VIDEO ADDED: Council Meeting Adjourned Early as Jack Block Jr. Gets Blocked

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UPDATE 11/20/12 9 p.m.: Video from Monday night’s controversial city council meeting has been added (thanks to Pat Lemoine), showing Jack Block Jr.’s motions, as well as responses from Gerald Robison and Deputy Mayor Rose Clark – including her sudden adjournment of the meeting and walk-out:

by Scott Schaefer & Ralph Nichols

In what may be a first-time occurrence in Burien politics, at Monday night’s City Council meeting, councilmember Jack Block Jr. made a motion that would put on the April ballot a choice to elect a city mayor – only to have the meeting abruptly adjourned by Deputy Mayor Rose Clark.

Clark and fellow councilmember Gerald Robison then walked out of the council chambers early, prematurely adjourning the session since a quorum was no longer present – possibly for the first time in Burien’s history.

With Mayor Brian Bennett and Councilwoman Joan McGilton absent, Block earlier had moved to rescind the city’s designation of unincorporated North Highline as a potential annexation area in the wake of the overwhelming rejection by voters Nov. 6 (over 65% voted “No”). Block did this despite objections by Deputy Mayor Clark and Councilman Gerald Robison, who both noted there was no urgency in acting on that motion.

But Block and Councilmembers Bob Edgar and Lucy Krakowiak prevailed on a 3-2 vote.

“Unfortunately,” Clark announced, “the minority on the council prevailed tonight.”

Clark, who earlier had told Block he was “showing extreme disrespect to the full council,” then abruptly recessed the meeting.

When interviewed after Monday night’s meeting, Block defended his actions:

“It’s unfortunate that after all the high talk of letting voters in North Highline have a choice on their future that the citizens of Burien don’t get the same opportunity,” Block told The B-Town Blog. “The business of the council needs to move forward regardless of someone’s vacation schedule. If anyone wants to question ethics, what about recessing a meeting prematurely, then walking out?”

It’s no secret that there’s disharmony on Burien’s current City Council, which usually splits along a 4-3 vote – Bennett, Clark, McGilton and Robison vs Block, Krakowiak and Edgar.

And Monday night’s theatrics certainly aren’t going to heal any rifts.

“I’m really disappointed the meeting was adjourned because the third motion I was going to make was to hire two new police officers,” Block added. “But because the meeting was ended we may not have a chance to do this. We had a federal grant – which expires soon – to hire two new officers, but we needed a quorum.”

The next council meeting will be Dec. 3, so stay tuned…

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82 Responses to “VIDEO ADDED: Council Meeting Adjourned Early as Jack Block Jr. Gets Blocked”
  1. wheels says:

    Why does the headline of this article call Block’s actions a “Power Play” when he was trying to give power to the citizens of Burien, so they can have a say in who is mayor? Why is it not called a power play when Clark adjourns the meeting to avoid a vote? Is she even allowed to do that?

    • Coverofnight says:

      Excellent point, wheels; agree 100%. Hopefully, the voters will pay attention to those egocentric, power-hungry, special interest individuals on this council (and also some employees – insert martin here) who block the people’s right to be represented by those who have the citizen’s best interest at heart. We’re seeing right before our eyes here at the local level, the similar corruptness of democracy that we saw at the state and national levels. Don’t be fooled by their lies and rhetoric to the contrary.

      No taxation without representation is so true today as it was at the time of the American Revolution! The time is now to start planning the next election cycle to get these clowns out of office!

    • FYI, the headline has been changed.

      Thanks for the suggestion.

      – Scott

  2. Earl Gipson says:

    We have the same issue in SeaTac and the same usual 4-3 split. The on;y difference is our last election was bought and paid for by the special interests to defeat an Elected Mayor when we wanted our representation.

    • Pander Bear Jack says:

      Cover of Night, Cactus. Cactus, Cover of Night. You two will get along just fine. You both have similar Right Wing extremist views. The same views this state and AMERICA soundly rejected.

      • Earl Gipson says:

        Having the checks and balances of an Elected Mayor/Executive AND and Elected Council affords our City’s Citizen’s is right-wing extremism?! Council/Manager forms of government are oft compared to a poltiburo. An Elected Mayor has NOTHING to do with extremism. Voting for your leaders is the basis of our Country and Democracy is defined by it. For those who know me the extremism tag does not fit me in the least.

        Cactus suits me fine. 🙂

  3. Joey Martinez says:

    Mr Block, you’re ignoring and glossing over the protections the PAA gives to Burien. Even if we never annex North Highline, if/when Seattle, or Tukwila, or SeaTac for that matter goes to annex North Highline in the future it would give us LEGAL standing to protect our citizens of anything detrimental happening to Burien. Without that PAA designation we might as well be Covington when anything further happens in North Highline.

    Joey Martinez

    • elizabeth2 says:

      ZZZZZZZZZ, Mr. Martinez. The sound of me snoring…..

