Next NHUAC Meeting will be Nov. 1

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The North Highline Unincorporated Area Council monthly meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 1, beginning at 7 p.m. at the North Highline Fire Station (1243 112th Street SW).

Guests will be Brenda Bauer and Jay Osborne from the King County Department of Transportation, who will present an overview of current service delivery and “What to expect this winter and impacts from the diminishing budget…”

Here’s more from an announcement:

As noted at previous meetings by the County DOT, and King County Council Member, Joe McDermott at NHUAC’s Oct 4 Annexation Forum, the county has moved to a “tiered” level of service for unincorporated area roads. Under this plan, Tier 5 roads, 36 miles of which make up the residential streets in North Highline, will receive “virtually no storm and snow response. Maintenance will be limited and based on factors such as life safety and risk, resulting is a growing number of deteriorating roads. Users can expect to see some closures…these roads may also be downgraded to a gravel surface..”

Information on the new service levels can be found on the North Highline Unincorporated Area Council website, Follow the link to the DOT site and then the link under “Service Tiers.”

“Hope to see you all there as we learn more about how this plan will impact our community,” said Barbara Dobkin, NHUAC President.

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45 Responses to “Next NHUAC Meeting will be Nov. 1”
  1. WC says:

    Say “NO” to Burien

  2. John Poitras says:

    Go and listen to more manufactured facts and propaganda about how great being annexed will be.
    This is the same crowd that tried to do an end run around democracy and hold the vote in Mid August instead of November.
    They also just sent a propaganda letter to the Highline times claiming that Area Y residents would only see a $10 tax increase. Mike Martin even admits it will be hundreds of $$. They have tried to use scare tactics spreading the idea that if you don’t vote to annex that the County will force Seattle to annex the area without a vote because the County wants the area off their balance sheets. This is totally false information . The County has no power to do this. Your roads will not turn to gravel. Things will just stay the same if you vote NO to annexation.
    They have pushed the Dow Constantine and his gang of politicos agenda with no regard for the consequences for the residents.
    They have no credibility on the subject of annexation.

    • Ivan Weiss says:

      How long will things stay the same, John, if the No position prevails, and what knowledge do you have that the County Executive and the County Council don’t have? All you have done is to call them liars. Tell me what you know about the tiered road service that makes you so certain that the county will maintain these roads at the same level.

      Do you have facts, or are you just making your usual faith-based argument and telling the readers to believe what you say just because you say it?

    • Gill says:

      Sorry, Mr. Poitras you just haven’t followed the annexation debate closely enough.

      1) Who is “the same crowd that tried to do an end run around democracy and hold the vote in Mid August instead of November”? By the way, we still get to vote.

      2) The “letter” you referred to states “approximately $10 a month” which works out to approximately $120/yr.

      3) Mike Martin never admitted to “hundreds of $$” as he has said repeatedly in the many meetings I’ve attended that it would be $140/yr. on a $200,000 residence.

      4) Of course, Seattle can’t annex the whole of North Highline without a vote. Technically, they could but in practice not really possible. However, for the Sliver by the River and Delta Marine/Duwamish Triangle they could as could Tukwila.

      5) Roads in North Highline including the Tier 5 road in front of our house could turn to gravel under new King County guidelines.

      6) You say “They have no credibility on the subject of annexation.” First of all, you don’t identify “They” and secondly, why is a nonresident of North Highline telling us how to vote!

      In summary, we have been gathering the FACTS concerning incorporating as a city or being annexed by a contiguous city since at least mid-2004 and have reached the conclusion that voting YES to annex to Burien is in our community’s best interest.

      • John Poitras says:

        1) Who is this same crowd?? Come on don’t play dumb.. Look at WHO the announcement was FROM! Look at the SUBJECT line and you will have your answer.

