Post Election, County and Sheriff’s Office Says They Won’t Focus On Marijuana

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Following a change in filing by the King County Prosecutor’s office, King County Sheriff’s Office deputies will not be directed to arrest or charge individuals caught with one ounce or less of marijuana following of the passage of I-502.

Earlier Friday (Nov. 9), the King County Prosecutor’s Office made a prosecutorial decision to dismiss several cases of marijuana possess – here’s a statement from their website:

The King County Prosecutor’s Office announced today that it will be dismissing all of its misdemeanor marijuana possession cases as a result of the passage of Initiative 502, which legalizes marijuana possession of one ounce or less in Washington State. Today’s decision will impact 175 King County cases that are currently filed or referred for filing involving individuals age 21 and older who possessed one ounce or less of marijuana. With the passage of I-502, marijuana possession of one ounce or less by individuals age 21 and older will become legal in the State of Washington on December 6. King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg said that dismissing these cases is the right thing to do in light of Tuesday’s vote. “Although the effective date of I-502 is not until December 6, there is no point in continuing to seek criminal penalties for conduct that will be legal next month,” Satterberg said.

“Now that the initiative has passed, and now that the Prosecutor’s Office won’t be charging the individuals, we will also not focus on behavior that will be legal under Washington State law after Dec. 6th” said King County Sheriff Steve Strachan.

There are 12 municipalities that contract with the Sheriff’s Office for police services.

It remains the policy decision of the municipal attorneys and policy makers of those cities to determine how they will proceed between now and Dec. 6th.

This decision only affects the deputies working in unincorporated King County.

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23 Responses to “Post Election, County and Sheriff’s Office Says They Won’t Focus On Marijuana”
  1. John Poitras says:

    It seems obvious that Burien should follow King Counties lead and stop wasting police resources on marijuana and focus on real crimes like burglary and public safety etc.
    Lets see how long it takes our council or city manager to make a ruling on this.

    • Ghost of Maplewild says:

      I see either Lucy of Jack taking the lead on this, which should be done.Then we will see the “senior members” of the council scold either of them for the ridiculous idea. Then they will move on to complaining on how long the meeting is taking and don’t want to stay late.

    • FOUL says:

      Gosh, what about the prosecutor? Think she has anything to do with making filing decisions?

      • John Poitras says:

        Foul.. The article says that the KC prosecutor has ruled on this.. The issue under discussion concerns issuing a directive by Burien policy makers ie our city council to our Police chief.

        • FOUL says:

          John, the point here is that it was the Prosecutor’s office, not the Sheriff (Police Chief) or the Council, that made the announcement. Prosecutors aren’t going to file criminal charges for something that is not illegal now. Washington now has to figure out what to do with the conflict between state and federal law. It’s going to be interesting. And then they have to find the money to pay for monitoring and enforcing all of the guidelines these places will have to adhere to.

          • John Poitras says:

            I totally agree Foul… After December 6th it will be a mute point anyway… I for one will be glad to see police resources dedicated elsewhere.

          • FOUL says:

            Unfortunately, the Supreme Court could very well overturn this since it is in direct conflict with Federal Law.

  2. Feisty says:

    Burien needs to open their own Medical Shop. We need the taxes. The present council will be changing…Time to vote out ALL the OLD FOLKS. ..Are you for or against?

    • VERY TIRED says:

      Against, and I’m not old.

    • lightup says:

      What do old folks have to do with it feisty?
      You would be surprised to learn just how many “old folks” smoke pot (recreationally) and have since before you were hatched and still wet behind the ears.
      Wasn`t for us, “OLD FOLKS” it wouldn`t have even been on the ballot.
      Nice way to show off your ignorance though.

    • FOUL says:

      Dude, it’s still a federal offense. What do you think the feds are going to do with the revenue? One grade of marijuna sells for $3,200.00. Seems harmless to me.

  3. VERY TIRED says:

    Have ever known a pothead to be carrying less than an ounce?


    • nathan says:

      An ounce is kind of a lot, dude.

      Like, even for a heavy user.

      • Burienite says:

        Yes, an ounce is quite a bit. About enough to fill an entire sandwich size ziplock bag.

        And of course, we can’t have any sort of blog postings without Mr. Poitras politicizing everything and finding someone way to slam Burien. Step out of your moms basement bro and find something more constructive to do.

        • John Poitras says:

          Burienite Are you one of Mike Martins front men ?

          You LOST the annexation vote.. GET OVER IT>>>Man up and publish your name or stop with your constant personal attacks from the shadows.. Glad to know you are so knowledgeable about how much pot fills a sandwich bag.. Maybe you should cut back >>>it might help you think a little more clearly.

          • Burienite says:

            Never have touched the stuff. Ever. As far as your response goes, what does this blog posting have to do with annexation??? The fact that your bring it up makes little sense, and for the record, I’ve never even met Mike Martin.

            Now, back to our regular programming….

    • lightup says:

      You might want to get some sleep.
      All the time? Very few “pot heads” as you call them carry that much on person.
      That`s like asking if you have ever known a cigarette smoker to carry less than a carton.

  4. John Poitras says:

    Burienite… I would not hold it against if you did use it.. I think it is much preferable to alcohol but my work prohibits its use so I don’t touch it either.. My issue is with your thought processes on accusing me of slamming Burien.. Burien is a community with a lot of promise that has been stifled with very poor management… Mike Martin and his way of doing city business is not congruent with fulfilling that promise.. He is also enabled by Jerry, Joan, Rose and often Brian on the council.. I am slamming their incompetence and the fact that they don’t listen to the residents, they ignore their fiduciary oversight mandate and proceed on willfully with their own personal agendas that are often harmful to what I see as the great potential of Burien. So I will continue to slam them as long as they continue down that path.. However there is nothing wrong with Burien that a competent city manager and a responsive city council that acts for the public good won’t solve.. Come next November we will have a chance to make sure we get that, but in the meantime we should be acting like the 4th estate and watching them like a hawk… I want transparency and if they are not willing to provide it then we should be trying to find ways to ferret it out. There is great hope and promise for Burien but we are not going to get it until we make some changes on the council and on who manages the city.

    • jim clingan says:

      Geez, Mr. Poitras, maybe you should run for council

    • Old School Seahurst says:

      I don’t have a dog in this fight. But what I can add is that at our blockwatch meeting last August our area had a great turnout and the majority if not all in attendance echo the sentiments of Mr. Poitras towards the Burien City Council and our City Manager. Right, wrong or indifferent, his sentiment runs deep, at least in my neck of the woods.
      (Just sayin)

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