    • John Poitras says:

      Yeah right Joey.. Thats a pile of hooey.. The pro annexation agenda you supported cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted tax dollars.. The residents of Area Y CLEARLY REJECTED ANNEXATION despite all the misinformation spread by the UAC and the Burien PAC paid for in part by Bennett McGilton Clark and Robison.
      We don’t want any more of our tax money wasted on that kind of empire building..

      Clark and Robison walking out of the council meeting showed exactly the kind of hubris they are capable of the utter distain they have for the wishes of the vast majority of Burien residents.

      • Pander Bear Jack says:

        The mouth piece of the anti-annexation crowd. Not registered to vote. Ineligible I see. Checking background, Oh my.

        • John Poitras says:

          Pander Bear… Its cowardly to attack other people when you don’t have the integrity or courage to post under your real name.. Obviously you are PANDERING BEAR to the Mike Martin Rose Clark Joan McGilton Jerry Robison and Brian Bennet cabal. Are you one of the appointed members of the planning commission who needs to keep the majority who appointed you all fat and happy?

    • TcB says:

      Facts confuse these people Joey. Try again but appeal directly to their raw emotions, without facts. That’s the way they like it. Thinking is hard.

  4. Ghost of Maplewild says:

    Thank you Mr. Block for all your hard work for Burien. Hang in there and don’t let them get you down. Now it’s time for Bob and Lucy to speak up as well!

  5. Shari says:

    So basically if people elected to serve on the council actually attended the council meetings we wouldn’t have had this article or its clever hockey headline (may it RIP).

  6. Pander Bear Jack says:

    Jack Block Jr is not his father. His father had a spine and a backbone. This “powerplay” is sad because when Block wanted to run in 2009 he told everyone he was pro annexation. Up until about October/November of last year everyone would have said the council was 6-1 on most votes. Blocks’ been reading the tea leaves and will do anything to stay in office. He’s switched his votes now so that he’s with the “minority” because he thinks that will get him re-elected.

    Block Jr is gutless because he waited until he knew other Council members would be absent for this powerplay. The entire council had the courtesy to not work on stuff Block Jr cared about while he was out with his hip surgery but he won’t return the favor. Coward.

    What if Bob Edgar and Lucy Krakowiak were absent. What if the rest of the council decided to make a surprise motion and put public access to Lake Burien on the agenda and pass a resolution allowing it. How pissed would Bob and Lucy be? How pissed would some of you Lake people be? They’ve missed meetings. They attended the Boundary Review Board meeting instead of going to a Council Meeting. The council could have done it then.

    Common Freaking courtesy Block Jr! Grow a Spine! don’t be PanderBear Jack!!!

  7. By Stander says:

    I have heard a great deal of comments about the vote count on the annexation deal. I have heard a great deal about the high percent of the no vote. But I have not heard one word about the millionaire that funded the anti-annexation vote with lots of signs , phone calls and mailings.. He seems to have a lot of code problems with Burien? No one has even questioned these lies because they said what they wanted to hear not the facts . So a large amount of the voters were duped into voting no because of the misinformation and in some cases out right lies that were presented to them through mass public information. Mr Blocks current actions speak for them selves. A politician will sell his sole to get reelected.. They don’t care about the community or its people as long as they get reelected. That’s the problem with our entire system. The politicians don’t do any more than they have to for the public but work constantly for reelection. That’s the case of a great deal; of politicians. They start out with great ideas and plans but those go away in most cases as soon as elected because they start to worry and plan for reelection. Keep that in mind when you see them jumping back and fourth to satisfy the voters or their plan for the voters. Good Luck Burien because it the special interest groups continue to move forward Burien will become a small special interest community or continue to down size until it don’t exist.

    • nona says:

      BYSTANDER.. Pretty much everything you said in your post, which is full of outright falsehoods and misinformation shows you are a crony of Mike Martin and the other Pro Annexation fools on the council.
      These people need to be held accountable for wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars of our tax dollars promoting an annexation that as soon as the REAL FACTS about it were known had NO CHANCE of passing.

      Oh and btw that MILLIONAIRE who funded the Independent White Center PAC only exists in your preconceived imaginary picture of reality. That Millionaire in fact consisted of a lot of residents of white center and Burien who were tired of the lies and the misinformation being spread by the city manager and his foot soldiers in the UAC with the financial support of Jerry Robison,Rose Clark , Brian Bennett and Joan McGilton who were doing the bidding of the King County Executive regardless that it did not serve the best interests of the city of Burien.

      That’s the REALITY in response to your defense of the council members who supported the annexation fiasco politically and financially and who are in Mike Martins back pocket. The only dupes in this play are the folks that bought into their scheme.

      If you want to talk about a politician selling his soul to get elected look no further than Jerry Robison.. Mr. conflict of interest, a big supporter of Mike Martin and a huge annexation proponent which fact funnily enough was not even mentioned in his campaign literature or on his website in the election last november.. WHY? Because he knew if he did mention it ,he would have lost the election and would not currently be polluting our council with his presence.
      Jerry is a perfect example along with McGilton and Clark who do not give a darn about how the majority of the residents feel.. Their private agendas take precedence.. Kind of like the current GOP who put party and ideology before country every time. These folks are the poster children for special interests..

