King County Exec. Dow Constantine Releases Statement on Annexation Defeat

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King County Executive Dow Constantine released the following statement Thursday (Nov. 8) regarding the defeat of proposed annexations in North Highline/White Center and West Hill:

“We acknowledge the decision of the residents of the North Highline and West Hill communities to remain in unincorporated King County for the immediate future.

“King County will continue to do its best to provide services to these areas within the resources available. The mandate of the state Growth Management Act remains unchanged– that urban areas should be in cities, which are in a better position to provide urban-level services.

“It’s going to be up to the residents of these urban unincorporated areas and their adjacent cities to decide if and when an annexation vote will come up again. It is certainly in the interest of the cities to act before the sales tax relief provided by the state expires in 2015.

“I want to thank the Mayor, the City Council, and the staff of the cities of Renton and Burien for their work and cooperation throughout this lengthy process.

“In the meantime, King County’s Community Service Area staff will continue to provide support and access to unincorporated area residents and organizations.”

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35 Responses to “King County Exec. Dow Constantine Releases Statement on Annexation Defeat”
  1. Tom says:

    Now it is up to us, as voters in Burien, to defeat the city council members that promoted annexation and hope that the new council makes a change in the city manager.

    • VERY TIRED says:

      It is also incumbent upon the residents of those areas to rebel against the Growth Management Act, and tell Dow Constantine to take a hike.

  2. Kirk Glenzer says:

    I want to run for Burien City Council, and I am against annexation. So a vote for Kirk is a vote against annexation!

  3. KM says:

    White center is now 50% Burien 50% KC, since half or how ever much was annexed since we were told incorporation was not possible and half was not, the law says it has to incorporate or be annexed. I live in a portion that was annexed because they said WC could not incorporate, WC cannot incorporating its a lie. And Seattle means WAY higher taxes than Burien, also, have you ever tried to deal with a building permit or a code enforcement in Seattle ?! Burien is a BREEZE! 80% nice decent HELPFUL CARING people (theres always a jerk or two) But try going downtown for your permit F-that!

    WC could not incorporate before a partial annexation, still cannot, so does the other half want to be Seattle with higher taxes and incredible amounts of BS or become Burien slightly higher and a decent community if you ignore their stupid choices once in a while like Burien town center and moving to a new building and wasting our $.

    Kirk is a nice guy trust me I know him, but annexation is inevitable. Seattle OR Burien!

    • John Poitras says:

      KM… Don’t the pro-annexation Kool-aid is full of factoids and misinformation.. You really need to do your own research. Here on this blog there is a search engine.. Search on annexation and you will find some actual facts on what annexation would bring from Burien or Seattle. The current attempt at annexation was a really BAD DEAL for both Burien AND Area Y.
      Its all in the details KM>> because under the right circumstances with an adequate safety net guaranteed by King County annexation could be a good deal.. As I said this current attempt was NOT and the residents of Area Y were not fooled by this attempt by KC in cahoots with Burien Politicians and the NHUAC to do an end run around them just to get the red ink off their balance sheets.

      • TcB says:

        But John, when you say annexation could be a good deal we know you mean annexation by Seattle….but I digress. It’s all over so let’s talk about Santa Claus.

  4. J says:

    Burien needs to move on and spend our money on our city! Area Y has stated their choice loud & clear! Let them be Seattle!

  5. John says:

    Why was this never an issue under Ron Sim? Roads and parks use to be maintained when he was KCE.

    • Burienite says:

      It was. People, the annexation initiative that King County created was do so about a decaade ago. Burien first began looking at annexation over EIGHT years ago under then city manager Gary Long.

      Remember, growth management policy regarding cities, urban unincorporated areas, growth management practices, etc, really ramped-up in the mid nineties, and you saw a whole bunch of areas incorporated into cities. Seatac, Federal Way, Burien, Woodinville, Shoreline, Kenmore, Covington, Maple Valley all saw the writing on the wall regarding staying unincorporated as King County indicated that the county’s role is regional governence regional issues, and that revised countywide planning policies specifically articulated that certain areas should be part of a city OR become their own city.

      As far as White Center’s future is concerned, it remains to be seen (obviously). Sure, they can stay unincorporated, but their services are not going to be enhanced. Maybe Seattle can annex later on, but who knows.

      Burien’s annexation quest is clearly over, but there is a case to be made to clean up some of the ridiculous borders from the first annexation. The northern boundary should’ve generally been along 108th, since the area of Seola Beach is accessed from 106th/107th. The boundary review board essentially went against their own policy when they allowed this border to remain, since “land-locking” an area is not something they like. Seola beach is only accessed off of 106th and no other street. The first annexation should’ve at least taken in the remaining corner of Shorewood, and that would’ve solved this problem. An annexation of this area can still happen, but it’ll have to be initiated by petition. Might happen….

      • mike says:


        Lets not go there. We don’t need to be annexed just because (The northern boundary should’ve generally been along 108th, since the area of Seola Beach is accessed from 106th/107th) Why start a problem where none exists? The long drawn out process of trying to annex has been a huge fiasco. Let it go. We don’t want Burien.We proved that by voting no on annexation.

