UPDATE: Man Beaten Up at Burien Transit Center Thursday Night; 2 Arrested

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UPDATE 10/26/12 5:52 p.m.: Thursday night (Oct. 25) just after 5 p.m., police received a call of a fight in progress at the Burien Transit Center.

When the first two deputies arrived, they found two male suspects punching and kicking another man.

According to the victim, the trouble started when he confronted the two suspects – harassing another man – and told them to leave that man alone. The victim got onto a bus to see when it would be leaving, but when he stepped off the bus, the two suspects said something to him about interfering with their business. They then attacked the victim and knocked him to the ground. He was kicked and punched multiple times, receiving a laceration to his head.

The two suspects, an 18-year old man from Maple Valley and a 21-year old man from Seattle, were taken into custody and booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Felony Assault.

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21 Responses to “UPDATE: Man Beaten Up at Burien Transit Center Thursday Night; 2 Arrested”
  1. Marianne says:

    I hope the victim recovers quickly. Kudos to him for stepping in to help in the first place. Scary area. Glad I drive.

  2. Jay says:

    “SIGH” So sorry for all the victims there at the trasit center. It is disheartening to hear this.

    I wish the Metro Trasit Police could leave an officer there during the afternoons and evenings to help put out minds at ease. It is not a very friendly area and I wish my wife would get off at another stop. I go and meet her as she steps off the bus now.

  3. Reds fox says:

    They should have security posted up for busy commute times at a minimum

  4. nathan says:

    That’s what those emergency phones are for. Push button > call cops

    • Bette says:

      How can you use the emergency phone if you’ve been knocked to the ground. As Burien residents, we avoid that area in the afternoon and evening. So sad for school kids who need to use it. We all need a safer area.What is Burien’s plan for safety?

  5. Joe says:

    Good job Burien for allowing this transit center happen in our city. I will never use this place, its beyond unsafe. Just a bunch of dirtbags hanging out and jumping on buses after they steal from Safeway.

    Keep it up Burien, we have a real gem here.

  6. 2Chains says:

    I’m afraid to pump gas right across from there at the USA station due to the rowdy bumbs at the trransit center, My teenagers have to use that bus stop becuase they go to Highline and I fear for them everday.

  7. Burien Resident says:

    Very sad. The transit center should be utilized by commuters. Everyone should Contact Metro Transit Police and notify them of the safety problems:

    Non-Emergency Dispatch:

    Police Chief: Lisa Mulligan
    [email protected]

    Business Phone:

    • Big Nate says:

      @ Burien Resident I ……I support your reply to this post. The Metro police has it’s hands full monitoring several other high profile metro facilities with a limited number of Police Officers there is not enough Officers to cover every hot spot. If the squeaky wheel gets the oil, then I’m going to make two calls, one to the Metro Police and the other to Metro Management.

  8. John Poitras says:

    Add high density apartments to the mix right next to it in Town Square and you have the recipe for gangland central.. Thanks Mike Martin.. Thanks City Council for trying to ruin our city.

  9. ed says:

    If you’re going to confront people that are harassing other people, you really should be ready to throw a punch. Had this guy smacked one of them in the face first, the other one would have run off with his tail between his legs.

  10. Joe Wills says:

    My wife and I have stopped using the USA gas station becuase of the people coming over and asking us for money while were there. a couple of times the poeple were pretty rude and mean.. Thanks Mike Marting for making our city safe,, can’t wait for the low income apartments in Town Square !!!

  11. dee says:

    How soon will these two be out doing same thing? Stupid. I hate that there are so many thefts and assaults in Burien ruining good and innocent peoples lives. How come police can’t do something about it here?

  12. Really? says:

    Here’s a thought…. Vote with your feet. Move away from Burien.

    • Joe Wills says:

      Really? Obviously you’re not a long time Burien citizen and really care about our city. I can rest assure you that many will be voting with their pens come next election. Change is coming.

  13. shootfirst says:

    Thats why you pack, a perfect opportunity wasted to rid the streets of at least two thugs.

  14. Coverofnight says:

    Why not have that worthless parking enforcement guy stationed/patrolling that area rather than going after “parking infractions” by hard-working people? …won’t happen as that would make too much sense!

    Thank you martin and the council. I agree with Joe Wills as he said above, “…can’t wait for the low income apartments in Town Square !!!”

    I’ve heard that using classical music can help prevent loitering, fighting, etc. A better idea would be to broadcast the pro-annexation speeches of Joey Moretaxes – that would send them running!

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