UPDATE: Woman Raped, Man Assaulted During Home Invasion Monday Night

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UPDATE TUESDAY, NOV. 12, 2012 2:30 p.m.: The King County Sheriff’s Office released some updated information on the home invasion robbery, assault and rape that happened Monday night, Nov. 11:

A man was pistol whipped and his girlfriend sexually assaulted during a home invasion robbery that occurred overnight in the Top Hat area of King County (NOTE: most other media outlets initially reported this as happening in Burien, which was incorrect).

Monday night around 8:40 p.m., deputies responded to a report of a home invasion robbery in the 10800 block of 6 Ave South (map below). When deputies arrived they contacted a 23-year old man who said when he got home he saw two men near his apartment. He said the men pulled handguns and forced him into his apartment.

Once inside the apartment the suspects ordered the victim and his 23-year old girlfriend, who was home with her young son, to get on the ground. One of the suspects pistol whipped the male on the back of the head. One of the suspects sexually assaulted the female at gunpoint while the other suspect ransacked the house.

The victim’s 18-month old son was asleep on the couch and did not wake up during the incident.

The suspects are described as;

  1. Black male, approximately 5’9″, 195 lbs with a “buzz” haircut. He was last seen wearing a mask over the bottom half of his face and gray shoes. (no age yet).
  2. Black male, approximately 5’5”, 180 lbs, last seen wearing a gray zip up shirt, with a black shirt underneath, blue jeans, and a black belt. (no age yet).

Detectives said there appears to be no relationship between the victims and suspects. Investigators are trying to determine why this house was targeted and what items were taken from the residence.


Reports are that Monday night (Nov. 12) around 9 p.m., two armed robbers forced their way into a White Center area home where they raped a woman and assaulted a man, all while a toddler was asleep in another room.

The crime occurred at a home in the 10800 block of 6th Ave South (map below), which is being reported as Burien but appears to be White Center.

According to KOMO News:

Investigators said a man who lives at the home had just arrived when two armed men approached him and forced their way into the house. Once inside, the men pistol-whipped the man, deputies said.

A woman who was inside the home was sexually assaulted, according to investigators.

An 18-month-old toddler was asleep in the home at the time. The child was not injured.

The armed men ransacked the home before fleeing. A description was not available.

It was not immediately clear what, if anything, was taken, and the investigation is ongoing.

As we learn more about this crime, we’ll update this post.

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16 Responses to “UPDATE: Woman Raped, Man Assaulted During Home Invasion Monday Night”
  1. No hero says:

    I hope they catch these guys ASAP.

  2. TcB says:

    Yes this was horrible. The second travesty, is that the news organizations are reporting this as Burien, Burien, Burien. Why do we just let that go?

    • feral dog says:

      We let that go because it isn`t so much as where it happened but just that it did happen.

      • TcB says:

        Here is where that logic breaks. Lets ask a couple of questions. If it happened in Lake City would your compassion be slightly less? What about if it happend in Tigard Oregon? New York City? Less? Mumbai, India? Even less? I put it to you that your compassion is heightened precisely because of where it happened AND what happened. Do not tell me that you would feel exactly as disturbed if it happened somewhere else. Mostly I think you’re concerned about it happening to you.

        • Feral dog says:

          You may need to re-evaluate your psychic powers because actually, no, I`m not concerned at all about it happening to me.
          It`s called empathy, and obviously you dont have any (as long as it doesn`t happen in your town) it doesn`t matter where it happened.
          Is it going to change anything because the reporter gave the wrong city? They also told you the area so if you half a brain you would know, this kind of garbage happens everywhere.
          You really need to go troll somewhere else.

  3. Brianna says:

    I was freaked out last night, so close to where i live… i went around and bolted all the doors when i got home… I hope they catch those guys! don’t want them around here!

  4. SteveH says:

    And it’s not White Center either. That’s Boulevard Park.

  5. Wanker says:

    It’s kind of sick that a horrendous crime occurred and people are more concerned with the boundaries of where it happened.

    • Upset says:

      Awesome point lets not be concerned on what city but with what actually happened.

      • TcB says:

        Here’s where that logic breaks. If the reporter did not get the city right then there was a factual error in the story. If you allow one factual error, would you allow two? Three? When does it become ok to misrepresent any fact in the information being given to you? Would you consider yourself to be a ” low information” person? Do you seek truth or convenience? How do you know when you’re being lied to? Do you find the information or ” go with your gut” ?

        • Pe'Pe says:

          Are you kidding me dude? Who gives a frogs fat ass!! Someone needs to put some bullets in their heads PRONTO AMIGO!!!! Swing by my place fellas. I’d gladly lay you both to rest!

  6. TcB says:

    Concerned with both. What happened directly affected these people. Where it was reported to have happened indirectly affects all of us in Burien, through the cumulative effects of the headlines driving away new residents and businesses.

  7. John Poitras says:

    I think the police owe us an update on whats happening with the investigation as soon as prudently possible.

  8. This is very sad for the family affected.

    I’m a Real Estate Agent and I sell a lot of homes in the Top Hat area, We had a young couple on contract ready to close on a home nearby and they back up from their contract and let go the Earnest Money because this incident. They got so worry about this and I understand. I hope the police get this criminals soon.

  9. TcB says:

    How ironic that you choose to use the term Empathy rather than Sympathy. I do have sympathy for the victims and hope for a speedy capture of the perpetrators. For your information Empathy is the understanding on a personal level of the issue, either because you have experienced it or you can somehow put yourself in the shoes of the person in question, yet you also say you aren’t worried about it happening to you. What you meant to say was sympathy. Fixed that for you.

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