        Area Y Mike

        • Burienite says:

          Uh, take a look at the current border of Burien after the first annexation. Also, take a look at the border BEFORE annexation. The border is irregular and my POINT was that the boundary review board went against their own criteria in the first annexation.

          I’m not advocating for another “long and drawn out” annexation effort. I was merely giving my opinion on the matter.

          Calm down.

  6. I am astounded at how the disinformation campaign continues. We the citizens of Area Y get to vote on our destiny. We have just said loud and clear in Tuesday’s election that we do not want to be part of Burien. Seattle has also said loud and clear that they don’t want us. There is no law to my knowledge that says we have to incorporate or be annexed by any city including Seattle without our expressed permission. Note that even Dow uses the word “should” rather then “shall” in reference to urban areas being in cities. That is why we just had this vote. That is why if this annexation thing comes up again there will be another vote. Based on the intensity of people’s opposition to this annexation I do not see one passing anytime in the foreseeable future. We like the independence and freedom we presently have and see no reason to change.

    • Burienite says:

      That’s obviously your( and many others) choice. Just realize that with that freedom and independence, and to remain unincorporated, you will not see enhanced services in that community, and it will take EXTRA effort on the part of the good citizens of White Center to keep their neighborhood the way they want it.

      The voters spoke loud and clear. Just realize the implications to staying an unincorporated area.

      Peace out!

    • Shari says:

      Well, as long as we’re about clearing up disinformation, I’m curious to know what criteria you use to characterize a neighborhood as “poor”– mean household income as percentage of AMI? percentage qualifying for free lunches? something else? I’m in Gregory Heights,and my particular two-three block chunk of it doesn’t meet either of those standard criteria, so I’m wondering what yours were when you referred to us a poor neighborhood in order to use us to make your case against annexation. just in the interests of clearing up disinformation and all.

      • John Poitras says:

        Shari.. I am confused .. I thought Gregory Heights was part of Burien?

        • TcB says:

          She’s talking about somewhere where it’s stated something like “the neighborhoods of white center and Gregory heights” I can’t remember exactly what was said but I thought it was strange as well to pick out two neighborhoods miles apart and talk about them like they were neighboring.

      • Terry says:

        He refers to “West Hill” which is NOT Gregory Heights. This is the part of Skyway which is to the northwest of Renton and which, in a separate ballot measure, rejected annexation to that city. Is this the reference you were referring to? If so, I hope this helps.

  7. Hotrodgal says:

    Constantine stated: “It’s going to be up to the residents of these urban unincorporated areas and their adjacent cities to decide if and when an annexation vote will come up again. It is certainly in the interest of the cities to act before the sales tax relief provided by the state expires in 2015.”

    Typical politician…the H*** with the citizen’s wants & needs…follow the money and (supposed) political influence…

    Burienite says: “…you will not see enhanced services in that community…”

    Huh? Enhanced what? What I’m seeing from my chair (BP) is a re-design of our neighborhood for the benefit of Burien’s freeing itself of ugly car dealers and lining the pockets of the big car lots. Along with better police presence (thank you Burien, for that, at least) comes the sign-nazis, added fees, more rules. Code enforcement alone has had a field day here … picking and chosing who they want to bug.

    Good move WC for not adding yourselves to the carnage.

    …stepping off the soap box now… 😉

  8. John Poitras says:

    You are right on the money Hotrodgal… Nail on the head… thats it in a nutshell… great synopsis!

  9. On Looker says:

    Looking and listening to all you anti-annexation people makes me wonder if you can think any further than the end of your nose. Most of the people that paid for and produced all the misinformation and lies on their signs have a personal reason for pushing so hard. They don’t care about you people that voted with them they only care about their personal things. They own lots of property in area Y and want to hold out for annexation to Seattle. Why? Because Seattle has a denser building code than Burien and they figure their property will sell better if the people that buy it can build more crowded buildings and housing. And as long as you stay un-incoorperated the county and State will continue to load the area with low cost housing which in the end will destroy area Y as it has done in Sky Way.. Neighborhoods cannot support too much low cost housing as it destroys them. The county and State should share the wealth and build some of it in other places. Also if you go to Seattle you can help build their tunnel,sea wall and their street car lines which I am sure very few of you will use? Also with the county down sizing their support due to money problems your problems are going to increase with their down sizing. And to the Burien people who think they know it all will find in a few years that you nice little community is becoming very crowded. ( except for the Lake Burien area which your self interest people have protected).. All you Sunday morning quarterbacks seem to have not noticed that your city council and city manager have accomplished a great deal with very little. But all you arm chair politicians know all the answers but your support is all hot air and and very little hands on work except too bitch and second guess your government. Its people like you that would have kept the USA in the horse and buggy status if you had had your way years ago. Good luck with your blind and brain dead thinking. Keep it up and you can destroy Burien. I did learn one thing from the election “IT PAYS TO LIE” because the dummies listen to them and don’t ever look for the truth.