      On the other hand Jack is the exact opposite and he took the opportunity when he saw it to try and get a more accountable form of government in place in Burien and put Mike Martin on a much shorter leash.. Unfortunately this conflicts with the special interest majority on the council and they trampled on democracy and left in a huff because for once they were not in the majority.. .

      I for one say THANK YOU JACK.. It took courage to take on these special interests and I think the vast majority of Burien residents will see his action for what it was.. an attempt to make democracy work and finally get the council to do something that would benefit the majority of residents not just those that belong to their special clique.

  8. Brad T says:

    We all thank you Mr. Block for taking advantage of the missing guard to voice the true opinions of the people of Burien! As far as cutting and running out when things don’t go your way Burien city council members Mr. Robinson and Deputy Mayor Mrs. Clark you should be ashamed of yourselves. The time for the it’s our way or the highway treatment is almost over and past, a year from now when three of you are voted out is not going to be soon enough! One thing can be said loud and clear is that these individuals when out voted over and over against Annexation with area Y is they always stood there ground and they never walked out simply because they didn’t have the majority of the vote! That speaks volumes about what they stand for because they respect the position and the people they represent not simply what Mr Martin’s decision is. We all have had our eyes opened have we not? So we are getting a new 10000 sq foot library in White Center and new officers appointed to the area correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t that part of the promise from Burien? sounds to me like they new they would have zero affect but defiantly would have made sure you thought otherwise? Did they not say it wouldn’t happen if we didn’t sheepishly line up with them? Looks like to me that they knew more than they let on about all this I could be speculating but I smell the rat! As for Dow Constantine and Mc Dermot you think we are stupid it’s blatantly obvious all you wanted was the debt off your plates so of course you backed Burien for self preservation and with the hopes the people of Burien would get the counties bill. You people on the council that keep refusing to hear the people and be the voice of the people have hung yourselves keep talking you don’t listen to us why should we listen to you! Your not appointed to be Mr Martins cronies or lackeys! You’re being put there to serve the people by the people and for the people and those should be your main concerns period! Those of you that have helped spend hundreds of thousands of Burien residents hard earned tax money on this annexation attempt or should I say debacle over the last four years will all pay dearly come elections next year when you’re all GONE! For the record why is this lousy city manger still employed down there its way past changing of the guard and defiantly time to move on? His past speaks for itself now let’s add this to that list and find some new blood that will treat the good people of Burien with the respect they deserve.

    • Pander Bear Jack says:

      Brad T, why are you registered to vote at Don Malo’s place of business? Smells fishy.

      • Debi Wagner says:

        Pander Bear Jack: How is it that you use a voter list to look up people’s addresses? Isn’t this a PCO privelege that you are abusing? To say the least, your delving into Brad’s registration out of context of this blog topic or campaigning is an unethical misuse of that information which should bar you from your position whatever that might be. Posting personal information, i.e., voting records, addresses, is aside from the topic, a practice common to one particular person on this blog using 5 different anonymous names. Shame on you.

        • Justin says:

          Ay one one can look up voter records. Does not take some special office. Might take a bit more effort than writing a “book”, but anyone can do it.

  9. Jack Block Jr. says:

    To those who question the timing of my actions last night, I want to point out that yesterday’s meeting was the first since the November 6th vote. It is unrealistic to expect the business of the city to stop because of a councilmember’s personal schedule. In case anyone missed it, the North Highline election outcome was nearly 2 to 1 against joining Burien. Time to bury annexation and bring our community back together. Time to start addressing the issues such as empty storefronts, insufficient police resources, and educational shortcomings that are affecting Burien. Time to stop wasting taxpayer dollars on issues outside our city.

    During the recent budget discussions, incidentally rushed to accommodate council members vacation and surgical schedules, I asked that the city’s organizational chart be amended to place the “Citizens” at the top, ABOVE the council. I did this as a reminder of who the Council was elected to serve.

    I serve for and at the pleasure of the citizens of Burien.

    • Pander Bear Jack says:

      We know the meetings are the first Monday and third Monday of each month. Items you cared about were postponed while your hip was being fixed. Where is the urgency/emergency? What happened to the council policy of placing an item on one evening and voting on it the next?

      Slimy move Pander Bear Jack.

      In your endeavor to unite you just fractured the community even more. For what? A few extra votes?

    • John Poitras says:

      Well said Jack..

      I think in fact your action inspired the community and gave us some hope that the power structures private agenda’s do not always make good public policy.

      Its good to know that someone on our council is courageous enough to take action to support what is really in the best interests of a better Burien.

