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Volunteers Needed for 2 Upcoming Work Parties: Walker Preserve & Miller Creek

Volunteers are needed for two upcoming work parties – in both Walker Preserve and Miller Creek – coming up Saturday, Oct. 20 (Walker Preserve) and Wednesday, Oct. 24 (Miller Creek).

“Since 2008, volunteers in Walker Preserve have removed large amounts of invasive plants and planted many native trees and shrubs,” reads an announcement. “You can help – no experience is required! This weekend we will be planting about 90 native plants in places where dense ivy was removed.”

Here are the details:


WHAT: Work Party in Walker Preserve .

WHEN: Saturday, October 20, 2012, 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m

WHERE: Walker Preserve park, SW. 168th St. and 2nd Ave. SW. in Normandy Park, up the road from Normandy Park City Hall.  If driving, your parking options include:

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please plan ahead – this park does not have a restroom.

From the gate behind the Walker Preserve sign, walk down the trail towards the creek.

INFO: This volunteer event is an opportunity to visit a pleasant park in the City of Normandy Park, along Walker Creek. The City of Normandy Park recently rebuilt the footbridge over the creek, and neighbors and other volunteers have made a lot of progress restoring the native plant community in this park. This work will help native plants thrive, and provide shade and food for the salmon that live in the creek. Please sign up if you can, or decide to show up at the last minute!

This stewardship project is a joint effort of the City of Normandy Park, and the Miller and Walker Creeks Stewardship program.

Volunteers are needed to:

What to bring:

Organizers provide:


WHAT: Weeding along Miller Creek at the Southwest Suburban Sewer District Plant. In 2010, the Southwest Suburban Sewer District in Normandy Park, along with former Miller-Walker Steward Dennis Clark and many volunteers, removed ivy from along a stretch of Miller Creek, and replaced it with native plants.  Come see how the plants are growing, and help pull a few weeds so they can continue to grow!

WHEN:  Wednesday, October 24, 9:30-11:30 a.m.

WHERE:  Southwest Suburban Sewer District, Miller Creek Treatment Plant
1015 SW 174th PL
Normandy Park, WA  98166-3465.

ACTIVITIES: Weed a small, steep area where native plants are growing – remove Himalayan blackberry, ivy, butterfly bush, morning glory, and other weeds; plant a few native trees

Organizers provide:

What to bring:

INFO/QUESTIONS: Elissa Ostergaard, [email protected] [1], 206-296-1909 (Saturday, October 20 only: 206-707-6549)

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