        2) and 3) Martin has been all over the map on what he considers TAXES.. He apparently does not consider use fees that affect ALL residents including renters, tax increases but in fact in the end its money Burien residents and future Burien residents have to shell out that goes to the City of Burien.
        Here are some that they are looking at INCREASING in 2013 which WILL also affect the annexed area also if they become part of Burien.
        Discussion on the 2013 Property Tax Levy.
        Discussion on Financial Policies.
        Discussion on Ordinance No. 574 Increasing the City’s Surface Water Management Service Charges and Amending Chapter 13.10 of the Burien Municipal Code.
        There is also the use fees paid to the city on your cable bill and I am sure I have missed some others.. This all adds up to hundreds of dollars more than what this letter promises.

        4) Thanks for being honest about that because the NHUAC has been stating the opposite. Even going as far as to send out door bellers with the message that if they don’t vote for annexation they will be annexed by Seattle without a vote.

        5) Anythings possible Gill but even Martin admitted at the last informational meeting that the roads will NOT turn to gravel. And do you really think Dow Constantine would keep his job if they did.. Not likely..

        6) Again the “THEY” is found in who wrote the posting and in the TITLE of the posting.

        In Conclusion Gill >>>
        You use the word WE to describe whom? Who is the WE that have been gathering “Facts” since 2004?
        If you are using facts that are 8 years old then you are ignoring the PRESENT reality and the Present Reality shows that voting for annexation by Burien is a REALLY BAD IDEA!
        Even if it was a good idea >>>it should be voted down in November until some guarantees are negotiated with King County that keeps them liable if Burien put into a financial hole because of it.. Without this type of insurance or assurance by KC its NOT a good deal for Burien or for Area Y to annex under the current agreement.

        • Gill says:

          Mr. Poitras:

          Two more facts:

          1) “WE” refers to my life partner & myself.

          2) We have been gathering “Facts” since 2004 up to the present including numerous community meetings with the final one being the annexation information meeting at Cascade Middle School last week.

          This is why WE have made the decision to vote YES to annex to Burien.

          • John Poitras says:


            Feel free to vote anyway you like. Apparently you operate in a fact free zone .. but to each his own.. Hopefully the majority of Area Y residents will see thru the gov’t con job and evaluate the FACTS we have presented and arrive at the only logical conclusion which is to VOTE NO ON ANNEXATION!

        • Gill says:

          Apology to Mr. Poitras concerning my point 4) above as I was wrong.

          Decided to do some up to date research on methods of unincorporated areas being annexed by contiguous cities and found I was wrong. Annexation by Seattle is easier than I thought. The 2003 state legislature adopted SHB 1755 “creating an ‘alternative’ method of annexing islands of unincorporated territory through use of interlocal agreements”. Please refer to “” for more information.

          • John Poitras says:

            Gill No apologies required in effect you were correct in the first place and anyone that told you otherwise is blowing smoke and does not understand the statute.

            I dealt with this in an earlier post when More Taxes Joey M posted the links to this process.. I pointed out at the time that YES its possible that annexation could be initiated by the county but in effect it is more likely that I could beat Tiger Woods in a head to head golf match than for that to happen…
            However lets just say that pigs could fly and the county attempted such a thing.. There are massive hurtles in their way..
            1} The code city would HAVE TO APPROVE the annexation petition by a majority vote of their legislative body. Seattle has already said they are not interested in annexing white center as has been proven and well publicized. Thats hurdle #1.
            2) If by some incredible change in the economy in a few years Dow Constantine is still in office and is able to convince a majority on the Seattle city council to approve an annexation petition then there are further hurdles to clear. Oh and btw unlike the folks involved in this annexation Dow will find any attempt to strong arm the Seattle city council a next to impossible task.
            3) Lets say that by 2020 the Seattle city council does approve a petition.. They will have to hold public hearings in the proposed annexation area which will be subject to court review.
            4) At that time a petition for referendum by the residents of the annexation area can be filed which will force a vote in the annexation area that will have to be paid for by the city.

            There are als other hurdles to pass but I have wasted enough time on this already and I am going over ground I have already covered in a previous thread.

            So in conclusion NO IT IS NOT EASY and in effect its NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE for the county to force a city to annex any area and it is not possible for the city to annex an area without a VOTE if the annexed area residents request one.