    • FOUL says:

      Mr. Block,

      You can spin this anyway you want, the fact is, your motion was not for the people, but your own personal agenda. If police were really your priority you would’ve made that motion first, there is a real benefit to the citizens. You obviously, and others, don’t understand the importance of the PAA. It’s not whether or not you annex. As for an elected Mayor, I expect to see your name on that ballot. When first running for election, you depended on both Rose and Joan for their support. They helped you throughout the whole process. Signs, door belling, etc. While you are reading the tea leaves in the ceiling whenever you speak, ask where everyone went while you were sitting there as the lights were turned out. No Lucy or Bob holding your hand or offering their support. Nope, they got the heck out of there.

      You intentionally calculated this move (probably with Lucy and Bob encouraging you all the way) and demonstrated your (and their) lack of integrity and ability to manipulate to get your own way. As a union member, you demonstrated how to really back stab those that have supported you and treated you with respect to get your ego stroked. Minimizing the other members’ surgeries or vacations, gosh it’s Thanksgiving for heaven’s sake, and yet justifying your own personal time off for surgery and vacations demonstrates your lack of capacity for empathy and simple respect not to just council members, but citizens in general. I know now that whatever you say to my face, is just that, and not anything to be trusted or depended on. So go get your snake oil and sit in a corner somewhere. I’m done watching you play politics. And no, I will not put one of your signs up in my yard again. You not only lost my respect, you lost my vote.

      • John Poitras says:

        FOUL.. (appropriate alias) Your vote is one vote.. Just like your pro annexation vote was one vote.. It did not do you much good because annexation went down in flames two to one. Jack has nothing to worry about because the other council members have so much baggage by the time November comes they will be like yesterdays newspapers.. This time Joan and Rose will NOT be running unopposed… you can go doorbell for them be my guest we will be door belling for Jack and whomever is running against Joan and Rose.

    • SD says:

      Jack, I appreciate that you commented on this blog and thank you for being a council member who pays attention to the wants and needs of the citizens of Burien.

    • TcB says:

      That was a slimy move. Lost votes are sure to follow.

  10. By Stander says:

    I could name the millionaire but that would serve no purpose because you would not believe it any way. And why is that any one that can think for them selves but disagrees with has to be a big Mike Martin fan. It would surprise you to know that there is a lot of people out there that can think and look ahead and see the problems you non-thinkers are causing. With the thinking of must of your anti annexation people Burien will fall to a small special interest group such as your self. I don’t know of any of the Council members that are pro annexe that would gain anything except a more liveable and better Burien in the future. Burien must expand to surivive in the future and the only direction they can go is North. As Joey said Burien woluld gain some protection with the PAA that they will lose without it. But some of you people don’t care about the future only now and your selfish personal feelings. Good Luck. If you keep it up you will need it. .

    • John Poitras says:

      By Stander..
      There was no Millionaire funding the Independent White Center PAC.
      You could have gone ahead and checked for yourself if you were not so lazy its in the public record.
      I think the problems we have in Burien are mainly a result of people that are in denial of reality.
      The only small special interest group in this case is a few Burien politicians and the CIty Manager being used as puppets by the King County executive.
      Anyone with a healthy sense of skepticism could see this obvious writing on the wall.

      Instead a small special interest group consisting of high handed bureaucrats and a non-representative group in the UAC tried to push their agenda on the good folks of area Y and the residents of Burien.

      You say you agree with Joey.. That by itself is a tell that you are completely biased and beholding to the current power structure in this city. This unhealthy situation for Burien is going to change next November if we have anything to say about it. (and when I say we I mean the majority of the residents of Burien).
      Burien DOES NOT NEED TO EXPAND that is total bureaucratic propaganda..

      To the contrary , Burien needs clean up its own backyard first and that should start with NOT building high density apartments in Town Square which this same group of bureaucrats are advocating
      . I think you are mistaking your own personal misguided perceptions with what is actually good for the future prosperity of Burien. Jack sees it apparently you don’t.

      • PJ says:


        Do not speak for the majority of the resident’s of Burien (as referenced in comment above)… I don’t think you have the “facts” to support that.

        • John Poitras says:


          I think that does represent the opinion of majority of the residents … thats my opinion.. .I don’t think you have the FACTS to say that it does not.. You also only have your opinion..

  11. Brad T says:

    I have worked here for many years and have recieved alot of my mail here for years. I live in Area Y I just bought a house there in May nothing fishy here I get alot of my mail at work I have nothing to hide and always use my name no disguises here pal.

  12. By Stander says:

    John . Every time you make a statement it just proves that you don’t even know what H— is going on in your own batch of people. If you knew the facts you might be very suprised but then I keep forgetting that you don’t want facts or truth you want what you want to think. Anything else is a lie. Well I got some of your peoples phone calls and their mailings and did check the them out. But then you don’t want to hear what I found out as it don’t go with your thinking. And again you would not know the truth if God gave it to you. Good Luck because if you keep it up you will get just what you want a dead Burien.

    • John Poitras says:

      Look in the mirror By Stander .. say something that has any meaning because the vitriolic rhetoric you spew has no credibility and frankly makes no sense.

