LETTER: What is ‘Tally of Tax Money Spent Pursuing Annexation of Area Y?’

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Members of the Council:

Annexation of Area Y was rejected by their residents.

The City of Burien spent a considerable amount of money studying and promoting annexation, including hiring staff for this purpose.

In light of the current deficit spending and tax increases passed for the 2013 budget and in the service of accountability and transparency the residents have a right to know how their tax dollars have been spent.

On behalf of the residents I am requesting a tally of the tax money spent pursuing the annexation of Area Y.

Please direct the City Manager to make public a cost analysis of what this failed venture cost the city of Burien.

Thank you for your consideration of this important matter.

– John Poitras

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5 Responses to “LETTER: What is ‘Tally of Tax Money Spent Pursuing Annexation of Area Y?’”
  1. Coverofnight says:

    I’ll go along with this valid request – though if the past stonewalling, non-informing actions of martin and this council are any indications, we won’t get any satisfactory answers as they know we’ll use the information against them in upcoming elections.

    ‘Course, we could come up with our own estimates and wait until they respond to refute them……

  2. John B. says:

    So let me get this straight, John. You want the council to take the time (and money) to research how much was spent on the annexation. Are you then going to complain about the money spent researching your request. Give a break, John, annexation lost and is over with. Move on to some other rant as I am sure you have many.
    You sound too much like Chestine.

    • mago says:

      There should not be any more money spent. If Burien has to spend money to present figures, that will be a sign of very poor book keeping. I don’t think it’s a crazy request to ask your own city to present information on money being spent, let alone on a quest that didn’t necessarily represent everyone’s interests or agreement.

      Annexation was put to rest this election, but this would be very useful information if these areas consider it again at some other time. You should focus on the idea behind the request more than attacking John or Chestine.

    • John Poitras says:

      John B.. It sounds like you work for Mike Martin..??
      Are you are one of his cronies or just one of his buddies…
      Your question is circular.. Don’t bother denying it..

      However to answer the thrust of your question>>> YES this is something both the residents AND the council should be apprised of. Any time spent researching it>>> is TIME WELL SPENT!

      If the city manager does not have an accounting of what the costs of the annexation effort in general (within a few thousand dollars) cost the city of Burien pretty much at his finger tips then we maybe we need a new finance director AND and a new city manager.
      This is tax money he spent unwisely. So he needs to be held accountable and as it so happens his contract is coming up for renewal next month, so this is very apropos.

      However I do understand as a friend and ally of Mr Martin you would not like this information to be made public especially at this delicate time.

      • SD says:

        The City of Burien should be able to provide this figure without much effort; a figure the city should have been monitoring over the course of this initiative/campaign to ensure resources were being deployed appropriately. If the city can’t provide this information without effort, then I question the city’s accounting/budgeting practices. As Coverofnight indicates, this request has been asked of the Board previously. Should the Board need convincing that John’s request is reasonable and is desired by the public, then perhaps B-town Blog can settle the matter with a poll.

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