            Cut and paste this into your browser>>>


  3. Eaton B. Verz says:

    “Do you have facts, or are you just making your usual faith-based argument and telling the readers to believe what you say just because you say it?”

    That door seems to swing both ways, Ivan

    • Ivan Weiss says:

      Wrong, pal, because I’m not stating anything as fact when I don’t know if it’s a fact or not. I’m asking Poitras, or whatever name he’s posting under this week, how he knows the roads will be maintained, and for how long, when the county is saying they won’t be.

      Why should I believe him? What facts does he have that would rebut what the county says? Let’s see them.

      For your information, I live in unincorporated King County, and what affects the roads in North Highline affects the roads around my house also. So I am totally invested in this subject and not here to stir up trouble. I ask “Poitras” again: What facts does he have that would rebut what the county says about the roads? My guess is that he has none, zero.

      • John Poitras says:

        I heard you live on Vashon Island. Do you have more than one house?

        • Ivan Weiss says:

          Don’t give me that s–t, John. Answer the question. What do you know about the roads that makes you so certain that there will be no change in their maintenance by the county if North Highline declines to annex? Answer the question.

          You clowns are the ones who are saying “oh, everything will be the same.” Back it up.

          • noansweryet? says:

            My kids and their dirt bikes and us with our quads and jeeps would love to see gravel roads again. Nothing says progress like going backwards..hehehehehehe

          • John Poitras says:

            What FACTS do you have Vashon Island Island … Dow Constantine straw horse Ivan?

            As Mike Martin said if you do not annex your roads WILL NOT TURN TO GRAVEL.

            AND if you had taken the time to actually READ my posting you would have noticed I said that if Dow Constantine’s plan is to let the roads turn to gravel in Unincorporated King County he will lose the election next year to someone who does give a damm…

      • Eaton B. Verz says:

        Wow,what an angry dude! Hope you aren’t a police officer or school teacher pal. If it wasn’t so sad you would make me laugh Ivan

        • Ivan Weiss says:

          Interesting, isn’t it, that no one has answered my question yet?

          • 3TPDude says:

            That’s because then they’d have to use the truth and actual facts, which would deflate their whole campaign. Instead they edit down information to fit their agenda or just make it up out of thin air.

  4. Fred says:

    To Ivan-

    Go to the Informational meeting that Mike Martin did on Oct. 18,2012- White Center Now Blog VIDEO. As Mr. Martin said at the end of that video-If Area Y does not annex to Burien, the sky is not going to fall. The roads are not going to turn to gravel or dust-immediately. It might take 20 or 30 years for such an event to happen but probably not in your life time Ivan. And some of Burien’s neighborhood roads are already so neglected that they are turning to gravel.. So stop being the drama queen about the roads. Maybe when a better County Executive than Dow comes into office in a few years things will change. But I highly doubt that the County is going to let the Sacred Cow of Vashon Island’s roads go to dust. The Vashon elite will fight that and you have Sharon Nelson to bail you out at the state level. Remember when she said that if Burien went broke in this absurd annexation, all Burien would have to do is to go to Sharon to bail them out. So I guess she could do the same for King County roads.

    • Ivan Weiss says:

      Who is this “Vashon elite” you speak of? Name them. Nobody said the roads would turn to gravel IMMEDIATELY, but a pothole here, a pothole there, a front end alignment here, and a front end alignment there, and soon the cost of NOT maintaining roads begins to add up for car owners and other taxpayers.

      As for my being a “drama queen,” I’m not the one who made statements about what the county would or would not do, with no data to back up my assertions. That’s what you lot do, and have been doing, since this campaign began, and before. Lies, scare tactics, and BS in general.

      Annexation WILL happen, pal, you can take it to the bank . If it doesn’t happen this time, it will next time.

      Once the entire First Avenue South corridor — arguably the most underdeveloped commercial/industrial zone in King County, sitting square in the middle between the Seattle waterfront and Sea-Tac Airport — is under one municipal jurisdiction, development of that area will bring Burien so much new tax revenue, and so much new population, that your petty concerns of today will be dismissed like so much flat-earthism.