  13. W. Henry says:

    Since Jack chose to take advantage of the night the “Lake People” were in the majority on the council, I think it is time for the other 4 to bring up public access and pass it NOW. Maybe they could wait till the next time Jack misses a meeting and have the vote 4 to 2. Paybacks are a b_ _ _ _ _.
    I sure your dad is very proud of you, Jack. He was a man of integrity. You are a politician.

    • John Poitras says:

      I can tell by your post W Henry that you are not a man of integrity.. Bringing his father into the equation is a low class call.
      Your attack of the so-called Lake People is ridiculous.. Are you sure you are not confusing them with the creatures from the black lagoon?

    • Debi Wagner says:

      Interesting that both Pander Bear Jack and W Henry, both new names in the debate, both made reference to Jack Blocks father. I suggest both are the same person since it is highly unlikely two individuals equally passionate could have withheld comment on this blog on issues of such hot topic for more than a year. Again, since there were only a handful of financial supporters for annexation, all politicians in Burien…
      Where are those annexation proponents who kept telling opponents to shut up and let the people vote? Is democracy applicable only when you agree with the issue? Hypocrites!

      • Chris says:

        Geez, quit muddying the waters by including the issue of annexation. IT’S OVER AND DONE WITH!!!

        What Jack did was questionable at best. Taking advantage of the situation, where two other councilmembers were absent. Totally lame.

  14. Brad T says:

    For the record Burien is already in a dieing phase and as soon as you blow hards get out of the way and the real important issues at hand can be dealt with the better for everyone. @ Panda Bear Jack Really you find it hard that I get some mail at my place of work and I am registered here to vote whats the difference I live less than a half mile from here in area Y. First of all I use my real name on here always and I am proud I voted AGAINST the anexation! Yes my side of town. I work here I live here and have for many many years get over it! The only thing fishy around here is that all the nicknames get even the slightest bit of consideration, maybe it’s my opinion but this is America and what kind of person is ashamed to be loud and proud of what they believe in thats one of the things that is great about this country. Hide all you want but don’t you dare try to make me look like I am doing something wrong. If I didnt live here I would understand but thats not the case as of now your just another problem starting troll with nothing better to do then hide behind a nickname get a life you coward.

  15. For those of you who want to see what happened here is a link to the video I took last night.

  16. SD says:

    Thank you for posting. The motion that Rose was not willing to hear was a request made by Jack to allow the citizen’s of Burien to decide in the Special Election whether they want a city manager or an elected mayor form of government. Why would Rose be so opposed to such a vote by its citizens?

    • PJ says:


      And why would Jack bring it up with 2 council members not present??

      • John Poitras says:



        Gee PJ are you asking a rhetorical question or are you completely naive about the current state of Burien’s Politics?

        One reason might be that the majority on the council represent the CITIZENS of Burien in name only. The reality is they prefer to let Mike Martin run the city because the are too lazy or just don’t care (my vote on the latter) to do their job and exercise their fiduciary responsibility to oversee how our tax dollars are being spent by the city manager. So the current majority has no interest whatsoever in taking the executive power away from Mike Martin and handing it to an accountable ELECTED official.. Then, “perish the thought” they themselves might just be held accountable!

      • SD says:

        PJ, I can’t speak for Jack, but from my perspective, I would be dismayed if any of the Council members opposed allowing the citizens an opportunity to vote on this matter. I would expect the motion to pass, regardless if there are 5 or 7 Council members present to vote. How can providing the citizens an opportunity to vote be construed as controversial or a bad thing?

    • John Poitras says:

      Because she does not have a mind of her own and is just a yes (or no) vote to support anything that Robison and her joined at the hip buddy McGilton support or oppose.
      These council members have no interest whatsoever in letting the majority of the residents decide whether we should have an elected mayor or not. They like be unaccountable and are happy to give Martin free rein to make bad decisions about the future of our city.

  17. Dustin Keeth says:

    All I can say is I bet both sides wil seriously think twice about going on vacation or getting sick and missing a meeting.

  18. wheels says:

    What is Clark worried about? What is wrong with Burien citizens voting on whether or not we want to elect a mayor?

    • Chris says:

      Proposing a change to the city charter to create an executive side of government (a mayor) is not something you do on a whim. There are implications in changing to this form of government.

  19. disappointed says:

    I am disappointed by this. I live in Burien. I have not taken a stand on annexation but I have read as much as I could along the way. It is not an easy question to answer.

    However, I can see when someone is playing the system.

    When Lucy and Bob won’t look up and look anyone in the eye. When Jack Block has a calm demeanor ignoring the concerns of R Clark. I doubt that the point won this night is going to help our city in the future. It looked like US Congress where folks go for the points on the airways and not what helps the city move forward. And don’t tell us that you were going to move to hire more police officers, when your next motion was to put to a citizen vote the conversion of our form of city government. Shame on you Jack.

    • Joe Wills says:

      SO you are: Disappointed says: You obviously are NOT a Burien citizen. Your comments show you have no clue that change needs to happen.

      • Chris says:

        Ok then, tell me how changing the city charter to a mayor-council form of government will actually help Burien? How much thought have you really put into this?

