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Advertiser Waterland CrossFit Offering 2-for-1 Special During October

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As the days get shorter and the sweaters get bulkier, one might be tempted to forsake fitness and let it all go until springtime comes around and fear and desperation about the impending swimsuit season inspires one to ACT.

I say this is faulty reasoning. I say that fitness feels good any time of the year. I say that YOUR life is better with it. I say that it is a tremendous waste of YOUR higher potential by NOT being better NOW. Life is short enough and we waste plenty of it by not living it optimally.

Fitness is a key element to YOUR best life. Mind, BODY, and spirit are all connected.

They do not exist, on any meaningful level, distinctly. They overlap and influence and shape each other.

Understanding this, I can say with some perspective, that fitness is the easiest way to improve your life. Good health lifts the spirit and sharpens the mind. Higher fitness elevates self-esteem and lowers doubts and fears. These things are true. As the owner/coach of Waterland CrossFit, I have witnessed miracles. I have seen people’s lives change. And I have seen ordinary people…just like YOU…achieve extraordinary things. It happens everyday and it can happen for YOU!!

HOW??? That’s easy!! Show up…show up and work hard and it WILL HAPPEN!! This is my promise and pledge. At Waterland CrossFit, my goal with each and every member is helping them achieve THEIR goals. My dream is to make CrossFit accessible to people who think it isn’t for them. IT IS!! CrossFit is THE BEST FITNESS IDEA around. It simply works better than anything else.

With quality instruction and a fun, inclusive, unintimidating atmosphere of camaraderie and support, regular folks are CROSSFITTING!! Many come in scared and uncertain after watching the CrossFit Games on ESPN or hearing horror stories about injuries or puking after every workout.

My philosophy is that CrossFit is meant to improve life, not diminish it. Injuries, to me, diminish it. Safety and the proper progression are vital to ANY true progression. My workout programming goals never include making everyone barf in the parking lot. This, too, diminishes the experience. My expectations begin and end with effort. Simply try. Try hard. If this happens, so will EVERYTHING ELSE!!!

In an effort to help jumpstart some more better lives, we are offering a 2 FOR 1 SPECIAL FOR THE MONTH OF OCTOBER!! (or half-price for people without any friends) Bring a friend or spouse or make a friend (or maybe a spouse ) and SHOW UP!! Begin the rest and best of your life now!! – Dave

Feel free to call or e-mail with any questions or concerns…

Dave Markwell
Waterland CrossFit –owner/coach
[email protected]

Waterland CrossFit is located at 22306 Marine View Drive South in Des Moines, behind the Dog House on 223rd and Marine View Drive.

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