      And when the population grows, you lot will be outvoted. That’s what all your opposition is about. It’s not about taxes, that’s BS. Everybody pays taxes. It’s about your imagined control, plain and simple.

      • Eaton B. Verz says:

        “It’s about your imagined control, plain and simple.”

        HEE,HEEE, you just made the argument for avoiding annexation. Good job, PAL!! Well, gotta go. Going to take a walk down my gravel road. You and Joey make me laugh!

      • John Poitras says:

        So the REAL Ivan emerges.. Its all about what YOU want to control isn’t it Ivan.. ?
        I’m curious how the annexation of Area Y by Burien benefits someone who lives on Vashon Island?

        Apparently you have some plan to benefit financially from this annexation .. I wonder if that plan includes utilizing money sourced from the citizens of Burien? Seems fairly probable to me.
        Annexation right now pal is a REALLY BAD DEAL FOR BOTH AREA Y AND BURIEN>

        IF Burien is going to try and annex then King County needs to negotiate something better than the sweetheart deal they have now..
        The negotiation needs to include a King County safety net for Burien.. King County needs to be held accountable if the pie in the sky new tax revenue you are unrealistically predicting does not materialize.

        • Ivan Weiss says:

          I benefit from annexation, just like we all do, when people vote to give themselves more representation than they have now. Local government will be far more accessible for North Highline residents as citizens of Burien, and much more responsive to them, than King County is to them now.

  5. John Poitras says:

    Dude.. Our agenda as you call it is to expose the truth about annexation.. Your agenda is to hide it..

    • 3TPDude says:

      I have hidden no information, It’s all readily available.
      Your groups “leaders” certainly have a hidden agenda, but continue to foist their
      “Independent White Center” on to what they hope is the uninformed. It’s sad that they, and you, have actually convinced yourselves that the citizens of area Y are so ignorant that they would forget everything said and done by your group up until late spring this year.
      By the way John, why do you care? You continually bloviate about people voting for this candidate or voting on that issue, yet according to my politically and internet savvy office staff, you aren’t even registered to vote in this area. So what’s up with that?

      • John Poitras says:


        Your staff? Methinks thou doth protest too much.

        Even if annexation ONE DAY would be a good idea.. ITS NOT A GOOD IDEA NOW>
        Its a SINK OR SWIM scenario.. Thats why when you buy something like a house or a car INSURANCE Is required.. King County is completely off the hook on this one.. Before anyone votes for annexation a safety net needs to be negotiated with King County.. If they are so desperate to get Area Y off their balance sheets they can certainly be pressured into offering some guarantees of financial support if this goes belly up… and Burien ends up buried in red ink.
        Thats another reason to vote against annexation at this time… its called LEVERAGE… I am sure your staff can advise you on what the meaning of this term is.

        Btw Dude Are you registered to vote? Oh sorry you hide behind a pseudonym so our staff can’t check up on you. Care to share your real name?

  6. mike says:

    What is the hidden agenda you speak of 3tp? What is it that IWC did until late this spring? I must be uninformed because I don’t know what your talking about.

    • 3TPDude says:

      Let’s review in a condensed timeline since the last annexation vote(passed):

      February 25th, 2010 West Seattle Blog:
      Highland Park Action Committee meeting.
      SEATTLE ANNEXATION SUPPORTERS:Peggy Weiss, Mark Ufkes and Don Malo told HPAC they believe White Center joining Seattle “is the right thing to do.”
      Weiss said they’ve talked with city council members and “we think they’re also recognizing, it’s time.” They support Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn‘s proposal for an annexation vote this November (which requires City Council approval), and say they are touring to speak to “neighborhood groups” about their support for Seattle annexation.

