King County Certifies Nov. 6 Election; Annexation Officially Rejected

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King County Elections certified the final results of the Nov. 6, 2012 general election Tuesday (Nov. 27).

One interesting anecdote is that there was a +129.5% increase in voter turnout for the 2012 Area Y Annexation versus the 2009 Area X Annexation one. The main reason is most likely that the 2009 election was held in August, while this most recent one was in November, a time when most people are used to voting.

Voters returned 993,908 ballots for a final turnout of 85 percent, with 978,377 of those ballots tabulated in the final results report.

“Voters responded to our messaging this year and returned their ballots early,” said Sherril Huff, Director of Elections. “We counted a record high of 556,000 ballots on election night and the number of ballots received too late to process was down over two hundred percent.”

Voters also improved performance on signature-related issues which resulted in significantly fewer ballots requiring costly follow up.

One race, for the District 47 House of Representatives seat, qualified for a mandatory machine recount that will be conducted on Friday, Nov. 30.

Citizens can register to vote or update their registration at the Elections web site by Jan. 14 to vote in the next election, a special election, to be held Feb. 12.

General election by the numbers:

Ballots issued : 1,216,246
Registered voters : 1,170,638
Ballots returned : 993,908
Ballots counted : 978,377
Ballots cast on AVUs : 4,463
Ballots returned by email : 4,638
Ballots returned by fax : 806
Ballots returned at drop boxes : 208,105
Challenged ballots cured : 13,237
Ballots remaining challenged : 8,900
Returned too late : 3,068
Returned as undeliverable : 11,002

Locally, here are some final election results:

Burien Proposition #1 – Annexation of North Highline/White Center:

  • FOR ANNEXATION: 1,997 • 35.03%
  • AGAINST ANNEXATION: 3,704 • 64.97%

Comparison to the 2009 North Highline South Annexation Vote:

2009 (~14,000 residents of Area X):

  • FOR: 1,380 • 55.56%
  • AGAINST: 1,104 • 44.44%


2012 (~17,000 residents of Area Y):

  • FOR: 1,997 • 35.03%
  • AGAINST: 3,704 • 64.97%



  • 3,217 more votes cast in 2012 Annexation vote (+129.5% increase!)

City of Normandy Park Proposition 1 Property Tax Rate

  • YES: 2,652 • 65.4%
  • NO: 1,403 • 34.6%

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5 Responses to “King County Certifies Nov. 6 Election; Annexation Officially Rejected”
  1. John Poitras says:

    Thanks Scott … I think the numbers clearly show that DEMOCRACY was the winner in the November election. It makes one wonder what the result would have been if the Area X annexation vote had been held in November rather than August.

  2. no to annexation says:

    There`s proof people do learn..

  3. Frances says:

    What that shows is that there was nothing on the ballot in 2009 that interested White Center that much.

    With the interest there would have been a high turnout for this vote by RAT City no matter when the election was held

  4. cHUCK says:

    Scott,, Thank you so much for the data. As a very interested political watcher, it is very useful to have the numbers available otherwise it is very time consuming and sometimes expensive.

    Again thank you.

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