LETTER: ‘Why? The Criminals Have Now Resorted to Complete Vandalism…’

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Why? After car robberies on our own property this past summer the criminals have now resorted to complete vandalism. It’s so unnecessary and cruel. And although we have some helpful evidence; the police dept. doesn’t have the “resources” to investigate this further. We even have confirmation from a vendor (where they used our stolen credit card) of a video tape of the thieves and DNA from a cigarette butt and match case they left. So although we “could potentially” catch these guys (and there are two of them) we are at a standstill. That’s why I ask you to post this so that anyone that has any information about robberies or other criminal activity in Burien/Shorewood be on the “ALERT”. They seem to come between 2:-4:30 a.m. We are up before and after these times and stay close at bay. And although the area was well lit with light~ they don’t care, they will break in and steal from you anyway.

We’ve been hit 4 times (that we know of ) so far. The first incident was on August 25th, the 2nd August 28th and the third Sept. 4th. Then this last one as seen below was Monday November 26th. We have camera’s hidden now however it doesn’t replace how violated we feel!!!  also to note some of the items stolen (that we recall); I.D., cash, credit cards, $2,500.00 racing bike, iPhone, coach briefcase and leather business folder and jewelry. Granted we should not be leaving such items in our car (and certainly won’t again). We thought we were in a safe neighborhood, so it just goes to show you… Stay alert and let your neighbors know what’s going on so everyone can “WATCH”. Let’s catch these guys so they don’t think our town is a free for all!!

Tammy (last name redacted at sender’s request)

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17 Responses to “LETTER: ‘Why? The Criminals Have Now Resorted to Complete Vandalism…’”
  1. Conner says:

    This is very unfortunate, but may i say, in this world, there is no safe but your own skins, you are your own security, dont depend on cops? are you kidding me? they dont get jack done. good idea for cameras, i’d also set trip wires, not to anything like a gun, but just a wire to trip on while snooping on property, maybe triggers silent alarm? helps give you a slight advantage. but i must insist that you take your own precautions. the only security you need, is you, or a dog- which helps significantly.

  2. Jake says:

    I stopped reading or being sympathetic when I read DNA. I guess there’s too many cop dramas on TV.

  3. Bonnie moormeier says:

    It is sad that you have had 4 car breaking; however, don’t blame the police – they are dealing with a multitude of much more serious crimes, and with reduced staffing and funding. You are right…..you absolutely should NOT leave valuables in your car….and please consider getting a car alarm – these vandals obviously consider you “easy targets.”

  4. John Poitras says:

    Tammy can you indicate the general area you live in without being specific. West of first and east of ambaum?

  5. Leo says:

    Let’s go find thier sorry ass then TIE thier feet to that big rock in your car and toss them
    over the end of the Desmoines pier!!!!!

  6. TcB says:

    Your car was hit four separate times and each time something quite valuable was taken? And no one else in your neighborhood was hit at the same time? I’m very sorry that you have Had this happen to you. I for one would love to see the videos that you must have from, at the very least, the fourth attack. I may recognize them if they have been around in Burien at all.

  7. FOUL says:


    So sorry to hear about your experiences. It is awful to feel so violated. These guys seem very brazen and bold. All of your suggestions are appropriate. Are you in an area where your neighbors can assist you? I’d also suggest motion activated lights. They seem very confident that no one is going to catch them. I’m sorry to say, you are not the only citizen or area getting hit. If you review the Crime Maps on the City website, you can easily identify the areas getting hit. Do you have a Block Watch? Does that even interest you? The officer that conducts the initial meeting hands out a lot of information on how to prevent this type of activity. And yes, sometimes that’s still not enough. I hope you are able to stop this activity. I’ve heard a lot of people have found their stolen items at local pawn shops. Just an idea.

  8. Debbi says:

    We have had our cars broken into twice since Aug/2012 during the early morning hours 2 to 4 am in the Gregory Heights area. Both times the police were called and both times they responded within a few minutes, they took finger prints and pictures, the break-in was recorded on surveillance cameras and the police asked for a copy. I don’t know if the criminals were ever caught, but I do know we are very grateful for the quick response from the police department and the increased presence in the neighborhood.

  9. BernieC says:

    Quite a list of items… and a BMW to boot. Someone may just be jealous of all of these flashy items you like to advertise on a community website. Is it really necessary to list out all the things you have and the vandals may not?

    To adopt a previous comment, I think I lost sympathy somewhere around “$2,500 racing bike.” Please stop being a victim and use some common sense. “Safe neighborhoods” aren’t immune to crime.

  10. DNA, really. That is used for major crimes like murders and rapes and assaults. It is very expensive. From what you had stolen and its value, you must be pretty careless to keep leaving valubles inside your car, especially after even just one crime. Do you have a garage to park your car inside. The police can’t fix stupid!

  11. Kellie B says:

    it sucks to have someone just take what you worked for, I don’t care how poor or fancy what was taken is. It really sucks that the residents of this city have to bend over and take it because the police are too busy with “other” crimes. If no one dies, I guess it doesn’t matter.

    I just think it’s crazy we accept this now as the new norm.

  12. sallie tierney says:

    Yes, terribly unfortunate when this kind of thing happens but I echo what others have said – you have to have better street smarts. Property crimes are the lowest priority for the cops. Keep NOTHING in your car but your empty grocery bags. Many decades ago they used to tell you to keep your car insurance and registration in the glove box – now no one would be that stupid. Times change and to keep ourselves safe we need to use common sense. Check pawn shops and Craig’s List for your goodies. You may recover a few things, who knows?

  13. Banker Bob says:

    Scum suckers! If everyone in the world was like me, the world would be a better place.

  14. Risley says:

    That must have been one strong person to pick up that size of a rock and throw it thru your window. I think I would have heard the noise that made or one of your neighbors would have. My father told me a long time ago don’t even leave spare change in your car where it is visible.

  15. Mine Too says:

    My window was busted out and car rifled through last week, only thing they stole was my registration(yes some of still keep our registration in our car because we are legally required to, what do you expect me to do Ms. Tierney, keep it in my wallet?). I had no valuables in it because they are stealing cars or breaking in a few times a month at my apt complex and I’ve already had my car stolen once. I lost things that were valuable to me but not worth money. The area is well lit but owners of property will not pay for cameras. I leave my (upper story) window open at all times to listen for suspicious noises but I have to sleep sometime. I am fed up and ready to move my family and my business out of Burien. We shouldn’t have to live this way.
    I am west of 1st, east of Ambaum, North of 160th and South of 150th, in case you’re curious.

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