      • disappointed says:

        I am not a citizen of Burien? because my opinion is different than yours? Fortunately, your opinion of my residency and of my opinions are of no consequence. see ya round…

  20. John Poitras says:

    Speaking to Rose Clarks unsupportable claim that the folks opposing annexation were lying about tax increases seems a little off considering that the City just raised property and utility taxes at the last meeting.
    I guess she never read this posting on the blog and apparently LYING to the area Y folks by telling them that if they did not vote for Burien they would be annexed by Seattle without a vote is ok because Jerry Robison and others in her PAC repeated this lie endlessly. Also I guess now its been shown that annexation would have nothing to do with consolidation of the libraries myth has been dispelled also.. Rose Clark clearly lives in a self delusional bubble and is unable to do any research for herself being content to be spoon fed the party propaganda by Robison and McGilton..

    I duplicate this posting from the blog from about a week before the election:

    What new taxes, franchise fees and user fees will Area Y/ White Center residents, residential property owners and business owners have to pay to be part of Burien?
    What are the new taxes and fees and their rates?
    When Mike Martin/Burien city Manager was asked this question at this at the October 18, 2012 annexation informational meeting-see the White Center Now Blog video-he was unable to answer the question. He had his management assistant bring him the booklet and he read it to the audience. While Mr. Martin claimed that he was sure it was only $140 per year, he had no idea of how this number was arrived at. In another brochure that Burien put out on annexation, it claimed the fee would be $155 per year for a residential property valued at $200,000. The North Highline Unincorporated Council has stated that the tax increase will be about $10 per month or $120 per year. All of these figures are wrong because the amount depends on so many variables.
    Here are some important things to consider in trying to figure out how much your taxes will go up in Area Y, if you end up annexed to Burien;
    The figures presented on the cost break out shown on the city sheet titled “Impact to Average Household” doesn’t mention that these new taxes will apply to all residents and not just property owners.
    Apartment renters as well as property owners will see new taxes and fees attached to their utility bills that have never been there before. If you don’t own a home you will still see a significant tax increase or increase in your rent.
    Burien claims that the City levies a 3% utility tax on electric and a 6% utility tax on cable, gas, garbage and telephone utilities. Seattle City Light customers in Burien also pay a special fee for undergrounding of utilities along 1st Ave. S. based upon usage.
    However, when you go over the actual bills, the fees for some utilities appear to be different than what Burien has shown on its Impact sheet.
    Cable appears to be taxed 7.7% rather than 6% because of the additional franchise fees. People who bundle will pay more taxes on their phone services than people who do not bundle services with their cable. A cable bill of $125.32 per month paid $9.90 in taxes, surcharges and fees to Burien.
    Electricity will be higher than shown by the city because the underground wiring fee is based on units of usage. People use more electricity during the winter. Those people using electricity for heating in the winter will experience a significant increase in their electric bill. The fees shown by the City in its example sheet may not be in line with real electrical costs depending on how many people reside at the location, their ages and the age of the structure they live in. Underground wiring fees for a home not on electric heat ranges from approximately $5 to $8 per month.The electricity fees are so well hidden, it is hard to tease out all of the real fees in a bill that go to Burien.
    Telephone fees shown are not realistic for today’s cost. The phone services are charged at a rate of 6.382% for both hardline service and cell phones. Depending on what is your phone plan, the telephones-hardline and celluar –will probably cost you more than $70 per month for phone service. A cell phone bill of $100 dollars per month will cost a citizen $63.82 per year in new taxes.
    The cost of garbage per month shown does not match the amount that is currently charged to Burien residents. It will cost an additional $3.00 per month over what is being shown by the city for the min. amount of service that the average home can buy.. Business pays at a different rate than residential for pick up. Expect an increase in your garbage costs or rent to cover this.
    The Fire rate will increase to cover the new emergency program that must be developed for the North Highline Fire Dept. and to cover the North Highline Fire Dept. retirement program.
    The storm water rate will increase by approx. $14 per year in 2013 and will continue to need to increase annually for at least four to five years beyond that because the area needs to raise $23 million dollars in five years to cover its deficit storm water facilities-Berk Report.
    Natural Gas fees-Burien tax fees shown on the bill are at 6.67% . The cost of cooking, the hot water tank, dryer, heating and a furnace exceeds $40 per month . This estimate is simply not realistic for 2 people in a residence much less a family.
    Additionally the City’s estimate does not take in to account that the property tax rate will have to increase because Burien is currently using money from its reserves to balance the budget.
    Based on these above factors and analysis of actual citizen bills, the tax increase for two people living in a single family residence far exceeds the projected tax increase of $140 that Mr. Martin and the City of Burien have predicted. And taxes and fees far exceed the estimate of $10 per month by the NHUAC. These hidden taxes and fees nickel and dime citizens to death and are difficult to get a handle on.
    Businesses will be even hit harder by these new fees. They pay at a different rate and use the utilities at a higher unit rate than the average home or apartment. Some businesses will be paying thousands of dollars more per year to do business in Burien.
    Burien must continue to increase these rates because it can’t bring in enough revenue through property taxes. Currently Burien takes in less money than it needs to spend to run the city. Area Y residents, joining Burien will really increase your taxes annually-much more that $10 per month or $140 dollars pre year- and you will get less in services.
    The problem with these new taxes is that they impact Area Y families, citizens on fixed incomes & limited incomes much harder than wealthier citizens. At this time and in this economy, any increase is too much to bear, especially when it doesn’t include improvement.
    – Debi Wagner
    Independent White Center

