellent job in presenting the facts. Oh wait the facts will be presented at the Thursday meeting. Come on Jerry.

    • 3TPDude says:

      I was at the meeting.
      Mark couldn’t stay on topic and rambled on about nothing and vainly tried to cover his record on annexation but failed. Any credibility Ms. Wagner had left the building when she revealed she lived in the very city she was disparaging.
      Ms. Dobkins was pretty quiet until Mark ruffled her feathers, and then was quite passionate about her community.
      Why complain about Jerry doing all the talking when most of the anti questions were directed at him?

      • Debi Wagner says:

        It is odd how similar your remarks here Dude resemble those made to Mr. Ufkes last night by Mr. Duff. I can’t think of any other person in the audience besides Mr. Robison who has the long standing history with the UAC who would be so familiar with Mr. Ufkes’ historical remarks. What you call disparaging remarks is in reality, the truth. Everything I said about Burien’s current financial situation could be backed up in writing with documents Mark and I brought to the meeting. I read directly from reports which were commissioned by Burien, King County and Seattle on the topic of annexation. But maybe your truth is that dished out by those people who break the rules by not readily admitting they are not representing the city or refusing to admit and register as a PAC when required by law to do so? By the way, there were 10 people ready and willing to sit on the con side of the table and only two who agreed to be on the pro side. Mr. Duff and Mr. Martinez both refused the invitation. Why do you think that is? Could it be a lack of credibility? Or nothing substantial to rebut as was Ms. Dobkin’s dilemma?

        • Al says:

          I think I will just attend the Thursday meeting and listen to those that can give us the truth. Why don’t you bring your documents and truths to the King County people that will be there and verify them.

          • Debi Wagner says:

            Why should I bring documents to King County to verify when they wrote the one I mainly quoted from last night? If the pro group has such a big pot of truth, why didn’t they share it last night? Are they withholding the truth to create a draw to the meeting they expect nobody to attend? And are you Al answering for Dude or are both of you the same person?
            By the way, King County supports annexation, everyone agrees. They don’t care where area Y goes, they’re tired of paying for it. Seattle doesn’t want it which means every politician who thinks they have a future further up the food chain, through Seattle and the 34th Dems or with King County is going to support a Burien annexation. So if you think you are going to get the truth tomorrow from these biased sources think again.

          • John Poitras says:

            Right Al so they can drink the pro annexation Kool aid and attend a propaganda event disguised as an “informational” meeting?
            GIve me a break … King County will do and say just about anything to get the liability of Area Y off their balance sheet and the sponsor of the event the NHUAC is basically a pro annexation PAC. SO it you are looking for the truth you are not going to find it there. The TRUTH was available at the NON PARTISAN B-TOWN Blog Forum.. Which btw I found it interesting the Pro Annexations BIGGEST PROPONENT MIKE MARTIN DECIDED NOT TO ATTEND! That should tell you a lot because Martin only shows up when he has a captive audience and he does NOT like to answer questions under fire because it makes it difficult for him to blow you off. Haven’t you noticed when the rare opportunity arises to ask him a direct question about annexation that he does not want to answer, thats what he does… he obfuscates!

        • 3TPDude says:

          Nope, not Mr. Duff. Mr. Dude. Of Three Tree Point.
          I’ve lived Burien for over 50 years. Own commercial and residential properties all over the greater Highline area, mostly in the White Center/Burien area. So I got a lot more horses in the race than most people.
          And I support annexation.

      • John Poitras says:

        Wrong Dude . Jerry is a lawyer AND a city council member by the way and did most of the talking because thats what he does best DISSEMBLE!
        The fact that he said he was representing the PRO ANNEXATION folks as a private citizen is laughable and just a way of getting around the legal requirement that as a Burien Governmental representative he is not allowed to proselytize on annexation Burien.

        • 3TPDude says:

          “IF thats true Dude then why are you hiding behind an alias?”

          Gee’ I don’t know John/Fred/William/ etc. etc., why would I?

          “As far as catching me using an alias.. its easy to make slurs when you don’t really have a clue what the truth is and I am not going to expose any of my relatives to the slurs of those who only have courage when they are gathered together like dogs in a pack.”


