LETTER: ‘Burien is Becoming Less Connected to Its Citizens Each Year’

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Dear Editor:

As a business and property owner in the White Center area for over 20 years, I exercised my legal right to send a letter to voters in unincorporated White Center, warning them about $16,000 worth of damage that the Burien city government created on my property. I encouraged them to vote no on Burien annexation. A recent mailer from a group called People for Burien, promoting White Center annexation to Burien, attacked me by name, and claimed that my letter was not true. In effect, they were calling me dishonest, based on a denial made at a public meeting by a Burien city manager. It is only fair that I respond.

This property includes housing at 11926 Ambaum SW, at the S curve. This property is part of Burien and has been part of Burien since Burien incorporation. King County, working at the direction of the city of Burien, parked their heavy equipment on my property, to complete Salmon Creek culvert repairs. As they dug the trench, King County and Burien removed clay from the ditch, took the top soil from my property, used it in the culvert, and then replaced the top soil with clay they had removed from their Salmon Creek trench. This happened in 2003. Then in 2005, Burien and King County, returned, asked for permission to use my property again. I refused, then built a fence to keep Burien officials off my property, based on the damage Burien and King County had done together previously.

This was a Burien project, within the Burien city limits, under Burien legal authority and permitting responsibility. The Burien city manager even acknowledged that Burien paid $60,00 for their share of the project. For the Burien city manager to deny Burien’s responsibility in creating this mess, reflects poorly on Burien city management, and indicates to me, a level of administrative incompetence. And then to be a subject of an attack ad by a group who are close to the Burien city government is nothing more than shameful. Instead of acting like an adult and discussing the complexities of the problem created, and how such problems would be avoided in the future, the city manager acted defensively and denied everything. It appears to me that Burien is becoming less connected to its citizens each year. Beware. If Burien can treat me this way, what can they do to you?

Lee Rabie, President of ENERCO
9615 West Marginal Way S.

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11 Responses to “LETTER: ‘Burien is Becoming Less Connected to Its Citizens Each Year’”
  1. Athena says:

    The property owner states that this project was a collaborative effort involving (primarily) Burien and also King County. Did the property owner approach the county about the damage as well? If so, was the response more favorable?

  2. TcB says:

    So your property is that section of ambaum that’s the mini trailer park? I always wondered who ran that

    • Eaton B. Verz says:

      Does that mean he is “One of those people” that you want to zone out of Burien if annexation goes through, TcB??

      • TcB says:

        Naw it’s a jewel of a property. I’ m very upset that the flora and fauna of that property was disturbed. I hope they didn’t damage what I assume is a historic building there either, as its recently been repainted. The people of Burien must stand up and fight! Fight for what you believe in! Also Eaton, I never said that but keeeeeeeeep trying!

        • Eaton B. Verz says:

          Wow, first you said that is not what I meant and now you never said it! Go back and check the archives!!! KEEEP trying!

          • TcB says:

            So you admit that you have previously read that I stated that my quote was taken out of context and you distorted my intention, yet continue tp spread misinformation. Lol. Troll is caught by his own recommendation…..

          • Eaton B. Verz says:

            You can twist it anyway that fits your memory. Everyone can go back and read what you said and how when you got called out you scrambled and said “Just kidding!” You crack me up! you should run for council!! You would fit right in.. LOL

  3. Martha Koester (Eridani) says:

    The southern half of Burien was annexed in 2010, so why is Mr. Rabie blaming Burien for what happened in 2003 and 2005? Might it be because Burien turned down his request to rezone his trailer park property as industrial? That Burien considered the opinions of his neighbors (who presumably did not want to live next to an industrial part) to be important speaks well for the city administration.

    Sure he has a right to an opinion. However, if you are spending large sums of money advocating for or against a ballot issue, this becomes the business of the Public Disclosure Commission.

  4. Concerned says:

    King County trashes his property and he blames Burien. I’m concerned that Lee Rabie has also been cited and fined by Burien at that same property for it being a nuisance junk yard dragging down property values.

  5. Soczette says:

    WOw this guy wines just to wine. He has no respect in this community.

  6. Fred says:

    This is a man who was honest enough to sign his name and relate an incident where the City of Burien was at fault and refused to correct the situation. At the October 18, 2012 annexation informational meeting(see tne White Center Now video), Mike Martin openly admitted that Burien was responsible for this Contact and sub-contacted it to King County.
    Legally that means Burien was ultimately responsible for the contact. They did damage to the owner’s property and Burien did not restore it. It cost the owner thousands to remedy the situation. This irresponsible behavior is not unusual to Burien. Burien has not taken care of its stormwater and drainage issues correctly for years.There are people in Burien who have been flooded numerous times and Burien has not corrected the problem. The city manager hides the legal cases that the city has had by not giving the quarterly legal up dates that are required in their operating rules. The council has not seen a legal up date in years and does not have a clue about what legal action is against the city. It is the same way that he has hidden the budget and not given the quarterly reports required by state law for years. Basically the Council is clueless about most of the budget the the legal messes it is in.

    The number of businesses that have left Burien is more than just the economic times. Businesses are treated poorly and not listened to by this City Manager. Any business person who speaks up is removed from the Advisory Board like Doug Mooreland was or is taken into a room by Mike Martin, Joan McGillton, etc. and threatened or is told what they will be allowed to say in the future. Oppose the City and expect to suddenly have more inspections than any of the other businesses in your area or your permit or signs repeatedly checked. Apply for a position on any advisory board and expect never to be appointed if you ever opposed Mike Martin on anything. People who refused to say that they supported annexation at interviews were immediately disqualified from being on any advisory boards. If a business has ever complained about anything and ever needs a permit, the Planning Dept. will make sure it takes years before they get tht permit. These stories have been told over and over and you can review many of them on the City Council and Planning Commission meeting videos. The style of this City and City Manager is do what I say, never complain or expect the City Staff will exercise get even against you. Burien has lost 30% of its staff under this manager. When it is so hard to get new city jobs, why?

    Burien was sued for $14 million dollars and lost because of these behaviors toward a business. Burien is the poster child city for what not to do and the other cities in the state laugh about it. Mr. Martin no longer attends the regional meetings with other city managers.

    Lee Rabie pays his taxes and Jerry Robison is the champion of mobile homes in the area. So if you have an issue with mobile homes, take it you with Jerry Robison/City Coucil member. If you don’t like those kind of people who are forced by economics to live in mobile homes, then you don’t like a major portion of the population in White Center/North Highline/Area Y. And by the way a large portion of the monies that have been contributed to the pro annexation campaign has been donated by citizens, politicans and council members in Burien. The pro annexation effort is not been driven from the major population in Area Y. But the pro annexation shills that have written on this web site have attempted to make Mr. Rabie the fault for the damage to his own property in order to make Burien and Mike Martin look blameless and golden. Shame on them. The rest of the readers open your eyes.

    Thank you Lee Rabie for having the guts to speak out against what goes on in Burien City Hall.

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