LETTER: Unfortunate that Forum was Marred by Unnecessary Mudslinging

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Jack Mayne’s article provided a very balanced account of your Oct 2nd forum on annexation. As one of the attendees at the meeting, there were some highs and lows from my perspective. The two highs I noticed: (1) the two opponents gave the attendees their respective side on the issue, and the second high was the excellent job by Judge Eiler in keeping decorum and a fair time allotment. She performed admirably and even handed.

The low of the event was the deterioration from the issues by an attempted (?) personal mud slinging by Jerry Robison. I had to review the online audio to insure that what I thought I heard was indeed accurate. Robison’s accusation (implied) that Mark Ufkes was opposing the Burien annexation solely to make a personal fortune through buying up land and then having the prices go up with annexation to Seattle (you make your own conclusions). Robison accused Ufkes of buying “invested close to million dollars of single family properties” in white center in the hopes of seeing the property rise if annexed to Seattle. (On audio tape at 48 min 40 sec)

Mr. Ufkes’ reply was restrained and gentlemanly, explaining that the properties were only two – the one he and his family live in and the next door property in which other family members reside. So how does one person buying a house next door constitute the threat of millionaire land deals through politics? An innuendo based upon a lie.

It is unfortunate that this event was marred by such vile and unnecessary mudslinging tactics. This was an exhibition of tactlessness by a sitting Burien Councilmember.

“Draw your own conclusions.”

– Chuck Rangel

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8 Responses to “LETTER: Unfortunate that Forum was Marred by Unnecessary Mudslinging”
  1. 3TPDude says:

    Nice try Chuck, but anyone who’s been paying attention over the years remembers Mr. Ufkes openly touting that annexing to Seattle would increase property values more than if they went with Burien. He just recently changed his tune to “independent White Center”.

    • John Poitras says:

      Dude seems to me you were just boasting about your real estate investments in Burien and White center. So it seems to me that unless you were blowing smoke that you would benefit also if Mark is correct which I believe he is and that property values would go up more if they were part of Seattle instead of Burien.
      If you had actually been LISTENING to Mark you would have heard that his FIRST preference was for White Center to remain INDEPENDENT of BOTH Seattle and Burien. But if he was forced to choose Seattle would be his preference.
      Btw >>>Who are you?

  2. Al says:

    What an unfair conclusion on your part, when you only heard the mudslinging for Mr. Ufkes, as I listened I heard alot of mudslinging at Mr Robison.

    • John Poitras says:

      Al to you think its an unfair conclusion to draw the Mr Robison has improperly used his influence on the Burien City Council to push for annexation?
      He has considerable conflicts of interest including his cozy relationship with the NUHAC but he did not recuse himself in the city council vote for annexation which passed 4 to 3.

  3. Coverofnight says:

    I know Chuck – he is an honorable man who truly puts the community’s interests before his own. You can’t say that about any lawyer.

  4. Brent Nordman says:

    Come on, Chuck, who are you trying to kid? Every one know you are in the anti annexation crowd and no matter what was said you would have some complaint. Mark has been very vocal over the years about how the property values will go up if North Highline goes to Seattle. It’s amazing how just in the last few months he has changed his story and you totally forget everything he has said. I am sure if you take the time to reasearch it, you will be able to find out that Mark is not so genuine.
    I do think that Jerry spoke to much and did not give Ms. Dobson enough time to speak. That was also the case at the Thursday night forum sponsored by NHUAC.
    While I have not formed an opinion about whether I will vote for or against, I am certain of one thing, I am sick of all the players and all of the lying and name calling.
    Thank you

    • chuck says:

      3TP, Al, Brent

      I make no hidden fact that I am personally opposed to the annexation at this time. I also make no hidden fact that I cannot vote on the issue either.

      I make no hidden fact that prior to this issue (about three months ago) I had never heard of Mark Ufkes nor new anything about him. Still owning two single family residences in which your family lives in one does not give me the image of a massive land grabber looking to make a quick killing through political change.

      The Oct 2nd meeting revealed some new information to me as well as other in the room. That however still does not alter my belief that the personal attack by Mr Robison against Mr Ufkes was totally uncalled for in this setting. Uncalled for in the sense that Robison’s appears to have know that what he was “implying” was a complete fabrication therefore in my eyes “mudsling”.

      If there are attacks on either side at least let there be truth to the attack.

  5. jimmy says:

    oh wow some he said she said he said BS can’t everyone just get the [email protected]#$ along

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