    • John Poitras says:

      On Looker? lol

      Another pro-annexation sore loser troll …

      You obviously know very little about our city government in Burien.. Your comments and erroneous conclusions show that.. Get over it .. .You lost !

      The citizens of area Y and Burien residents won despite all the misleading propaganda from the pro annexation PAC and the UAC which has been shown to be out of touch and did not represent the vast majority of white center residents.

  10. JustAnotherBurienCitizen says:

    I find it hilarious that you all keep going on about how you want to ‘keep your independence’ and dont want to be fooled into joining a neighboring city. You all act as if you were almost forced into joining an internment camp rather that seeing it for what it really was.. Burien extending a hand to help you. But no, you oh so smart citizens of Area Y. No, never will you be fooled into having to pay your taxes like normal citizens and actually follow some rules. No. You’ll just be left to your dying little unincorporated patch of dirt. You’ll have your independence. I mean, the state only has to cut, what, $2 billion from its budget. Nah, it wont wont lay any of the 2 sheriffs off that protect you…right…? And your fire department. They’ll always be there to run the 5,000+ calls a year, right? Oh wait. Did anyone check to see if they could still survive not incorporating? Rumor has it, they’ll be scrounging to make it through ’13. I heard bankrupt before the end of 2014! But you’re all right. Dont go with Burien. I mean, if the county cant support you, why would you think us here in Burien would want to! And lets be honest, Seattle only crosses the boarder if someone gets shot.

    Speaking of Seattle, seems like some of you actually think you could choose them instead of Burien (or at least thats what your little signs said)! Im pretty sure they already said no to you before you got the chance. Yea, yea, ‘don’t be fooled!’ Hahahaha!

    You’ll be fine. You can keep your independence. You can keep your lower taxes and you can be left alone. As far as Im concerned, lets put a little fence up and let you fend for yourself. You said no to us, so I say lets wash our hands of you and step forward. Good luck. Maybe you guys can post up some more political signs and then point fingers and accuse each other of how illegal it was to put the sign there. That’ll help you pass the time.

    • Debi Wagner says:

      Sounds like just another Burien citizen thinks area Y residents deserve a good sarcastic balling out for being so dumb as to not join Burien, pay more taxes and follow Burien’s rules. If I were a resident of area Y and saw this kind of smack down from an annexation supporter who lives in Burien I would be happy i voted NO! Funny how during the campaign supporters kept saying oh we want to be neighbors and those opponents are so difficult to get along with…blah blah blah. Kind of looks like the wool has come off that extended helping hand. Thank you area Y citizens for being so smart and voting to stay away from this type of bullying that is going on inside Burien politics these days.

    • John Poitras says:

      Just another Burien citizen?? LOL… In contrast to your misinformation.. King County just hired 4 more deputies to patrol the area Y zone and Dow Constantine took credit for it.. So its extremely unlikely they would hire them last month and then suddenly decide to fire them?? That’s really a stretch!

      And you are misinformed about the “little signs” showing Seattle as an alternative.. That was the pro-annexation PAC’s signs getting desperate and putting out misinformation so you are wrong again.. However sometimes Democracy is a messy business.. I am sorry that it bothers you so much.

      • jim clingan says:

        Delusional much, Mr Poitras? You suggest the pro-annexation side (of which I’m still not embarrassed to be a part of) put those black and white “Yes” Seattle signs out. Not true.

        • John Poitras says:

          Well gee Jim.. since we did not put them out who do you suggest did.. The tooth fairy?

          • jim clingan says:

            I haven’t any idea who put those signs out, Mr Poitras. I know we did not. I’ll let you make the accusation of who’s responsible. You seem to do that well.

    • feral dog says:

      A hand to help you???? Where the heck do you live because I have seen ZERO help on anything from Burien since we were annexed.

      • John Poitras says:

        Speaking of the former Area X.
        The pro annexation members of the council said that one reason for the recent push to annexwas so that Burien could be in control of zoning to prevent King County from zoning in more high density housing.
        Now apparently they are considering re-zoning North Highline west of Ambaum for high density multi family housing and the chief proponent of annexation on the council is suggesting weakening the policy from having to prove rezoning is a “net benefit to the community” to it is “not a net loss to the community”. How hypocritical and two faced can you get?

  11. Mike says:

    That may be so on the signs mr. Clingan but if you and your council weren’t embarrassed about supporting annexation, then why didn’t y’all make a point of full disclosure for all to see on the PAC reporting like IWC? And put it on you signs? Yea yea I know, the law says you dont have to. It’s not always what the law says, it boils down to being honest and upfront with the citizens you are trying to convince its a good thing. After everyone found out who was behind the “hidden” mini reporting, it wasn’t hard to see that annexation wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.
    After seeing all the negative comments from Burien citizens that can’t handle the fact that we were smart enough to see through all the BS, I can say without a doubt that what everyone suspected was true, Y’all are small minded and mean spirited. Just sayin…

  12. Joe Wills says:

    The good people of area Y have spoken, they don’t want to be part of the Burien Government baloney, get over it all ready, lets move to the next task of voting in new blood to Burien government that think like Jack, Lucy and Bob….

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