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‘Fabulous’ Ceramic Mariachi Sculpture Coming to Burien Town Square Nov. 8

A ‘fabulous’ ceramic sculpture created by Artist (and Moshier Art Center instructor) George Rodriquez will be installed in the windows of Burien Town Square retail on Thursday, Nov. 8.

The work, called “Instrumental Divide (Mariachi),” will be installed in the windows on 5th Place SW next to the large staircase and will be exhibited for up to six months.

An opening reception will be hosted by Crimson Park Design, who will also be showing their new furniture line in the storefront windows, on Thursday night from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.

George writes:

This work is made up of nine larger than life figures all arranged in a line. Each figure represents a member of a Mariachi group and stand with matching uniform, decorative boots, belt, distinct mustaches, and own instrument. In the group there are three violins, two trumpets, a set of maracas, a Mexican guitar, a vihuela (5 string guitar), and a guitarron (small base). Each figure stands about seven feet tall.

The backs of the figures are very non-descriptive. If one approaches the piece from behind, one cannot tell what is going on the other side of the formation. In front, the figures are adorned and ready to entertain. The formation is a 20 foot long impenetrable wall or barrier. The scale of the figures transforms the piece into architecture which dictates how people interact with the work. The mood of the piece changes when viewed from different angles.

This work is about navigating from place to place, group to group and the joy of feeling included regardless of where you are. I want people to feel invited to enter the space that I have created for them. It might seem intimidating given the size of the band but because of the simple gestures in the faces, the space becomes non-threatening. I rely on people’s sense of curiosity to lure them in closer. If you want to know what’s happening on the other side of the wall then you walk around it. If you want to know what’s happening on the surface of each figure, then you step into the plaza. If you want to know what it feels like to be completely surrounded by the work, then you step into the spotlight.

In my family, the mariachi is a symbol of remembrance and celebration. If you want to make an event special, then you get a mariachi band. Every Mother’s day, my sister and I would get a mariachi band, birth in the family- mariachi band, milestone birthday- mariachi band, wedding- mariachi band, funeral- mariachi band. I wanted to capture that feeling and share it with others. I try to focus on illustrating moments of joy, celebration and happiness. I hope that you hear music when you enter my work.

The sculpture is on loan from MadArt. MadArt’s mission is to support emerging artists in our community, to bring art into our lives in unexpected ways, and to create community involvement in the arts. By commissioning new works, MadArt encourages the concept of living with art around us by identifying area artists and providing avenues for their exposure. Visit www.madartseattle.com [3] and on Facebook.

The installation is sponsored by ST Residential and MadArt.

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