      March 13th, 2010 White Center Now blog:
      While the next official City of Seattle public discussion of a possible North Highline annexation vote is not yet scheduled, the issue has again surfaced on a community-group agenda in West Seattle. Following up on their appearance before the Highland Park Action Committee two weeks ago, Seattle-annexation supporters Mark Ufkes and Peggy Weiss of the White Center Homeowners Association are scheduled to speak to the Delridge Neighborhoods District Council this Wednesday.

      March 19, 2010 West Seattle Blog:
      SUPPORTERS OF SEATTLE ANNEXING THE REST OF NORTH HIGHLINE: Mark Ufkes and Peggy Weiss addressed the council, as they had done a few weeks earlier at Highland Park Action Committee, accompanied by Sharon Maeda and Don Malo. The group talked about its hope that White Center could be “another great neighborhood of Seattle.”

      April 1, 2010- Southern part of NHUA officially welcomed into the City of Burien

      April 7th, 2010 White Center Now blog:
      At the Southwest District Council meeting, we’re listening to the latest presentation from White Center residents advocating that Seattle annex “Area Y.” This is at least the third time we have seen some form of this presentation on the city side of the line. Tonight, the reps are Don Malo and Lois Schipper, wife of Mark Ufkes, who has been leading many of these appearances but wasn’t able to be at this one.
      Schipper and Malo say Seattle-annexation advocates will continue making the rounds of community councils in West Seattle

      September 26, 2011 Highline Times:
      White Center resident Mark Ufkes said he favored Seattle annexing the area.

      Please note that they were courting Seattle at the same to Burien was preparing to officially annex Area W.

      April 2, 2012- Burien City Council votes to move ahead with annexation of area Y.

      June 2012- PAC “Independent White Center” is formed(75% are Burien residents) and starts touting staying independent, after the White Center members of the group spent ten years being cheerleaders for Seattle, they had to come up with a way to delay or stop Burien’s annexation attempt so they could buy more time to work on the Seattle City Council, where Jean Godden is their only current yes vote.

      Pretty transparent if you care to keep up on current events in your neighborhood.

      • casaduo says:

        Thanks 3TP Dude, finally the picture of truth!

      • Mike says:

        Thanks 3tp. Very enlightening. I think your right that IWC is buying time to become part of Seattle. I agree with them. Remaining part of King County is IMO a much better choice than Burien. I don’t want the mismanagement that is the city of Burien.

      • Ivan Weiss says:

        Jean Godden might have been Seattle’s only yes vote at the time that article was written, but her position changed to no. She explained to me and to many others that as chair of the Council’s budget committee, she thought it was irresponsible for Seattle to take on any annexation. That remains her position today and for the foreseeable future.

        Neighborhood groups from all over Seattle lobbied the City Council against any further annexation, contending that their needs were barely being met and that whereas they already WERE part of Seattle, they had prior claim on city services. That situation has not changed, and is likely to continue.

        People can point their fingers at Burien and make vague accusations about “mismanagement,” but they can do that anywhere, with any city, and most certainly with Seattle. The indisputable fact remains that North Highline, if annexed to Seattle, will become what, 3-5 percent of the population?

        A unified North Highline would be closer to 50 percent of Burien, and would have 10 times the representational leverage. That’s arithmetic, folks, and it is not subject to dispute, whatever your position is.

        Voters and taxpayers in North Highline will get far more representational bang for their buck as part of Burien than they would remaining unincorporated — which must end at some point — or as part of Seattle, where they will be a forgotten corner.

        Call me names, wave your arms about, write letters to B -Town Blog (I’m sure Scott likes the traffic). Make asses of yourselves 25 times a day, I don’t care. Sooner or later, as I see it, North Highline is going to Burien, and people will just have to make the best of it. If by some chance that doesn’t happen, Oh well, life goes on.

