LETTER: ‘Councilmember Intentionally Misrepresenting Annexation Issue’

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B-Town Blog:

At the White Center and B-Town Blog-sponsored public debate last Tuesday, October 2, Burien City Council member Jerry Robison stated that “if White Center does not vote to go to Burien now, next year, Seattle would annex White Center and could do it without a vote of its residents.”

It is the view of Independent White Center committee, a group opposing annexation, that Mr. Robison continues to intentionally misrepresent this complex issue to frighten White Center residents.

We asked Seattle City Council member Jean Godden, Vice Chair of the Seattle Parks and Neighborhoods committee, to respond to Mr. Robison’s claim. Her response is included below in an email sent to Mark Ufkes, member of the Independent White Center committee:

Just checked my emails and found yours. As we are in the middle of back-to-back budget briefings and about to have a budget public hearing, I apologize for being slow in responding. I should let you know that, misinformation to the contrary, the Seattle City Council has never within my tenure (nine years) contemplated annexing White Center without a vote. As budget constraints currently stand, we are unlikely to seriously consider such a move in the near future. And, as you point out, even if we were to take the issue up again, we would require a vote of those affected before taking any action.

You certainly can share that information,
Jean Godden

P.S. We are presently working on a biennial budget. And, whereas Seattle is in better shape financially than in any of the past four years, I have seen no budget item nor legislative statement that would indicate that Seattle would be looking at any annexation proposals in 2013.

– Mark Ufkes

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8 Responses to “LETTER: ‘Councilmember Intentionally Misrepresenting Annexation Issue’”
  1. John says:

    Well there you have it! Council member Robison obviously has been passing on bad information. Seems like the typical rhetoric we see out of our area politicians. I guess he figures it’s ok to lie to the citizens to force them to make a decision rather than let them figure it out on their own merit. But hey….you guys voted him into office I didn’t. Maybe when the council interviewed this guy they should have done their homework.

    • Al says:

      I would respond but why bother, Mr. Ufkes I have attended your Chamber meetings and you aren’t exactly honest with what you tell people either.
      Just give us that live in North Highline enough credit to think for ourselves and to make the right decision when we vote. We have heard your group and the others and we aren’t stupid we have enough information to decide on our own.

      • John Poitras says:


        Its there in black and white for you to see that Jerry misspoke about the reality of a possible annexation by Seattle. Are you smart enough figure out that Seattle has no intention of annexing white center?
        Its a blatant lie to say they could do it without a vote. That fact should be obvious to anyone that has taken the time to read the restrictions in the Land Management Act.

        All we get from your group is the three monkeys with their eyes ears and mouths shut when anyone suggests that annexation is not the shangri-la that you have been led to believe it is .
        You just don’t get it that people in positions of supposed trust have been spreading a wave of deception because Dow wants to get white center off of his balance sheet.

        • FOUL says:

          Sorry John, annexation CAN be accomplished without a vote.

          • John Poitras says:

            I cry Foul Foul.. Pigs will fly before white center is annexed without a vote.


            Stop with your MISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN!

  2. Joe Wills says:

    All this is just part of MIke Martin trying to build an empire, to bad the citizens of Burien have no vote on this issue, I feel we would all vote NO on making White Center part of us, I mean why put more strain on a budget that has allot of strain onit already.. Thank you for the email…bringin out the truth !!!

  3. Frances says:

    I like the COunty Councilman saying that most of the roads are tier 5 and will be going to gravel. I think staying in the county is the most scary thing said

    • John Poitras says:

      Frances its all about DOW and his political flunkies trying to scare Area Y into annexation. WHY is it so hard for you to see that? Do you trust gov’t so much you think they would never steer you wrong .. never act for their own purposes? Don’t be so naive.

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