  21. Joe Wills says:

    Way to go Jack! THANK YOU for standing up and making a stand. Its high time things start changing for the good of the citizens of Burien, not for the self-centered idiots who want only their personal agenda. Let’s have a real Mayor elect, and get RID of Mark Martin once and for all! Take our Burien back.

  22. nona says:

    The elephant in the living room is WHY did Rose Clark take it upon herself to prevent the peoples business from proceeding by adjourning the meeting in a huff (because she did not like the way the votes were going?). Perhaps this UNDEMOCRATIC attitude is typical of someone that had the good fortune to run for council unopposed last time.
    Next time she will not be so lucky.
    I frankly don’t think she is a positive factor on the council as she always votes in lockstep with McGilton and Robison. She in effect is a rubber stamp for them.

    I also think it disingenuous of her not to disclose her conflict of interest in that she along with McGilton Robison and Bennett were funders of the pro-annexation PAC run by her friends that pushed most of the pro annexation propaganda and paid for all their signs.
    So she is ANYTHING BUT IMPARTIAL. In fact she was overhead saying that she voted for annexation because she had friends on the UAC pro annexation group.
    She also opposed having an advisory vote on annexation by the citizens of Burien because it was too costly.. But on the other hand she is ok with spending hundreds of thousands of city tax dollars to promote an annexation attempt that clearly had no chance of passing.
    As far as her comment about misinformation on taxes by the Independent White Center PAC… Its a very dubious comment and does not stand up to scrutiny.

    Clark McGilton Robison and Bennett voted to increase taxes at the last council meeting and Block Edgar and Lucy K voted against raising taxes so there is something of a disconnect in her statement about taxes in the video from reality.
    Interestingly enough that was also the pro vs anti annexation split on the council.

    Also her comments about a survey and the people of Buriens attitude towards annexation are incorrect .. If she had bothered to read the survey questions she would have found the question whether they were for or against annexation was never asked.. She is trying to fit the results of the questions that were asked into her skewed prejudicial point of view.


    That’s the question that is begging an answer behind all the smoke and mirrors..
    Obviously the majority on the council of which she is a part have no interest in what the residents think because she and they are quite happy with the status quo of unaccountability and lack of transparency.. The buck stops nowhere paradigm.

    Her actions in undemocratically adjourning the council and obstructing the peoples business because she did not like the way the votes were going is unacceptable and is an example of Unhealthy government.
    She sets a terrible example for our kids.
    She should be censured by the full council at the next session.

  23. Ghost of Maplewild says:

    Nobody puts jack in a corner!!!

  24. By Stander says:

    All you experts had better think about what you are thinking and trying to do. In the 7 members of your city council you have only 4 that are totally in support of the future of Burien. Then you have 2 that are totally serving their self interests and the good old lake people. Then you have Mr Block which jumps back and forth like a rabbit. If you replace the 4 good members you will deserve exactly what you will get. A batch of self serving members who may destroy Burien. The council that you have has done a great job of moving the city forward and keeping it in the black when every other city in the area has been going into the red. So I hope all you Sunday morning quarterbacks have the answers because non of your fair haired council members that are anti everything have the answers. And for the record I don’t care which way it goes I am enjoying the BS that the non thinkers can come up with. Good Luck you will need it.

  25. Debi Wagner says:

    Chris; I am not the one going off topic. Jack’s motion was to remove annexation from future consideration. Did you think it was about something else? As for Jack’s requesting a vote of the people, a voice for our residents, a democratic process for deciding Burien’s form of government, could you also explain how this is “totally lame?”

    • Chris says:

      Yeah, I’m not talking about the PAA deal, rather his attempt to initiate legislation that would begin the process of placing a measure to the citizens regarding a change in the form of government.

      The fact that he did this with two members of the council absent is lame.

      I’m 100% for letting the people have their voice, and all of us have the ability to appeal to our current elected officials and to do so within the confines of our current governental make-up.

      Now, I know that many have serious concerns about some of the decisions made by our council and some citizens are seemingly happy with how things are going. That being said, I wonder how exactly changing our form of government to a strong mayor (elected) would help matters? It’s easy to proclaim that we need a mayor, but I suspect that most don’t honestly know the pros/cons to each type of government. Further, a large majority of cities who currently have elected mayors STILL have a city manager/executive/COO/etc. that is hired to handle city operations. So, if you’re not a fan of having a city manager-type of person in the mix, then changing forms of government doesn’t exactly change anything in that regard.