        • John Poitras says:

          So Ivan.. You are the source of the divide and conquering theme in our city? Whatever happened to we are all one big happy family?? That was the theme that the NHUAC has been pushing for years..
          NOW YOU who do not even live here want to lump all of North Highline including parts of Burien into an US vs THEM scenario in your pro annexation propaganda?? Sorry pal that logic just does not fly .. First of all what was formerly area X which is now BURIEN proper has had time to become familiar with our dysfunctional city council and our out of control City Manager.. So you can’t include them in being blind to what is happening here in Burien..
          You can hype it all you want Ivan BUT the point in fact is NOT whether to go with Burien OR Seattle.. Its to MAINTAIN INDEPENDENT THE STATUS QUO or allow Burien to Annex.. Voting for Annexation is a really dumb idea even if you are for annexation by Burien because by voting NO that gives Burien a LOT OF LEVERAGE to get a better deal from your buddy Dow Constantine @ King County..
          Stop trying to cover up the fact that this is a sink or swim deal that does NOT have to happen now.. In fact it would be better for everyone who actually LIVES HERE for it to be rejected under the current conditions.
          King County will get the message that they need to pony up with some financial guarantees before we agree to take this on.. Of course that would make your political cronies in King County pretty unhappy.. So I can see why you would want to avoid that and are pushing so hard for annexation now.

      • John Poitras says:

        Your living in the past dude.. How about coming back to the reality of the present day?
        Also how about answering my statement about leverage. And who are you really?

  7. Mike says:


    My accusations of mismanagement are not vague. Martin has a terrible record not only in Burien but other cities as well. Many of us have laid that out repeatedly.

    As for having leverage, that may be true once the council that backs martins every play as well as Martin are voted off the council. It’s been my observation that most of the complaints from Burien citizens are that Martin and his cronies have their own agenda and don’t listen.

    BTW Ivan, is it rue you live on Vashon?

    • Ivan Weiss says:

      Yes. So what? I have been following this issue for years and know most of the players. I don’t give a rip if you like what I have to say or not. I’m saying it.

      • Neil says:

        So Ivan, they had enough of your mad dog barks on Vashon Islands so you are trolling our city and telling us how to vote and how to live. Please, pretty please go back to advocating for your own city and leave ours alone.

  8. Mike says:

    RE; Neighborhood groups from all over Seattle lobbied the City Council against any further annexation, contending that their needs were barely being met and that whereas they already WERE part of Seattle, they had prior claim on city services. That situation has not changed, and is likely to continue.

    This is exactly what many citizens from Burien did and the council that sides w/Martin and the mayor refused to listen and voted to move forward. Why would anyone think it will be any different if we annex into Burien? That situation has not changed, and is likely to continue. According to your statement Ivan, Seattle does listen and did take it off the table for now.

    I don’t give a sh#% what you have to say since you have no dog in this hunt. But I do appreciate you pointing out Seattle IS the better city and they DO listen to their constituents.

  9. Brad T says:

    Amazing how if you are not a part of the pro Burien group you are automatically labeled a Pro Seattle person, give me a break! What a bunch of scare tactic crap, absolutely not true. As John stated above A NO VOTE ON ANNEXATION IS NOT A YES FOR SEATTLE STOP LIEING TO PEOPLE<<< did I say it loud enough for you! Just because you pro Burien bloggers want to keep convoluting the issues at hand with yet even more crap so that people can’t follow the facts doesn’t make it true! By the way this rush vote is just plain stupid and makes no sense what’s the hurry? The fact that Burien residents could get a better deal with the county is in itself the exact reason and enough reason to wait! How are we not suppose to be suspect to anything that comes from the council and there cronies if they pass on common sense?
    Here Ivan I copied and pasted what you yourself wrote so you can explain in your own words why we should not worry about big bad Seattle coming to get us!
     “Jean Godden might have been Seattle’s only yes vote at the time that article was written, but her position changed to no. She explained to me and too many others that as chair of the Council’s budget committee, she thought it was irresponsible for Seattle to take on any annexation. That remains her position today and for the foreseeable future.
    Neighborhood groups from all over Seattle lobbied the City Council against any further annexation, contending that their needs were barely being met and that whereas they already WERE part of Seattle, they had prior claim on city services. That situation has not changed, and is likely to continue.