  2. Greg Duff says:

    It sounds to me like you are trying to say that Dude is me. Believe me, Debi, I am man enough to use my own name when I write. A lot of people know Marks history so it is not a surprise that someone else would repeat what I said.
    The only person that has been caught using a false name is John who tried to attack me last night about losing the race to Lucy. Lucy is a fine candidate and an 8 year imcumbent and I just could not beat her.
    I do have a question for you, Debi. You introduced yourself as an EXPERT and I would like to know what qualifies you as an expert. Where is your doctorate from? If you are going to say that your wrote a book, I would like to know how many copies you sold and what major publisher handled it. Of course I can look all that up online and I think I will do that just to let the blog readers know. What recognized source has deemed you an expert? Unless you have the credentials, don’t embarress yourself by claiming somethinig that we all know your not.

    • John Poitras says:

      Greg.. If you are such an expert then why did you not join Mr Robison up on the podium where you could push your pro annexation viewpoint? Barbara Dobson only filled in because the Blog could not find anyone else to man up and represent the pro annexation viewpoint.
      As far as catching me using an alias.. its easy to make slurs when you don’t really have a clue what the truth is and I am not going to expose any of my relatives to the slurs of those who only have courage when they are gathered together like dogs in a pack.

  3. Fred says:

    To Debi-
    Both you and Mark did a fine job of quoting facts from documents and reports to support your comments. Anyone with a brain, would have looked on the internet about your involvement with international aviation groups-which you clearly have. Mr. Duff once again has shown that he has anger management problems by first lashing out on this blog rather than checking the facts. He treated Lucy K. exactly the same way at the B-town forum and on this blog site last year. So, I find it very strange that he is now claiming that she was a fine candidate.

    Barbara Dobkin remained silent most of the time because she was clearly not prepared on the topics. She has clearly not throughly read and digested the contents of the Nesbitt Report and the numerous Berk reports. She has a very isolated view of the entire Area Y community and its needs and does not even throughly understand the wide range of human services that the White Center CDA provides to the thousands of residents of Area Y- residents she never bothers to deal with or knows. The NHUAC has done everything it can to ignore these people and keep them off of the NHUAC. Jerry just loves to hear himself talk. That’s why he took up all of the air time. It just seems if Jerry and Barbara had the truth about the issues, they were not willing to share them last night with the rest of the people who was at the forum.

    • Brent Nordman says:

      Fred It seems to me that you like to attack people. I read another posting of yours and you attacked Mr. Martinez and Mr. Price. Debi Wagner accused Mr. Duff of posting under a false name and he straightened her out. I have heard Mr. Duff say many times that he thought Lucy K, was a very nice person but he just disagreed with her politics. As far as him questioning Debi Wagners claim to be an expert, I also wondered what qualified her an expert. Just because she worked on the airport issue does not make her an expert, it makes her an activist. Anybody can write a book, expert or novice so unless it was a huge best seller, I am not convinced. She is the one who used the word expert to describe herself so she should be able to back it up.
      I imagine you will attack me, Fred, because that is what you seem to do. Civil people have conversations. Ignorant people who don’t know what they are talking about attack.

      • Debi Wagner says:

        Maybe the criteria to judge if someone is an expert is the testimony of the other five experts on this issue degreed in different areas of expertise, physicist, air pollution engineer, sustainability doctor, whoever, I challenge you to discover whether I am an expert or not and consider in the meanwhile that finding those other experts to seek out criteria by which you will judge me and learning to understand what they are talking about will be quite a challenge for you both. Then you can apologize to me. Mr. Duff’s will be a group apology as he speaks as a “we” as is the case with the “we” who laughed at you regarding trees under another name.

      • John Poitras says:

        Brent I would be interested in knowing what credentials you have that qualify you as an expert whose opinion should be considered over someone who had the fortitude to walk the walk as well as talk the talk and expose herself up on the podium at the B-Town Blog forum? I know Ms Wagner and I can assure you that she knows a lot about the annexation issue.. probably a heck of a lot more than you do. If you had actually considered or researched the data she reiterated then you might be a lot more informed yourself.

  4. Greg Duff says:

    Debi, are you telling us that by repeating what experts are saying, that makes you an expert?
    I will repeat my question to you since you did not answer it earlier.
    What is your credentials that makes you an expert?
    Please do not think of this as an attack as I am only asking a follow up question to your opening statement at the debate.

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