ELECTION RESULTS: Annexation of White Center Losing by Wide Margin

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The first round of results for Tuesday’s General Election (Nov. 6), have been released, and the early tally shows that Burien’s proposed annexation of North Highline/White Center is losing by a wide margin – over 27% – nearly 64% to 36%.


  • For annexation: 1,195 • 36.43%
  • Against annexation: 2,085 • 63.56%


  • Yes: 1,546 • 65.17%
  • No: 826 • 34.82%


  • Eileen L. Cody: 30,450 • 86.35%
  • William Giammarese: 4,815 • 13.65%


  • Joe Fitzgibbon: 30,320 • 100% (ran unopposed)


  • Jay Inslee: 772,917 • 51.68%
  • Rob McKenna: 722,663 • 48.32%


  • Brad Owen: 771,852 • 53.45%
  • Bill Finkbeiner: 672,193 • 46.55%


  • Maria Cantwell: 893,434 • 59.7%
  • Michael Baumgartner: 603,061 • 40.3%


  • Bob Ferguson: 765,260 • 53.18%
  • Reagan Dunn: 673,643 • 46.82%


  • Kim Wyman: 709,926 • 49.59%
  • Kathleen Drew: 721,640 • 50.41%


  • Steve Strachan: 187,491 • 42.23%
  • John Urquhart: 254,600 • 57.35%

R-74 (Marriage Equality):

  • Approved: 784,951 • 52.39%
  • Rejected: 713,377 • 47.61%

I-502 (Marijuana)

  • Yes: 320,257 • 51.27%
  • No: 304,433 • 48.73%

“This is a record-setting election for King County,” said Sherril Huff, Director of Elections. “Not only have we set a new record for number of voters registered this year, we will also have more ballots counted for tonight’s results report than in any previous election, including the 2008 presidential election when we still had polling places.”

Voters have up until Nov. 26 to resolve any signature issues before the election is certified on Nov. 27.

We’ll post another update on Wed. (Nov. 7) sometime after 4:30 p.m., so stay tuned…

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28 Responses to “ELECTION RESULTS: Annexation of White Center Losing by Wide Margin”
  1. Howsunmun says:

    Congratulations anti annexation people….. I hope you’re going to enjoy driving on gravel roads, not having a real fire dept and 1 cop

    • John Poitras says:

      Give it up>>> the great thing about this is that hopefully the pro-annexation trolls can stop clogging up the blogs with your misinformation campaign.

      • Burienite says:

        Wow. Amazing that you’re calling other people “trolls.” That really made me laugh out loud.

        • John Poitras says:


          Do you even know what a troll is? I have been blogging since the nineties so I do know…

          In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory,[3] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[4] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

          OFF TOPIC usually anonymous and constantly attacked the original poster with no real interest in a dialogue.. See if you think you meet that definition.

          • John Poitras says:

            Burienite … To be clear… I do NOT consider you a troll because you ARE interested in a dialogue.
            Thats the whole point of a message board/blog/chat site.

  2. Feralcat says:

    gravel roads are just fine, with me.

    the fact the burien is flat broke and businesses are leaving left and right.

    lets not even get into the stupid animal control issues that burien has.

    white center has been doing JUST fine with out burien.

  3. Ghost of Maewild says:

    Gravel roads? That was all you had?

  4. Ghost of Maewild says:

    Next step-clean house on Burien city council.

    • John Poitras says:

      First let the council know loud and clear that we the residents of Burien; will NOT STAND FOR HIGH DENSITY APARTMENTS IN OUR TOWN SQUARE!

    • Horace Parker says:

      it’s very clear now that Burien Residents as well as White Center residents don’t want annexation as a result of the overwhelming defeat…perhaps now the city council can get back to the work of improving Burien, and stop wasting the $millions of dollars in time, staff and resources squandered on the annex effort for the last 7 years….main task now is to remove, in the upcoming elections next year, the Hall of Shame candidates Joan Mcgilton, Rose Clark, Brian Bennett and Robison, the ring leader… thank you….

  5. TcB says:

    The people have spoken.

  6. Ghost of Maewild says:

    How much money (Buriens money) did Martin and Co. waste on this dog and pony show?

  7. Uh oh says:

    Oh mike. 2/3 is a pretty darn big statement. You don’t get 2/3 on any issue these days. But congratulations you managed to do it. Good for white center residents. They didn’t believe the crap they were fed.

  8. Coverofnight says:

    Oh great! Now that this issue is dead, I won’t be able to do battle with the one-trick-pony, Joey Moretaxes! Seems like annexation was the only arrow in his martinized quiver.

    Look for Joey to lay low until the next 2-year election cycle, then we’ll see him surface for another run at public office.

    • Eaton B. Verz says:

      Yup, He was really banking on that appointment to the council. Just have to earn it the hard way. Oh wait, he tried that. The issues, I mean the issues……….. Just kidding Joey. I still think of you as my friend!! Eaton

      • Joey Martinez says:

        Nothin but <3 for the two of ya! CON, I am sure there are plenty of other things we can discuss. Let's start with 4 more years? You're choice, good sir.

        Joey Martinez

        • mike says:


          I always looked forward to your responses. I didn’t always disagree with your positions and I learned alot from your responses. Best of luck to you Good Sir!

          Area Y Mike

  9. Neil says:

    Thank You White Center Voters for saving our city and yours from financial ruin. Now guys we have one more battle before we can relax—We have to put a stop to the high density apartments in our downtown.

  10. David Jones says:

    The real problem in Burien is the City Manager, and of course his toady city council that should have fired him when he got his DUI.

    The man is a vindictive, uncommunicative tyrant . He is the ruin of Burien.

  11. TcB says:

    On the issue of apartments in town square I think you’ll find anti-annexation and pro-annexation people in agreement. I think the numbers of people urging a different direction are much much higher. That property was remodeled with a specific vision and it’s just wrong to “make something to make something” Turn it to grass and make it a basic park. Don’t make a building there even if you plan on eventually converting it from apartments to condos. Condo conversions are garbage, apartments don’t have to be constructed to the same standards, and would be too high density to make it a valuable property. There are already many apartments right on the outskirts of 152nd.

  12. Dr says:

    I agree new council needed! This has been a horrible waste of time and money!!

  13. johnm says:

    howsunmun, I have a fire dept 5 blocks from me where do you get your info

  14. Neil says:

    The City needs to immediately terminate the White Center Co-ordinator they hired to go door to door to advocate for this time wasting annexation deal. That should save some money and stop the financial bleeding and dipping into our future reserves. The rest of the morons will be flushed out in the next election cycle.

    • John Poitras says:


      Lets see how long it takes Mike Martin the money waster to terminate this now useless position and use the money in a way that actually benefits the residents of Burien.

  15. Tom Taaffe says:

    Think of the apartment complex as a parting kiss from the folks who brought us the annexation debacle . What better revenge than to destroy the town square .
    And, oh yes, they will be parting.

  16. feral dog says:

    Damn, glad to see the good folks of White Center had more sense than the dimwits who voted us into annexation a few years back.
    Gravel roads? Great, the kids can practice their “drifting:” techniques. *lol*

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