      The bigger issue at hand is the lack of civic involvement by a majority of the citizens. This is a common problem in most cities. How many people attend city council meetings and/or are really in-tune with what is going on? How many actually spend the time to read the council packets and make a point to understand what is happening in their city? I bet it’s a relatively small fraction.

      My point is that we have a current government form that allows for citizens to have their voices heard. The problem is that there aren’t a whole lot of people who take the time to participate in the process, therefore their voices are never heard. I don’t see how an elected mayor would help this. It seems it would simply add another layer of bureaucracy for citizens to wade through.

      • Debi Wagner says:

        The difference is accountability. If someone were to consider the blog an informational source, albeit not a complete poll, the majority did not favor annexation do not favor apartments in town square and want an elected mayor. That is what is important. I think the current council has forgotten they are there to represent not ignore and ridicule public opinion…

  26. By Stander says:

    In reading all your comments on the fact that there was no Millionaire supporting the Anti-annexation cause. I got a mailing signed by a person who claimed that he was supporting the anti-annexation cause. His stated reason was that Burien had dug up his property and installed some some thing there. Then did not replant the grass and there was only bad clay there to work with. Well I investigated his comments and name and found out he is a property owner in many different places of Burien and that he had at least 8 code violations placed against some of them. Then the place where he claims Burien dug things up and did a poor job replacing the grass. Well that project was done by the county and Burien had nothing to do with it. Also the same person applied for a permit to do something with the property in question and was refused his permit. The reason as I noticed had to do with code. I never have any problems with someone that does not agree with my thinking but I do hate people who lie to get their way. And most of the information produced by these people was either out right lies or a bending of the truth. I did learn a very important fact during this election. It pays to lie. Good luck. If you get your way you are going to need it.

    • Debi Wagner says:

      By stander…lying is never ok and it was your side that employed that tactic. I propose it was your information that persuaded them to vote no…nobody can afford even 140 more per year especially when it buys nothing…your best case ruined your argument.

      • FOUL says:

        So let’s pay an additional salary for a mayor AND a city administrator. Sounds like a lot of savings to the taxpayers. At least a city manager is accountable to the council and can be fired. A mayor has to be recalled or re-elected, after 4 years.

        • John Poitras says:

          That is not the reality Foul.. In Fact Mike Martin RUNS the city and is never held accountable by the current majority and in fact he refers to them as “his council”.

          These folks won’t even consider firing him because that would mean they actually might have to do more than just show up at the council meetings and vote for his agenda.

          The council is not accountable because there is no one person where the buck stops as there would be with a mayor.. I don’t know who you are but you obviously don’t care about accountability or transparency in government at least our city government.

          Oh and btw since you didn’t mention it Mike Martin for all the power he has as city chief executive is NOT an elected official although he acts with the power or one and with no oversight because everytime Lucy or Jack or Bob attempt to exercise that power they are over ruled by “his council” which consists of Jerry Joan Rose and Brian with I suspect Gordon Shaw still pulling strings behind the curtain.

  27. Ghost of Maplewild says:

    Does it seem “funny” to anyone that the full Council meeting video is STILL not available on the city’s website? It always has been up by now. Hmmmmmmm…..

  28. jimmy says:

    wow there actullay a end to all these post can someone bring a bottle of bleach to this blog to clean up all the crap being toss around in here

    • Hotrodgal says:

      Well-done Jimmy…
      Yours is the only post on the entire thread that has nothing to do with the subject at hand.
      Please use your back button if freedom of speech and opinion hurt your sense of fair play.

      Crap indeed.

  29. FOUL says:

    A grand total of 14 citizens out of 48,000.00 have expressed their opinions as being representative of the majority of the citizens’ opinons. Of those 14 citizens submitting comments, 12 of the 75 belong tp John Poitras’ degrading, bullying and belittiling anyone that disagrees with his assessment. Good luck with that.

    • nona says:

      Foul.. . You are a cowardly wanna be bully that has nothing to contribute to the conversation but attack anyone that questions the status quo.
      I have news for you change is coming next november whether you like it or not..
      I understand why you will defend Mike Martin Rose and Joan to the end because once they are gone you will have no one that will listen to you anymore in our city gov’t.

      I think you are Gordon Shaw and you most likely use more than one alias because your take on the situation is so similar it seems like you are all part of the same cabal.. You attacked anyone against annexation and now thats gone down you are consolidating by defending Rose Mike and Joan.. I have got your number so its understandable why you continually attack me… you demonstrate time and time again your low life approach to what you call communication.

  30. TcB says:

    Stop it with the facts, that just makes people here mad. Please use only emotional outbursts and make sure to use lots of CAPS because that makes thing easier to UNDERSTAND. Oh, just for a general statement, creating a position for a real Mayor would cost more (raise taxes) , and would change to way the government runs considerably. Not saying it’s bad but really, this is a big decision. Make sure to make this decision without really thinking about it people.

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