    There in one of your own followers words even you guys don’t believe the Seattle hype you spew so readily when the argument does not go your way.
    Ivan you’re an ass clown you have nothing more than this forum to whine to and no real vote in this, seriously get a life back on Vashon and please make it outside of your PC room! If all you do is come on here and convolute the issue you’re also an Idiot! Furthermore I find it amusing you hold no vote in this yet you stir the pot like you have a few spoons tied to it, one has to question your motives in all this and what you’re really about, still at least you’re using a real name so I will give you that. Now you said and I copied this from your post “I benefit from annexation, how exactly do you a person living on Vashon benefit from this annexation? Seriously how can this benefit you? What is it you’re not telling us?

    When people question the B&O taxes the property taxes or fee’s you guys meaning Mike martin and Joey Martinez and a few others it’s simply shaken off like it is a myth and then they throw a way low figure out there and then conveniently forget to mention about the cell phone fee’s or the add on fee’s to cable or utilities or even the increases in permit fee’s from trees to buildings. Nobody wants to talk about those issues do they, how about being honest to the people who run businesses in area Y and North Highline rather it be a store front or a at home situation tell them how they can’t have flashing signs or how the no sandwich boards will affect them and the business they do. NONE of this is ever really brought up! What about the rules about how many cars can be parked at a home business even if you call it home and work? I am sure that will affect many people in a negative way. All we ever hear is how great it will be You know a chicken in every pot, a turkey in every oven rainbows and sunshine year round all the new roads, better this better that BLA bla bla etc etc etc really sound like a bunch of HOPE and CHANGE! Next time one of you knocks on my door again and can’t answer those questions to my face and immediately runs to the Seattle is going to get if you vote no bull crap! I swear I will turn my sprinklers on and soak you! @ 3TP dude you’re so bold and proud of what you say and who you say it to that you hide your name under a very poorly thought out guise! This is also a lead into the kind of person you are and in my opinion foremost a coward! You have nerve naming people like Don Malo and Lois Schipper Mark Ufkes and others in a negative light for there opinions regarding Annexation, You act like they are trash and bad people simply for exercising there rights as Americans! For the record this is America we have the right to speak our minds and vote in Democratic fashion and questioning government is what we are all about are we not! Do you not agree? The people you have listed I have seen out and about making things happen and making this a better place for everyone donating time and money or just plain sweat. These people by being involved in our community rather you agree with them or not are making a difference. That goes for most of the pro Burien people as well, many are my friends and I may disagree with them but I always have enough respect for them to be polite look them eye to eye face to face name to name and if I see them out helping I cheer them on! I don’t recall anyone named 3TPdude doing anything more than bitching on a blog and trying to tear people down for what they believe in or not, in my opinion that makes you a small minded and mean spirited person! Gill, Don, Mark, Liz, Lois, John Etc. doesn’t matter what side of this issue they are on we know they are out there and know they are involved by name and face they don’t hide behind a computer. You should not be ashamed of your opinions you should rejoice in the fact that you’re an American and be fully involved that’s what make this a great country and the freedoms to do so should not be wasted many have died to give you those rights. I am not 100% opposed to being part of Burien at least not forever. Anyhow but as of now there is just too many things wrong about it and we can do much better. Our roads will not turn to dust the sky will not fall and the fire department will still come out if called for Pete’s sake. I do liv in in area Y and work in WhiteCenter
    VOTE NO ON ANEXATION the facts are not clear enough to annex right now
    Thank you for your time.

  10. Fred says:

    To 3TPDude-

    Sorry dude but you do have a hidden agenda and keep trying to convince John and the rest of the blog readers the you don’t have one. As I recall, you are the dude who moves around Burien saying that you know Mike Martin and the Council members but it’s not quite true.Also, I suggest that you hire a better staff to gather information about
    AreaY/White Center and its real grass roots organizations that keep it going and moving.It appears that you or your supposed staff mill at the meager, unsupported edges of what makes White Center tick- like the NHUAC where the counsel members are elected to their positions by one lone vote and then pretend they represent the area or by sitting around and shooting the bull at White Center Jubilee Days. You are not connected to the pipeline and moving forces in White Center like the White Center CDA , the Trusted Advocates, the White Center Chamber of Commerce or Independent White Center. You really know nothing about these groups.

    You personally know very little about the population of Area Y and their real needs. You’re a bluffer who sits around at old car shows and is fishing for information. Your twisted picture of history neglects that the time frame you refer to is exactly when Seattle was the city targeted to annex Area Y by the agreement between the 3 jurisdictions in question.

    However, this election is not about that any longer. It is about whether Area Y should join Burien, the putz city,that can’t even provide human services and decent animal control services to its own citizens and can’ t fix its own streets, sidewalks or storm water problems or whether to stay independent. White Center gets more services through King County right now than it will ever get from Burien. Burien does not have the tax base to support it self or North Highline or both areas combined.

    To Ivan-
    Who cares if as you say Unified Highline gets 50% of the vote. 50% of a poor city that has no money is still 50% of nothing. You would like this area to remain the poorest city in King County because it then gives the 34th Dems/your group and their politicians the leverage to force our area to take all of the crap stuff that the rest of the area/county doesn’t want in their backyard in exchange for small, cheesy token grants and crumbs from you/the power brokers.
    So you are interested in economic expansion? Let’s build that bridge to Vashon Island and expand that economy. And how about further regional airport expansion on Vashon too. A bridge would make that possible.

    • Ivan Weiss says:

      The United States Coast Guard and the Port of Tacoma say there will be no bridge. Take it up with them.

    • 3TPDude says:

      That was pretty funny. You really don’t have a clue who I am or what I do, so your attempt to discredit me is amateurish at best.
      Your groups represent less than 1% of the registered voters- not population- voters in the area, so you don’t speak or represent anyone but yourselves.
      You’ve outed yourself again ****, but I’ll keep your identity to myself.
      See you at the next business mixer!

  11. John Poitras says:

    Dude.. We represent more than 50% of the voters as you will find out when Annexation is voted down.. Despite the violations of the folks at the NHUAC that in fact represent about 1% of Area Y. Despite the FACT that they are registered as a NON-PROFIT but have been acting like a political action committee which DISQUALIFIES their status as a Non-Profit..
    The PDC has already ruled that they in fact have been acting like a PAC . So lets see where the chips fallout from that and lets wait until election day to see how much the Independent White Center PAC has been able to dissipate the smoke, mirrors and propaganda spread by them and Stephen L’s PAC.

    Btw… I am still waiting for a response from you on the LEVERAGE issue that I raised about voting NO ON ANNEXATION until a safety net has been negotiated with King County.

    • Joey Martinez says:

      Mr. Poitras, the PDC has no ruling on its website against NHUAC so I do not accept your claim of the ruling. Filing a complaint and then using that as proof is beneath even you – or so I thought. Smells of desperation.

      Puget Sound park is the perfect example on leverage. Before Burien had a “Yes” vote in the annexation of area X (North Burien) that park was passed around and was about to be the site of a consolidated library. Once Burien had the “Yes” vote the city forced King County to include the park in the deal.

      Annexation was supposed to go through but was delayed until King County included the park in the deal.

      Sounds like leverage to me.

      Joey Martinez

  12. John Poitras says:

    Gee Joey you really think that is going to happen here? All KC did was give up a park they did not want to maintain and they are apparently going to consolidate the library anyway… especially if annexation goes thru.. Its apples and oranges but your faulty logic does not consider that we are talking about millions of dollars in potential liability to King County… and at this point that is not negotiable, not unless this attempt at annexation does not pass.

    On the other issue I assume you are not denying that NHUAC is registered as a non-profit.
    Are you suggesting they have not been acting as a Pro Annexation PAC?

    To correct your incomplete research ( I know you have a high opinion of your research ability but from what I have seen its definitely not so great and often ends up with your foot in your mouth.

    YES THE NHUAC HAS RECEIVED A WARNING LETTER FROM THE PDC… Call them and ask them if you like.. You will find that I am correct and you are in error.

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